First batch of Elimination Chamber feedback

Thumbs in the Middle

Best Match - Elimination Chamber match
Worst Match - Ladies match
This could have been a thumbs up, especially with the great Chamber match and the shock of a clean win in the six-man match, but the lack of "energy" in the main event was hard to ignore. The Rock was in a chinlock that lasted longer than 90% of the women's matches, and he appears gassed early in the match. Looking forward to more great Dutch Mantell promos leading to the Del Rio vs Swagger match at Mania. One thing I'd like to point out, many fans complain about the product being PG rated, yet we get edgy promos with Swagger and Mantell, and they want to complain about it. You can't have it both ways

Roy Lucier

WWE Elimination Chamber: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Shield vs. Cena/Sheamus/Ryback
Worst Match: Tamina vs. Kaitlyn
In my mind having the World Title match first so often now just makes it seem so unimportant especially when they keep saying if you win the chamber you go onto "main event" WrestleMania, but in actuality you go on to open the show.  Del Rio vs. Show is tiresome after three matches in a row.  The match was fine, but I don't like these two together and Del Rio as a babyface Champion doesn't seem to be getting over.  Del Rio wins so hopefully that feud is over with.  Not sure where Show fits in for Mania.  The Miz vs. Cesaro would have been good if it wasn't for the horrendous finish.  I like Cesaro a lot and hope they continue to move him up, but that DQ with the accidental low blow was just so bad especially on pay per view.  Also given what kind of stuff went on later in the show without a DQ it just seems silly.  Kind of surprised the Chamber match is up next.  Was a little slow in the early going, but really picked up in the end.  Seems a little rushed to put Swagger in such a big match at Mania considering a few months back he was constantly losing to Santino Marella.  I was hoping for Jericho, but wasn't to be.  I like Swagger and glad they are taking him seriously now, but think they could have pushed him longer before giving him the title shot.  Six man tag was very good.  I really like the Shield as a group and hope they continue on this path instead of screwing them up like Nexus.  Is Ryback turning heel?  Him walking out is suspicious.  Apparently we have extra time because Dolph Ziggler is running his mouth.  He may be Mr. Money in the Bank, but he never even teases cashing it in and he loses so many matches I can't remember the last time he actually got a win.  Oh wait he beats Kofi Kingston who has been getting beaten regularly over the last number of weeks.  Good match even though it was short.  Big E. needs some better ring gear, those trunks were way too short if you ask me.  Divas title was the usual bathroom break.  Tamina and Natalia, both second and third generation names seem to be going nowhere despite their names.  Rock vs. Punk was another good match.  Though they would do more with the stipulation.  Last month the table breaks too soon.  This time it doesn't break out.  I guess they'll have to meet again just to get the table broken on cue.  Now the only question is - does Undertaker show up on Raw to set up Punk at Mania or does Punk have to find a new opponent? 
Robb Block

Thumbs down.  The only worthwhile match was the Chamber match itself.  Worst was Del Rio v Show.

Del Rio and Show had an ugly match not worthy of PPV, lowlighted by Del Rio's botch.  Claudio Castagnoli could carry Great Khali to a good match, but he can't carry Miz, which shows just how terrible Miz is.  PAY per views are supposed to have PAY off finishes.  I don't see how ripping off your fans is supposed to help PPV buyrates.  The elimination chamber match itself had some very good action to be sure, especially with the last three.  All of Mark Henry's spots require his opponent to do the work, and booking Dragon as the first guy eliminated when he's the best worker on the roster makes no kind of sense.  Dutch Mantell's racist promo takes it down a peg, and Swagger v Del Rio looks to be a carbon copy of Eddy v JBL from 2004.  Further, it illustrates how bad the long-term planning is, when a guy comes back after a long layoff and is made a title contender six days later.  I was happy to see the Shield go over on the juicers, but not at all intrigued by the apparent friction between Cena and Ryback.  Zig and Kingston was fun while it lasted, but you book this match to go three minutes to make time for Kaitlyn v Tamina?  I went to the bathroom and missed the latter.  Punk is a miracle-worker for carrying a sluggish Rock to a good match, ruined by another overbooked finish.

This company is now being carried by a handful of guys who are working their butts off to carry some bad workers and some abominable booking.
Rob Hotman


I felt that this PPV was a ok PPV.  Nothing special, nothing great and nothing bad.  I really don't get the whole Swagger/Del Rio match.  I know you guys have spoke about it on the show but I still don't get it and don't see it adding any buys on the PPV.  I thought that the chamber match got Henry over more of a monster than it made Swagger look like a contender.

Best Match: Rock v/s Punk
Worse Match: Kaitlyn v/s Tamina
PPV : Thumbs Up
Heath Pittman

WWE Elimination Chamber

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Rock v Punk

Worst Match: Divas

So we have the "main events" for WM all set. Now it's just the undercard in flux.

And AJ needs to eat a sandwich.

From what I could gather, looks like Randy Orton's heel turn has been switched to Ryback, who will go against Sheamus.

Perhaps Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Mark Henry will have a three-way match, unless they throw Big Show into the equation.

A bunch of guys, seven weeks to sort it all out.

And sure, Dolph Ziggler wasn't booked on the show. But neither was Wade Barrett. And you didn't see HIM out there in the ring, in his gear, as if just expecting to be challenged to a surprise match!!!

Just no 20-man battle royal on the undercard. How about four tag teams instead?

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Thumbs up show
Best match: The Chamber match just over Rock/Punk
Worst match : Womens match but theyve done worse given 6 months ago noone cared/knew of the two girls other than Snukas daughter just being his child.
Big Show vs ADR for the World title
ADR sporting a new knee brace. Same begining like the Rumble match with ADR beating Show down with kicks. Show did the Vader splash from the 2nd rope, looked weak. NOONE ever hits that move with any authority anymore that is big enough to make it meaningful. Show throws the Ricardo bucket in Ricards face, Ricardo did not seem to like that. ADR looks like he split his eye brow slightly. ADR has Show in armbar Big Show picks him up ala Backlund and drops him like a sack of trash. Insurguri to kick the bucket to Shows head and show threatend Ricardo with it.  ADR makes Show tap out to the arm bar.
Decent match mostly the same thing from Rumble minus the duct tape.
Crowd seems pretty lively, hope they dont tease an announcment of next years Mania and not do it on the show it could really deflate them.
GI Joe promo  PUHHLEASE..... well could be worse like an add for a WWE movie
Quickly Ceasaro making his entrance.
2 people from GI Joe are in the crowd talking to Josh Matthews.
Miz has a new leather coat, looks like something HHH rejected from wardrobe about 7 years ago.
Miz has a never say Die attitude now according to Lawler. Ceasaro navel hair is more over than Miz.Miz nice kick to the face. AC catches Miz on the floor and Miz then sends him into the steps to hit his knee. Figure Four building...... Well Miz never actually put the hold on. Much better match than i suspected for what it was.
Kane Bryan backstage.
The Chamber is being lowered ! EC and the HIAC still have the same music.
Mark Henry's  new tights are AWESOME
Y2J and Bryan start things off. Swagger is next in. Not alot of reaction to Swagger. Fans chanting Y2J as he lays into Swagger.
*HHH has won the most EC matches the facts are rolling in tonight.
Kane is in next. Bryan watching his back lasted about 40 seconds. Now the hug tease/YES/NO bit.Vintage Kane = side slam !
Kane hitsDoomsday device on Swagger.  Henry enters next. Pins Bryan.
Mark Henry throws Orton into the plastic chamber thing. Looked and sounded great. Henry sort of catches Kane of the top rope with a bear hug catch and slams him. Swagger and Y2J working together on Henry and double suplex him on the chamber floor. Orton pins Henry after an RKO . HENRY comes back into the cage ! Slams everyone. Booker and Teddy run in with the refs to lead him out. Orton has hit the rope DDT thing on everyone.
Y2J gone after an RKO. Swagger then schoolboys Randy for the win.
Slow at first but the match really picked up for the last 3rd of it. Better than last years Chamber matches.
The SuperPowers 2013 version vs The Shield up next
Running short on time it looks like. Wonder if Womens title will get scratched.
Triple Suplexs to start the match. Shield worked their ass off . SuperPowers 2013 did as well. Cannot believe Ryback got pinned poor guy. Ryback ditches Cena and Sheamus after the match . good turn coming if so. FEED him to Cena over this summer.
Ziggler comes out and talks smack. Booker T cuts him off. Now we have Kofi vs Ziggler.
Thought we were going to run short on time. I guess the womens match has been scratched. Owell. Kofi splash out onto Big E was harmful to my health. Ziggler wins. Big E comes back in to destroy Kofi. One of Big E's quads came thru my tv after it hit Kofi.
WWE app plug. Funniest moment of the night.
New action figure segment. Tensai is now Sweet T .
Well we are going to have the Womens match
Kaitlyn wins.
Rock vs Punk 2
Looked like Rock was much more comfortable tonight than his other matches since his return. Slow stalling stuff at the begining and then they ended up in a face off after about 4 minutes. Punk spat in Rocks face which couldnt of been caught better by Rocks forehead and the camera angles. Eventually Punk hit a rock bottom on Rock on the announce table that did not break to make up for the last match. Rock knocked the ref out. New ref gets hurt, Rock bottom and 123.
I think it is certain we head into Mania with Rock vs Cena, Swagger vs ADR and Punk vs Taker. If not then Punk should take his ball and go home if they dont concoct a way to put him in the Cena/Rock match but i think you can tell a great story tieing all 3 together over the past years and a half.
It will be interesting how they stretch RAW out over the next 7 weeks. Little bit longer wait than normal for Mania. Despite the buyrate/results of last year the Rock/Cena build up for last year was prolly the worst ever considering who it involved and how well the show drew on PPV. Then they wiped the " Once in a lifetime" thing in our face the last 13 days.
Rock/Cena should be the match, i just wonder what different emotion they can spark in most fans unless Cena puts his career on the line.
Sam Adams

Hi Dave,
Thumbs up for the Elimination Chamber PPV.
Worst Match:  Rhodes Scholars vs. Tensai and Brodius Clay
Best Match:  Smackdown Chamber match.  I liked seeing Jack Swagger win and the match with Del Rio should be good at Mania. 
Even though Dolph Ziggler got no reaction tonight, I still could see him cashing in, and maybe at Mania it becomes a Triple Threat match.  Either way that should be a good match.  I just don't look forward to Rock/Cena II.  
Thomas, Illinois (USA)

Hey Dave.  Thumbs up, probably 7/10 for me.  Doing well until the main event
Best match - The chamber, especially after Henry got eliminated
Worst match - Divas of course, but other than that Punk/Rock wasn't anything special.
First things first - a very smartly booked card.  Everyone who needed to win did win in order to set up Mania.
The chamber itself was very good, well-paced and made sense from a booking standpoint.  Del Rio went over clean - time for him to feud with Thwagger in a tailor-made "Kick out the unAmericans vs a Mexican champ" feud that will write itself.  Dirty Dutch talking for Thwagger is a good thing.
Still kind of shocked the Shield won clean.  I don't watch much of the indies, so this was my first real exposure to the trio, but all three looked great.  Ambrose is going to be a star for years and years.
Cesaro-Miz was whatever.  Hate face Miz.  Cesaro's moveset is breathtaking.
The show was humming along til the main event.  I'm not pissed Punk lost - that's the right move.  I'm pissed the Rock keeps getting blown up within five minutes.  Plus if you are going to have the no-champs-advantage stipulation, why not make use of it at all other than a few "he better break at 5" spots?
Can we please have JR and JBL for the love of God?  Cole is ok but King needs to go pronto.
George Atsaves

4 stars out of 5... the main event actually hurt my rating!
Best Match:  The Elimination Chamber
Worst Match:  The Rock vs. CM Punk
Star of the Show:  Mark Henry, with Jack Swagger a close second.
Main event booked like a TNA main event.  Very anti-climatic, UNLIKE the chamber match....awesome match and a surprising winner!  The Shield looked great.  An Orton AND Ryback heel turn, perhaps?

Dave Boyce

Hi dave,
Best match Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs the shield
Worst match divas match
I watched the show with a couple friends since I don't have work tomorrow.  Wasn't overly impressed with the show.
The chamber was a disappointment the WWE title match was okay at best, the world title match was average, the US title match was average, I didn't mind the finish though.
A bunch of average matches one bad and one good match does not a good PPV make.  Thumbs Down.
Keep up the great work,
Ryan McDeed

Hey Dave

Thumbs up for this show! Got it for free because UK and Sky Sports yay! Had to stay up till 4am…not so yay. But anyway…Pretty solid PPV, nothing out of this world, but nothing awful. So pretty standard WWE fare as of late.

Best Match: Shield vs. Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

Worst Match: Divas.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship

This was a fine opener. Was fast enough at times that it didn’t get too boring, but then Show is good enough at every second for even the beatdown to be entertaining. Couple of really good spots, like the big 

hurracarana. I was annoyed that Big Show spent a lot of time in the armbar at times when he didn’t tap. The botched kick looked so bad to me, but they got on with it, and a fine finish to put Del Rio over as strong. 


Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz for the United States Championship

God that Big Swing was awesome wasn’t it? I thought this was a really, really good match with an awful finish. The catch into a shoulder breaker by Cesaro was AWESOME, as was pretty much all his offense including 

a Short arm scissor and the Rings of Saturn~! Miz got some good mini comebacks too. There was WOOING when people saw Cesaro hurt his knee, which means people get the figure four might come. AWFUL FINISH. 

Different, but awful...people liked Miz kicking Cesaro on the Swiss balls. ***, would have got more if not for the finish.

Fine Kane Bryan skit. Kane actually cut a decent lil promo here. Set something up for Bryan deviousness.


Lillian is awful. Swaggers new music is much more fitting for his new gimmick. The coulter gimmick unsettles me in a bad way. Swagger legit looks insane, which is cool. This was pretty dull in my mind until Henry 

came in, and from then on I thought it was really good. This was probs about **** if I’m being generous, not the best chamber by any means but by no means bad.

The Shield vs WWE ALL STARS

This was awesome. This made The Shield look so great, gave them all time to show their differences without TLC craziness, and Roman Reigns looked like a total beast. Great finish, putting over the new stars, Cena 

sold the loss like he cared! Ryback’s walk out was interesting, curious to see where that leads, expected Sheamus to do the job. ****1/4 and yes, you may call me a mark!

Ziggler vs Kofi

This was fine for what it was. Very cool superplex drop onto the ropes by Ziggler. A win for Ziggler is always nice these days, though Kofi is basically Evan Bourne these days. **

And it appears this also happened so Kofi could bump for Big E. one more time chant! PEOPLE WATCH NXT!

Wweapp plug killed all my happiness

Tensai is greatness. Looks so resigned in his comedy.

Tamina vs. Kaitlyn

Never have I liked someone so much that I think is just awful. Maybe Heindenreich…but yeah, Kaitlyn isn’t very good. This was nothing. Surprised to see such a clean win for Kaitlyn, but at this stage, who cares? ¾*

CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship

That seemed rather overbooked in the end. Started off really quite boring, heat killed the crowd, but then got good post rock bottom on the table. I don’t really understand the direction of all the booking, and the 

stipulation didn’t play into it as much as I’d have thought, but it’s not like I’m upset, right man won, and we’ll see where Punk and Heyman go on Raw. ***1/2

Matt Davies from the UK!

Overall: Thumbs up.
Best match: Elimination Chamber
Worst match: Kaitlyn vs Snuka
I watched this on WWE Online PPV, and the coverage was not as good as Royal Rumble. The feed was often laggy at points (and this is with a high speed fibre connection), and it kept switching between hi-def and normal def, but it would always switch back to about 5 seconds prior, so it got annoying quickly but apart from that pretty good.
Strange that there was only one chamber match. It was the best match in my opinion, because pretty much everyone looked good (except when Kane and Henry were brawling). I always liked Jack Swagger and while I am glad he won this, I wonder if this push would end up like his last one, teaming up with a comedy eagle. Daniel Bryan and Jericho looked good, and I was sad to see Daniel and Kane being treated like a comedy duo again. I think it has jumped the shark. One year ago, Bryan was an on-fire heel. Now he's the doofus who can't do anything right.
Other matches weren't really that interesting. Ryback/Cena/Seamus vs the Shield was just there. Shouldn't Ryback be mad at Cena for eliminating him in the Rumble or something? Why are they friends in the first place?
Rock vs Punk was good but their Rumble match was better. Rock retained under very dodgy circumstances, so I suppose it will be a three-way at Wrestlemania.
All in all a decent show, and worth not more than the ten bucks I paid for it.
Balaji Narasimhan

BEST MATCH- Elimination Chamber
WORST MATCH- Divas Title
Very good PPV!  All roads lead to Twice in a Lifetime.  I hope they really have booked backwards and can make it entertaining.  Looks like Ziggler could be added to the World Title. Seems like a lot of names don't have a direction.  Maybe Sheamus/Ryback and Orton Henry...where's that leave Jericho?  Shield have looked and been booked incredibly.  I hope they don't fuck them up, playing job act to Rock/Cena or Team Hell no before Mania.
James Brown


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