CMLL TV report 2-16

By Mark Black

Peq. Violencia/Demus 3:16/Peq. Olimpico vs Fantasy/Bam Bam/Astral
First fall started with Bam Bam & Peq. Olimpico taking ti to the mat with some lucha matwork.  In a nice spot Fantasy gave Peq. Violencia a monkey flip to the floor.  Astral used a huracanranna from the top rope on to Demus 3:16.  The rudos got the win when Peq. Olimpico had Bam Bam in the clutch for the submission and Peq. Violencia pinned Fantasy with a banana split for the pin.  Second fall started with Demus 3:16 using a running powerslam onto Bam Bam.  Technicos won the second fall when Fantasy hit Peq. Violencia with a moonsault while he was hanging in the ropes and Astral pinned Peq. Olimpico with a floatover crucifix takeover.  In the third fall Demus 3:16 had Bam Bam up for a muscle buster but Bam Bam turned it into a sunset flip for the pin and the match:
Winners:  Fantasy/Bam Bam/Astral
Misterioso Jr/Namajague/Okamura vs El Hijo De Fantasma/Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr.
The first fall never aired.  In the second fall the rudos took Stuka Jr out of the match when they unmasked him.  Rey Cometa used a huracanranna onto Misterioso Jr.  Fantasma did a flying clothesline when he started at the end of the ramp into the ring onto Okamura.  There was a nice dive sequence where Cometa used a spin plancha onto Miserioso Jr to the floor and El Hijo De Fantasma dove onto  Okamura on the floor.  In the ring Stuka Jr(who did return with his mask) ripped off Namajague's mask and climbed up to the top rope but Namajague come up after him and tore off his mask and was dq'd.
Winners:  El Hijo De Fantasma/Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr
Atlantis/Shocker/Rush vs El Terrible/Tiger/Ultimo Guerrero
Rusdos started the match by attacking the Technicos.  Terrible pinned Rush with a falcon arrow. Tiger & Terrible double teamed Shocker and Tiger pinned him with a La Magistral cradle to win the first fall.  In the second fall Rush pinned Terrible with a Northern Lights suplex while Shocker pinned Tiger with a small package.  Third fall started with Rush & Terrible brawling on the floor.  Shocker hit Terrible with a spear.  Terrible hit Rush with a dropkick that sent him to the floor and hit a plancha to the floor.  Shocker then dove onto Terrible from the top rope to the floor, then Tiger hit a somersault plancha onto Rush on the floor.  Ultimo Guerrero kicked Atlantis low for the pin and the match.

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