Strange set of circumstances tonight in WWE regarding Mantell & Swagger (updated)

WWE's attempt to goad Glenn Beck into appearing on Raw took a strange turn with a video done by Wayne Keown and Jake Hager, saying that they are just doing harmless entertainment and invited Beck to come to Raw if he thinks what they are doing is stupid.

The video appared to have been taken down rather quickly.  Those in WWE have said they don't know why the video was down but they are fixing the problem and it should be up before you read this.

Right now it also can be seen at

Mantell did a good promo, even thought the first half was almost word-for-word a speech  Vince McMahon did on Raw nearly two decades ago.

Beck had already said, when asked if he would appear on Raw for five minutes, said, "Unfortunately, I am currently booked doing anything else."

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