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Coming off the great show with the Uriah Hall HK KO last week, less said about this week the better. Stupid pranks and a two humper fight. Right back down to the level of previous seasons. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thumbs up. Mostly good fights or at least individual performances all night.

Best fight: Cramer vs. Rogers

Worst fight: Obese Mexican Heavyweight vs. Obese 40 Year Old Black Heavyweight

KO: Gotta give this a 3 way tie among Pacheco from the undercard, Marshall, and Dantas. 

Sub: Johnson from the undercard

Undercard: Maldonado takes a lackluster UD over Goodwin in the BW opener. Buck takes the last 2 and the 29-28 UD over Mierzwiak after 3 rounds of rolling with both guys wearing what disturbingly resembles actual underwear. Much stronger Pacheco KOs the much taller Bolt with a series of short elbows on the ground in the 2nd. Bolt always going for subs and made it an interesting clash of techniques. Good fight, impressive win. Aliev dominates than holds off Pario to win the first MW tourney fight via 29-28 UD in matchup of rather stiff Europeans. Johnson counters a Ward TD with an arm bar for a 15 second tapout. Think we might see Johnson and Pacheco in the next MW tourney. The fat Mexican guy stops the fat black guy with undefended pittypat G&... uhh, something from ride.

The top card is 3 more MW tourney fights and the BW title fight. Doug Marshall opens KOing Andreas Spang with a right hand mid-1st. You knew one of them was going. Marshall has a big mouth and a Nazi cross tat, but he can punch, or vice versa.

Brett Cooper packing way too much caliber for Paraisy, but couldn't or wouldn't finish him. Should be 30-25 but... shoulda finished. Of course not even one 10-8.

Angle shows up to make an impassioned plea for Olympic wrestling. Plays it straight but wow does he look weird standing next to regular people, even two other bald guys. Speaking of which from the movie commercial they keep running, Bruce Willis now looks like a lizard.

Great fight between Dan Cramer and Brian Rogers. Back and forth all the way till the end. Multiple comebacks from both. I'd call it a draw but Cramer finished on top and that might have been enough to edge it and is via UD. One judge goes 30-27. Was one of those fights where you could almost have it anywhere from 30-27 to 27-30.

In the main, Eduardo Dantas retains by knocking his mentor Marcos Galvao cold with a 2nd round uppercut after dominating the 1st then weeps unashamedly. Half of Nova Uniao in each corner. Too bad Bellator couldn't get Tyson Nam and give Dantas a chance to avenge the upset nontitle KO in Brazil.


Not gonna dignify the whole card, you know, I'm a fight junkie, I usually watch the indy stuff on Friday on whatever HDnet is called now even though it's rarely any good and I rarely remember any of it the next day, but just one comment. All night long Schillavello and Miletich are pimping Maromo as the Great Black Canadian Hope. Miletich doesn't sound overly sincere. (Schillavello NEVER does, but that's another whole story.) I've seen the guy a couple times and he has great Muay Thai offense but nothing else. So they act all surprised when the other guy, a grinder who can punch, cleans his clock. Are they that dumb or just shilling? Could somebody please give Miletich a real job? How about having him replace the useless Kenny Florian, at least on doing the live fights?

UFC fuel 7

Thumbs in the middle inclining down. Seemed like the same fight repeated about five times during the card. And did anybody know what time the prelims were gonna start? I sure didn't and missed the first two, which I read weren't much anyway.

Best fight: Swanson-Poirier, HM to Watson-Nedkov and the main

Worst fight: Manuwa-Diabate for the anticlimactic early stoppage

KO: Watson

Sub: Barao

Watson and Nedkov opened the prelims I saw with a war. Watson made the fight and battered Nedkov into a heap in the 2nd. Over/under on combined back zits is 137. Great fight. Then come three identical fights, one sided decisions with a JJ guy getting stuffed, Ogle W Grispi, Castillo W Sass, Forte W Etim.

Speaking of commercials, 10 seconds of Ronda in heels over JB This Is a Man's World = genius. They could run this one more often.

Top card opens with yet another except it's a boxer getting stuffed, Riddle W Mills. One of the Brit judges somehow scored 29-28 Mills who spent the whole fight on his back. Must still be pissed off about that 1776 stuff. 

Next fight was almost the same too except for some excitement in the 1st.  Te Huna survives a severe 1stR HK KD to dominate the 2nd and 3rd and take the UD over Jimmo. One judge gives Te Huna a 10-8 round but none of them give Jimmo one. Huh?

Good fight with prospect Gunnar Nelson and veteran Jorge Santiago. Nelson dominates the 2nd after a close 1st, Jorge fades in the 3rd but comes back in the final seconds to rock Nelson. Nelson passes his first stiff test via UD and looks to have a lot of upside. Good chin, deceptive striking in Machida style and top shelf grappling.

Diabate has to quit in the corner after the 1st with some kind of leg injury after Manuwa edges the 1st. Feh. Looked like a good fight brewing. Speaking of commercials they keep running, getting tired of watching Pitbull's belly flab jiggling. Did Jonny Pipik just say the title fight is 'fastly approaching'? Se habla ingles?

Fast, technical and very close fight as expected with Swanson and Poirier, with all skills on display at all ranges. Swanson finishes strong and I think edges it. Judges agree, having it wider than I saw it.

In the main. McDonald makes it interesting for the first couple rounds, but shows no capacity to adjust and poor conditioning and Barao's strength and conditioning are too much for him and Barao takes over in the 3rd and then finishes in the 4th with arm tri. McDonald has talent and might want to get his priorities straight, find some real trainers who don't reply to the fighter going 'I'm tired' with 'Well, this isn't going 5 rounds.'


Again don't wanna dignify the usual squash undercard but the main was very worth watching, so just remember this name: Adrien 'The Problem' Broner. Floyd Mayweather with a punch and killer instinct. Next major star.

Crimson Mask

Bellator 89
Thumbs WAY UP
Best Fight: Dan Cramer vs Brian Rogers
Worst Fight: None
1) Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinals:  Doug Marshall d. Andreas Spang by KO in RD1:   This was a fun fight that when watching it, you knew someone was going to get knocked out.   I thought if this fight went past the first round, then Spang would have came out the winner.  Marshall is explosive, but fades in the later rounds.  Some people will say the ending was controversial, but Marshall won with a flash KO.  Spang recovered quickly, but he was out and the referee made the correct call.  Marshall is a former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion and is full of charisma.  Seems to have rejuvenated himself here in Bellator.
2) Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinals:  Brett Cooper d. Norman Paraisy by UD:  Cooper's dominating wrestling was the story here.  This was another really good fight with action would switch back and forth.  Paraisy landed some nasty knees to the head, but Cooper has a chin.  He is just simply tough as nails and has always put on entertaining fights.  Cooper did some awesome slams and takedowns.  This was Cooper's best performance in Bellator. 
3) Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinals:  Dan Cramer d. Brian Rogers by SD:  Awesome fight and an early Fight Of The Year Candidate.  This had it all,  with back and forth action in all three rounds.   Both men landed some heavy shots and also take downs.  Rogers did some great snap belly to bell suplexes that someone in pro wrestling should try to use in their matches.  Cramer won Round 1 with his wrestling and Rogers won Round 2.   Round 3 was a close round, but Cramer came on at the end.  It was very close, but the judges made the right call.  In the end, both guys came out as future stars for Bellator. 
4) Bellator Bantamweight Championship Match:  Eduardo Dantes (c) d. Marcus Galvao by KO in RD2:  This fight had a great story coming in as the teacher (Galvao) was facing the student (Dantes) for the title.   When the bell rang, the student was just too quick and too accurate then the teacher.  Dantes controlled Round 1 with with a beautiful snap jab.  Galvao who is so tough, was able to get a nasty cut on Dante's eye lid.   Round 2, the action got wild and Dante's knocked Galvao down and finished him off with some sick ground and pound.  Right after he won, Dante's broke down in the cage for hurting his teacher.  One of the most powerful images that I have seen in MMA. 
Overall Analysis:  I loved this show. You had a great KO,  great dominating wrestling, a Fight Of The Year Candidate and a main event with a lot of stories going in and during the fight.   You need go out of your way to watch this entire show, especially Rogers vs Cramer.  For those who take voting for Fight Of The Year seriously, you need strongly consider this fight so far in 2013.   Thumbs up to Bellator/Spike production team for capturing Dante's emotion after the fight and also Galvao's wife emotion as her husband was being finished in the fight.  Powerful stuff. 
Now for the negative.  I hate to write anything negative about this show, but again putting a tournament fight only in highlights (Sultan Aliev d. Mikkel Parlo to advance to Semifinals of the Bellator Middleweight Tournament)  hurts the fighter who won and also the tournament itself.  Bellator's niche is the tournaments and they must focus on that as much as possible.  Putting a tournament on the webpage and in highlight form on the TV broadcast just devalues the tournament.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

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