WWE Saturday Morning SlamTV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 2/9/2013

The Big News: Kofi Kingston and Brodus Clay defeat the Primetime Players and Justin Gabriel defeats Curt Hawkins.


Show Analysis:


I want to begin this report by apologizing for my tardiness. Too much stuff going on lately.


At the beginning of the show, the host hyped the upcoming match, Kofi Kingston & Brodus Clay vs. the Primetime Players. A video hyping both teams was shown. The host hyped PTP’s recent success and referred to Kofi and Brodus as a “mashup of epic proportions,” due to their success in singles competition. At least that’s what he claimed.


PTP cut a promo before their match. Titus O’Neil called a personal foul on the WWE Universe for not recognizing them as the most dominant tag team in WWE. He complained about people wanting them to take pictures with their kids, and he said they are going to show why they’re worth every dollar.


Kofi Kingston and Brodus Clay defeated the Primetime Players. Justin Roberts did commentary on today’s show. Kofi and Darren Young started the match. Kofi got the early advantage and tagged in Brodus. At one point, Brodus Irish whipped Young into one of the turnbuckles, which caused him to fall out of the ring. While Titus tried to call for a timeout and help his partner recover, Brodus tagged in Kofi, who hit a springboard somersault senton on both men with Brodus’ help. Unfortunately, he landed butt-first on the outside of the ring.  


After the break, Kofi was going to hit a Trouble in Paradise when Young left the ring and called for a timeout. The PTP took control after Young tagged in Titus while Kofi was chasing him and Titus managed to shoulder block him before Kofi realized what happened. The PTP was able to dominate for a little while, but Kofi managed to tag in Brodus after he moved out of the way when Young charged at him in the corner. This led to their comeback, which led to Brodus hitting the big splash on Titus and getting the pinfall. Several kids danced with the Funkasaurus and the Funkadactyls afterwards.


Before the commercial break, the host hyped the match between Justin Gabriel and Curt Hawkins later on the show. The trunks Hawkins was wearing for his graphic looked like black briefs, which was a bit odd to show on a program rated TV-G.


After the commercial break, replays of the highlights of the previous match were shown. The host suggested Kofi and Brodus should team together in the future if they continue to have that kind of success. After that, the host turned his attention to Justin Gabriel, who was the focus of this week’s Saturday Morning Spotlight. The video showcased his athletic ability, including his 450 Splash and springboard moonsault.


Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins. Hawkins’ entrance was cut. Speaking of Hawkins, he was sporting his new haircut and tights that remind me of Zack Ryder for some reason. Anyway, at the beginning of the match, he tried to start a “You still got it!” chant, which was presumably a reference to his return from injury. He eventually took control of the match, but Gabriel recovered after escaping a surfboard stretch applied by Hawkins. Heading into the break, Gabriel hit a corkscrew splash onto Hawkins heading into the break.


After the break, a “Do Not Try This at Home” promo featuring Gabriel was shown. When the match returned, Gabriel hit a springboard crossbody onto Hawkins. After that move, Hawkins briefly took control of the match, but Gabriel recovered, slammed him to the mat, and hit his 450 Splash to get the pinfall. After the match, he pointed at Slater, which made the leader of the 3MB angry.


The show then went backstage to Natalya, Cody Rhodes, and his moustache. Natalya announced his match with Sheamus on next week’s show, and she asked him about the moustache. He said he can’t blame people for talking about it, and he was about to talk about how wonderful it is before Sheamus appeared. The Celtic Warrior claimed it was something he tried to grow when he was seven years old, but when he hit puberty, he was able to grow real facial hair. Cody claimed Sheamus is just jealous of him, and she asked Natalya to tell him he looks handsome, since Natalya’s father had wonderful facial hair. Natalya said she thinks it looks awful. Sheamus then told him things are going to get hairy when they step into the ring (lame pun of the day). Cody claimed Jim Neidhart actually had awful facial hair and was the original goatface before walking away to close this week’s show.


Final Thoughts:


After last week’s show, it was nice to see the faces win both matches. It was also fun to watch Justin Gabriel; I know he’ll never get out of the lower midcard, but it’s great to see him showcase his stuff.

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