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NJPW New Beginnings: Thumbs Up

Best Match: Tanahashi/Anderson
Worst Match: The opener
I have watched every single NJPW iPPV to this point and while this show wasn't as hot as some of the other shows there were still plenty of great matches.  I really was not looking forward to the main event but I went ahead and ordered due to the rest of the card.  That said the main event more than delivered!  I seriously thought for a second we would see a title change even thought I had all but thought it was impossible going into the show.  Why isn't Karl Anderson in the WWE?  Tanahashi is well on his way to another Wrestler of the Year type of year and NJPW as a company seems to be hotter now than it has been since in a decade.  Kind of dissapointed Okada loss but I suppose there will be a rematch with him and Suzuki down the line although I felt like maybe this match was suppose to be his official face turn.  I am definitely looking forward to the  April iPPV at Sumo Hall.
David Penton
Tucson, AZ

Hi Dave,

Thumbs up.

Thought this was a step below most of their other iPPVs but the main event made it worth ordering. Both guys were outstanding, but what made it for me was the pre-match package for Anderson. Outside of that things were ok. Shinsuke vs. Kengo Mashimo was good but no one gave Kengo a chance which hurt it. Okada vs. Suzuki was disappointing - the not terrible but didn't have a rhythm to it and was the worst either guy has looked in a while. Enjoyed the usual Laughter 7 mugging. Hope Shibata vs. Goto is the start of many big singles matches between him and the New Japan regulars.

Will, Hackney.

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