OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

This is the report for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 704 to air in Louisville on 2/16 As always the show can also be seen at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/704. Last week saw Trailer Park Trash/Frank Miller relinquish his position as OUR OVW Director of Operations in order to make one last run at longtime nemesis Flash Flanagan. OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams channeled "Lord of the Flies" and decided that since he had the championship belt, he would be in charge! Williams booked himself in a match with referee Chris Sharpe, whom he easily manhandled.
Show begins backstage with Williams all up in ref Jordan Barker's face but is interrupted by Jamin Olivencia, who says he didn't like what Williams did last week. Williams, since he's in charge you know, implies he has bad things in store for Jamin later on.
Opening music changes with a few different highlights and an alternate OVW logo.
OUR announcers tonight are Dean "San Juan" Hill and “Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus (who is again doubling as ring announcer). It should be noted that Titus is still NOT on the OVW roster page. Do we need to start a campaign to get this done? "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey is said to be out on assignment.
The Coalition Forces (OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne, Joe Coleman, Jack Black, Raul Lamotta, Shiloh Jonze, and the Spanish Moss Guy) come out to the ring with patriotic music. Crimson is dressed as George Washington and carrying a flag, Wayne is dressed as Abraham Lincoln, and Coleman is dressed as Uncle Sam and is carrying the metal detector wand. Didn't notice anyone dressed up like Millard Fillmore or Rutherford B. Hayes. Dean wonders where John Wilkes Booth is when you need him. Crimson says President's Day is just a few days away and they will pay their forefathers a little tribute, plus there are no presidential figures in charge at OVW right now. Crimson reminds the fans that taxes will be going up in the form of ticket prices and concessions. They will also rid OVW of all evildoers. Wayne says Lincoln reminds him of himself, even going by "Good Ol' Honest Wayne", but didn't mention that the NWA Championship could supposedly be traced back to Lincoln! Wayne says he and Crimson will do good for the people here and that will eventually get them elected (Crimson as President and Wayne as Vice-President).
Wayne says they will do such a great job running OVW that he unveils a picture of Mount Rushmore with the Coalition faces carved in, lol, calling it Mount Rush-War! Williams comes out (Titus calls him "Sir" Doug Williams) and says only the OVW Championship validates being in charge and he has the belt.. Here comes OUR OVW Multimedia TV Champion Cliff Compton to make his case for being in charge, saying there’s no room in the Batmobile for anyone else! Out come Ms. Josette Bynum and Flash Flanagan! Josette says her lawyers are meeting with the OVW Board of Directors, saying she's the only one here who has experience and the wardrobe to do the job. She takes a call as we go to break.
More bickering as we return as The Gut Checkers (Sam Shaw & Alex Silva) come out. Silva wonders if they are clowns. Shaw says they are what our forefathers would look like if they took a dump in the ring! Olivencia comes out and challenges Williams. Here's TPT out to address Flash, still wanting Flash in a match but Flash refuses and TPT charges at Flash. Out comes OUR OVW Owner Danny Davis to order everyone out of the ring, which is covered with balloons and streamers. Davis finally gets order restored, then says he's sick and tired of everyone trying to run his company but him! The BOD thinks all of them are a bunch of dumbasses! Davis fought with the BOD for 3.5 days and is going to appoint a new Director of Operations! Davis brings out Michael Hayes! Crowd certainly approves of this! Davis says when Hayes announced he was stepping away from the ring several months ago, he never would have expected to come back like this. Davis says he is pleased with the the BOD's choice of Hayes and turns the mic over to him. Hayes says what he has done to earn this is spill all his blood, sweat, and tears in this ring since day 1. Hayes says it was hard for him to step away and it broke his heart not to be able to be in the ring. Hayes then gets down to business, turning to Williams and puts him with Olivencia in a non-title match in the main event. He leaves the previously scheduled tag match as is (Lamotta/Jonze vs Silva/Shaw) but adding that if the Gut Checkers win, they will be the number one contenders for the tag belts! Jonze & Lamotta go after Silva & Shaw as we go to break..
Match #1: Squad Team Bravo (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze) vs The Gut Checkers (Sam Shaw & Alex Silva)
Back from break, we still have streamers and balloons in the ring as the match is underway. Dean and Titus debate the choice of Hayes as Jonze escapes from Silva and drags him to the wrong corner. Silva gets worked over but backs Jonze to the corner for a blind tag on Shaw, who comes off with a double stomp to the shoulder. Lamotta charges at Shaw, who pulls the top rope down and tumbles to the floor. Silva Surfer on Jonze followed by Shaw's Breaking Point gets the pin on Jonze. Gut Checkers get the tag title shot!
In the back, Brandon "Espy" Espinosa moos at Brittany Devore, further angering her. Paredyse tells her to call Weight Watchers. Paredyse and Espy’s friend Chris re-appears, calling Brittany a redneck and shoving her into the lockers. An angry Brittany goes to the ring and calls out Chris telling him/her that he/she shouldn't hit a redneck girl!
Match #2: Brittany Devore (w/The Mobile Homers) vs Chris (w/The Mascara Mafia)
Mobile Homers try to take up for Brittany but she wants to deal with Chris herself, that is if he/she has the balls/ovaries to do so. Titus points out neither have done much training, so there a lot of flailing away, etc. here. Paredyse trips up the barefoot Brittany and Chris pins her. Espy makes off with Brittany's boots!
Tony Gunn and Randy Royal are talking in the back. Gunn mentions he's been frustrated since losing a TV title match against Compton, saying he’s lost focus due to spending so much time training with Royal. Gunn says he could have used that extra $1000, which comes with winning the title and each subsequent title defense. Royal perks up upon hearing about this and walks off. Taeler Hendrix comes in to ask Gunn if he has seen Dylan Bostic, who got her a wonderful Valentines Day present. Gunn says he hasn't seen Bostic all day and walks off.
The Coalition along with Josette, Flash, Williams and Compton are meeting in the back, Josette they should band together and make Michael Hayes' stint as Director of Operations a short one. Compton says he's not interested in banding together with anyone and walks away, probably has the Batmobile double-parked. The rest huddle to make their plans as apparently Josette did not have a PowerPoint presentation ready.
Match #3: VIP Joe Rosa vs OUR “Multimedia" OVW TV Champion "The Great" Cliff Compton
Compton comes out with.both belts. Rosa out alone (as in without bodyguard Jose Del Barrio) as Titus notes that Rosa has been winning lately and is in good shape. Royal comes through the curtain to watch. Rosa fights back from initial beatings and spinebusters Compton. He then hits the walking VIP legdrop but Compton catches him and spikes him into the mat for the pin.
THE MIX TAPE!! Danger trying to keeps things going while Diamond is depressingly heartbroken over Epiphany's rejection. Danger says Bostic is always a candidate for "Suckah of the Week" but declares Williams the winner due to his beating Sharpe. The distraught Diamond says at least Sharpe is in a hospital and gets to eat free ice cream and Williams has a championship belt, while he has nothing!!
Match #4:"Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade vs "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe
Howe playing some guitar as Switchblade comes out. These two tagged together last week but no issues were detected between the two. They wrestled a quite a physical match, with Switchblade being the more aggressive of the two. Switchblade catches Howe’s missile dropkick and puts him in a Boston crab. Godderz runs out and puts a chain in Switchblade's boot. This distracts Switchblade, who takes a rock bottom by Howe for the pin. Godderz has a nice chuckle about this.
Match #5: Jamin Olivencia vs OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams
This is a non-title match because Michael Hayes said so. Williams attacks at the bell but Jamin recovers and send Williams out and follows. They brawl outside. Back in Jamin hits an armbreaker and slings Williams around. Williams blocks a kick and throws some uppercuts and works over Jamin a bit. Williams locks in a headscissors and also grabs the ropes for leverage. Williams runs into a knee an Jamin hits a missile dropkick. Jamin goes up top as Crimson and Wayne wander out to push Jamin off. Silva and Shaw run out and those four fight. Williams hits a superplex but only gets 2. Williams up top again but misses a legdrop as Flash comes out with a chair but TPT is right behind to snatch it away and hit Flash. Jamin hits a short arm DDT on Williams for the pin.
Flash and TPT continue to scuffle as the locker room empties. Hayes comes out and makes one last matchup of Flash vs Trash at March 2's Saturday Night Special as the show goes off
Thoughts: Though the opening segment went 20 minutes, it was rather entertaining and moved along quickly. I saw where a new Director was going to be named, didn't expect it to be Hayes, but I'm OK with it. Obviously the thought is that a Director of Operations really is needed in OVW.  Don't really get why Switchblade and Howe were wrestling each other this week. Wonder if we'll see Brittany get kidnapped and returned with a wardrobe makeover? The paying cash for successful title defense might be an interesting thing to follow, especially if it leads to tension between Gunn and Royal. No appearance by OUR OVW Women’s Champion Jessie Belle this week? Poor Eddie Diamond, maybe "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger should be a guest on the next edition of "The Mix Tape" so she could fix him up! I liked this show pretty well, so I'll give it a thumbs up!

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