Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report - Shane Douglas vs. Matt Borne

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 9/16/13
John Baumer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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-Portland Wrestling returns after two weeks of best of shows.  This is the first of 52 new episodes.

-The show opens with a recap of all the earlier episodes

-Piper and Joe V open the show.  Don Coss is off this week, so Joe V is filling in.  I have a feeling this is only going to make the show better.

-Shane Douglas is introduced and comes to the ring. He talks for a very long time without really making a point. He says he wants to kick the biggest, toughest guy in PWU's butt.  He says he is here to own PWU.

-Match #1
Quiz defeated Ethan HD after a superkick
Post-match, Douglas ran in and laid out both guys with kendo sticks. He cut another promo asking for PWU's tough guys.

-A promo ran for some upcoming live events. This is a good start, but it was still very generic, with no matches announced or any real promos. They have this great show on broadcast T.V. and are running house shows all over the state, and I just think they are really dropping the ball as far as promoting the live events go.

-Joe V interviewed Matt Borne, who challenged Shane Douglas to a match later tonight.

-Joe V interviewed PNW Heavyweight champ Daivari. Joe announced that Daivari would be defending against Big Ugly next week. Daivari tells Ugly to watch his tune-up match, because it's a foreshadowing of what he will do to Ugly next week.

-Match #2 - Non-title match
Dr. Kliever defeated PNW champ Daivari by DQ when Daivari used his weight lifting belt
Daivari was whipping Kliever with his belt until Big Ugly ran in for the save. Ugly challenged Daivari to make their title match next week a Lumberjacks with straps match. Daivari very wisely says no and leaves. Ugly says he won't leave the ring until the match is made.Commissioner Barry Kolin comes out and makes the match.

-Joe V interviews Mr. Ooh La La. Colt Toombs and Patrick Large interrupt and proceed to trick Ooh La La into giving them a match with the Blanchard Brothers next week. The Blanchards come out and Jeremy isn't very happy with Ooh La La for signing the match next week.

-Match #3 - Non-title match
PNW tag team champs the Blanchard Brothers defeated Gentleman George Michael and Eric Right when Jeremy pinned Right after a Doomsday Device
The story of the match is the Blanchards arguing about Ooh La La. George and Right kept interrupting the argument by attacking them, only to get beat up by the Blanchards, who then went back to arguing.

-The Grappler's Pit w/ Exile and Wade BY GOD Hess. Grappler says the reason PWU was given a new 52 week deal was because of his segment. Grappler puts over his stable, except Hess, who he calls the weak link. Thunder comes out with his petition be reinstated. Exile tears it up and throws it at Thunder. Thunder pulls another document out of his pocket, which the Grappler reads. THUNDER PASSED HIS MEDICAL EXAM AND IS REINSTATED! While everyone is arguing, Shane Douglas sneaks back in and attacks Thunder with the kendo stick. Everyone attacks Thunder. Hess lays on top of Thunder to protect him.

-Grappler confronts Thunder and Hess backstage. Grappler says he will let Hess out of his contract so he can team with Thunder, IF Thunder can beat Douglas. Douglas tells Thunder to watch his match and heads to the ring.

-Match #4
Matt Borne defeated Shane Douglas by DQ when Douglas used the kendo stick
Thunder ran in for the save and brawled with Douglas as the show came to an end

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