Dana White talks TRT after today's show

Dana White spoke more at today's press conference after the show on the subject of testosterone replacement therapy and was asked about more extensive drug testing.

After warning people on TRT that they were coming after them, he made it clear that he was against people spiking their levels during training camp and then getting them down to allowable levels fight time.

He said he hated that guys were doing this and said that everyone on TRT was going to be tested frequently throughout their training camp.

He didn't speak about now allowing it, only saying that the athletic commissions allow it.  

He said he believed guys who cheating on it and he doesn't like too see a natural athlete who plays by he rules have to face a guy who was jacked up for months.  He also said it worries him that you can get four experts in the field have a discussion on this subject and you get four different answers on it, and again said that maybe if somebody's testosterone levels aren't high enough, they are too old too fight.

When asked about having VADA testing (an independent agency which has caught some boxers using PEDs that athletic commission testing wouldn't) all its fighters, he said they were going to test guys on TRT through their entire camp and then said "baby steps here," which you can take a lot of different ways.

It's pretty clear at this point he's not looking at VADA doing year-around testing of UFC fighters.

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