CMLL on Galavision TV report

By Mark Black

Nitro/Skandalo/Arkangel vs Fuego/Hombre Bala Jr/Super Halcon Jr.
Arkangel hit a rock bottom onto Hombre Bala Jr.  Arkangel tried it a second time and then Hombre turned into a headscissor Kimura armbar submission.  Super Halcon Jr came off the top rope with a high crossbody block onto Nitro.  In a cool spot Nitro was trying to lock Super Halcon Jr into a surfboard but Hombre hit a sunset flip.    Fuego then used a sunset flip on Scandalo for the win and the first fall.  In the second fall, Super Halcon Jr hit a dropkick off the tope rope onto Nitro.  Hombre Jr used a spin plancah off the top rope onto Arkangel.  Skandalo had Fuego in a chinlock and Nitro delivered a dropkick to this face for the pin to take the second fall.  Third fall started with Super Halcon upside down in the tree of woe in the corner and Skandalo hit a dropkick to his midsection.  In a neat spot Arkangel had Super Halcon Jr in an upside down surfboard and Skandalo delivered a dropkick to the groin area.  The rudos got the pin when Skandalo used a version of the Omori Driver onto Fuego and Arkangel tapped out Super Halcon Jr with a standing indian deathlock.
Winners:  Nitro/Skandalo/Arkangel
Marcela/Dark Angel/Estrellita vs Amapola/Princesa Sugehit/Princesa Blanca.
First fall started with Estrellita & Amapola brawling on the floor and then Sugehit & Blanca joined in the fray.  Most of the fall saw the Rudos tripleteaming the technicos.  Amapola accidently collided with the ref and had Estrellita up for an implant facebuster but the ref pulled Estrellita down and dq'd the rudos giving the technicos the first fall.  Second fall started with Marcela clearing the ring of both Sugehit & Blanca with 2 hurricanrana's.  Dark Angel hit Princesa Blanca with a slingshot bulldog.  Estrellita hit a nice dive from the top rope onto Amapola out on the floor.  The technicos got the pin when Marcela & Dark Angel used a rolling front cradle on Sugehit & Blanca for the win.
Winners:  Marcela/Dark Angel/Estrellita
Maximo/Rush/Shocker vs Mephisto/Terrible/Ultimo Guerrero.
Match started with the Rudos getting an early advantage by attacking the technicos before the bell.  The rudos took the first fall when Terrible made Rush tap with a boston crab and Guerrero used a leglock arm submission on Maximo.  After the fall Ultimo Guerrero attacked Atlantis who was commentating at ringside.  They both brawled and Terrible and Mephisto jointed in the attack as well.  After it was over the match resumed and spilled to the outside.  Technicos started their comeback as Rush dropkicked Terrible from the apron to the floor while inside the ring Maximo pinned Mephisto with a rana from the top rope and Shocker pinned Guerrero with an inside cradle for the second fall.  Third fall started with Maximo hitting Mephisto with the quick lucha armdrags.  Rush hit Terrible with a superkick.  Finish saw Maximo kiss Terrible and roll him up for the pin and Rush pinned Mephisto with a back suplex.
Winners:  Maximo/Rush/Shocker
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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