UFC 157 live coverage from the Honda Center in Anaheim

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First round: Burrell landed a few good shots before Villefort took him down and got his back and is working for a choke. Burrell escaped and got up and paused to let Villefort stand. Burrell landing again. Villefort with low kicks. Burrell landing punches. He continues to land. Burrell dropped him with a right and now punching on the ground. Villefort tripped him down and put Burrell on his back. Villefort in side control but Burrell sat out. Villefort landed punches and Burrell now back with punches. More punches by Burrell. Burrell 10-9. Very good round.

Second round: Burrell with a left hook. Villefort swinging back but this is a battle he’s not likely to win. Nice body punch by Villefort. Burrell back and Villefort with a solid low kick. Burrell droppeed him again but Villefort back up. Villefort with a high kick and a body punch. Burrell back. Both landing punches. Burrell has him against the fence. Villefort with a knee. Now they’re back in the center. Burrell with an uppercut. Villefort’s nose is busted up now. Mouth may be swollen as well. Burrell with body shots. Burrell’s round, got him up 20-18.

Third round: Villefort came out and took Burrell down and has his back. Burrell out and on top. Villefort reversed and got Burrell’s back but Burrell escaped and got back to his feet. Burrell landing punches and Villefort took him down again. . He got his back again. Burrell back to his feet, Villefort took him down and working for a heel hook while Burrell pounding his face hard. Burrell continues to punch while Villefort gave up the hold. Now Burrell working for a guillotine but Villefort out and has his back back again. Burrell back up. Burrell again going for a guillotine but doesn’t have it. Villefort out. Front kick by Villefort. Villefort got another takedown but Burrell right up. Great front kick and punches by Burrell. Front kick was right to the jaw. Villefort got his back standing. He then threw a knee. Both guys are out there swinging as time ran out. Crowd gave both guys a standing ovation. I’ve got Burrell up 30-27 though.

These two guys were fighting like their jobs were on the line and it worked out to be a very good fight.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Burrell


First round: Manley took him down but Magny was up right away. Manley in the corner fighting for a takedown. Crowd booing because little is happening. Manley continues to work for a takedown against the fence and not being successful. Magny landed a right. Low kick by Magny. Jab by Magny. Magny landed a few more punches and now has Manly against the fence. Magny 10-9. Crowd booed both guys when the round was over.

Second round: Manley moving in for a takedown and they are stalled against the fence. Crowd is booing. Manley got him down this time. Manley in side control. Magny reversed and on top in side control. Manley back up and moving for a takedown. Magny with knees. Magny landed a few punches and got a takedown into side control. Magny landing a lot of punches as Manley got up. Magny with another takedown. Knees by Magny as the round ended. Some boos when it was over. Magny 20-18.

Third round: Magny got the takedown. Manley working for an armbar from the bottom. He wasn’t close. Magny punching down. Manley backdoored out and again trying for a takedown. Ref Herb Dean separted them wth 22 seconds left. Both throwing. Magny landing better and Magny took him down again . Magny should win 30-27.  Bout wasn’t that bad but crowd lightly booed it.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Magny


First round: Robertson with the takedown and Jardine grabbed the guillotine. Robertson out. Robertson has his back. Robertson throwing punches from that position. Robertson got a kneebar and John McCarthy rushed in to stop it seeing that Jardine was hurt.


First round: They are in a clinch against the cage. Fodor with some knees, both with short punches. Now in the center. Fodor landed a hard shot and Stout back. Takedown by Fodor. Stout reversed it and got his back. Fodor dropped him momentarily. Fodor landed again. Now they are back against the fence. Stout got the takedown with 1:36 left. Fodor trying a sweep but Stout keeping top position. Stout moved to mount. Stout has his back now. Stout working for an ambar with 16 seconds. Left. Fodor fighting it. Stout 10-9. Fun round.

Second round: Both struggling against the fence. Now in the center. Front kick by Stout. Nice left by Stout. Nice combo by Stout ending with a high kick. Fodor landed to the head and Stout twice to the body. Knee by Stout. Fodor got the takedown at the end of the round. Stout 20-18.

Third round: They were back against the fence. Fodor got a takedown but Stout right back up. Crowd is really quiet for this fight. Fodor with another takedown. Crowd booing now. Fodor landed a left. Now they are back against the fence. Fodor with a knee and another knee. Fodor’s round so 29-28 Stout. Crowd lightly booing. Not much to this fight after the first round.

Scores: 29-28 Fodor 29-28 Stout 29-28 Stout


First round: Bermudez got the takedown into full mount and is pounding the hell out of Grice. Grice got back up. Semi-slam by Grice but Bermudez back up. Grice landed a good left that stunned Bermudez. Body kick by Bermudez. Front kick by Bermudez and he moved in against the fence. Both missing hard punches. Bermudez landed a hard right and is moving back in. Bermudez trying a takedown, Grice back with punches. Grice knocked the hell out of him with a left and Bermudez back up. Another big right by Grice. Bermudez trying a takedown and Grice landed a knee. How Bermudez got up from that punch I have no idea. Spin kick by Grice. Trading low kicks. Grice in with punches and a knee. Grice 10-9. Great round, Bermudez could win it because he had him almost done early but that knockdown and last two minutes were Grice’s..

Second round: Grice cuffed hiim and Bermudez was knocked of balance. Hard left by Grice and Bermudez moving in for the takedown that he didn’t get. Grice hurt him with a left and right and Bermudez shot for another failed takedown. Grice with a takedown. Now he has Bermudez’s back standing. Grice bleeding from the forehead. Bermudez jumped in with a right. Bermudez went for a guillotine late. Grice’s round so up 20-18.

Third round: They hugged as the round started. Bermudez landing punches and knocked Grice down and now he’s on top. Bermudez landing punch after punch on the ground. Now Bermudez landing elbow after elbow. Bermudez punching the hell out of Grice. Bermudez has him hurt, landing punches and knees. . Bermudez has him in bad shape but Grice still firing back. A hard knee by Bermudez. Grice after all that is still going for a takeodwn. This place is going nuts. The last 30 seconds were tremendous. Unreal that Grice survived. Knee by Grice. Jumping knee by Grice. Bermudez with an uppercut but Grice back. These guys are stealing the show. Bermudez landed a ton of punches and Grice is in bad shape again. Knee by Bermudez. Bermudez landing big punches. Knee by Bermudez and a hard right. I have no idea how Grice is still in this. Knee by Grice. Grice landed a hard left. Spin kick to the body by Grice. If you missed this fight, watch the replay, you have to see it. Unreal. Both swinging. Grice survived the round. Both hugged. This is one of the loudest reations I’ve seen for a round ending ever. Every bit the reaction as Overeem being KO’d. 10-8 Bermudez, so I’ve got a 28-28 draw.

Scores: 29-28 Grice 29-28 Bermudez 29-28 Bermudez


First round: Little happening here. Now they are against the cage. Kuivanen landed a right and Chiesa smiled so you know it hurt him. Kuivanen moved in with punches. Kuivanen with a flying knee attempt but Chiesa used it to get the takedown. Kuivanen spun to his feet. Chiesa tried a takedown, but Kuivanen defended it and got back up. Kuivanen 10-9.

Second round: Chiesa went for takedown. Chiesa got him down and has his back and working for a choke. Chiesa gave it up. People really wanted him to win, kind of a gasp of disappointment realizing he didn’t have it. He’s trying again and this time he’s got it. People really like Chiesa from TUF.


First round: Schaub immediately went for the takedown. That was smart. Crowd booing in less than a minute because they wanted a slugfest from these two. Schaub went for a Brabo choke. Johnson punching Schaub in the head over and over but can’t get him to break the hold. Schuab can’t put him out and gave it up. Schaub in side control. Schaub has his back. Johnson got up and Johnson got the takedown. Nice reverse by Schaub to the top. Johnson back up and Schaub took him down again. This isn’t what people expected out of this. Schaub 10-9. Lots of booing when the round ended.

Second round: Now they are in a clinch and both throwing punches. Schaub with a takedown. Ref ordered a stand-up. Shaub landed a punch and went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Now they are in a clinch. Shaub got another takedown. Crowd booing again. Schaub’s round 20-18. Lots of booing.

Third round: Johnson threw a punch and Schaub took him down again. People are booing really loud now. Schaub was throwing punches. The ref ordered a stand up. Johnson threw a punch and missed so bad he almost took himself down this time. Schaub back. Schaub throwing a few punches but mostly just holding Johnson down. This one is pretty bad. Schaub wins this 30-27, but crowd not happy at all.

A few notes.  More women in crowd than usual, but not appreciably so.  Rousey is a total superstar in the building every time they show her on the screen.  People don't react to Liz Carmouche even with all the media.  Again, we overestiamte how many people are aware of her from the Prime Time and Countdown shows that were mainly on Fuel and Speed.  Dan Henderson and Urijah Faber also getting big reactions, pretty equal second place. 


First round: Koscheck took him right down. Lawler up monentarily but Koscheck just out wrestling him. Koscheck got his back. Crowd now booing. A few punches by Koscheck and Lawler got to his feet. Lawler up. Koscheck shot and Lawler sprawled. Now Lawler throwing a few punches and finished him on the ground. It was the first punch to the side of the head and then a half a dozen more on the ground.


First round: Neer landed a punch. McGee landed a few. McGee looks faster. Neer seems to have more power. McGee landing several shots. McGee landed a left anad that made Neer stumble. McGee landed several shots but Neer back with a hard low kick. McGee landing a lot of punches. Neer’s face starting to swell. Hard left by McGee hurt Neer and then a body kick. Low kick by McGee. McGee too fast and taking him apart. McGee landing all kinds of punches. Several uppercuts by McGee landed and Neer looks hurt. McGee put him down with an uppercut and throwing punches from the top. McGee was going for a choke as the round ended. I think the horn saved Neer. Not quite a 10-8, but it would be a 10-8.5 if you could do that.

Second round: McGee punched him with Neer off balance. Neer went down but then back up. Neer landed some nice shots as they were against the fence. McGee then back with a half dozen punches. Neer landed some good shots. McGee still landing more. Neer with an overhand right but McGee lands several back. Neer with uppercuts to the body and McGee keeps landing jabs and an uppercut to the body. Body kick by McGee. McGee landed a ton late. McGee should be up 20-18.

Third round: McGee still landing more. McGee went for a clinch but Neer backed out. Now McGee wants a takedown figuring smart to just ice things while on top. McGee punching while Neer is tied up against the fence. McGee continues to out land him and got the takedown. McGee has Neer on his back. McGee broke the all-time UFC welterweight record for punches with about 90 seconds left in the fight. McGee has his back. McGee continues to land on the ground. Should win 30-27.

Scores 30-27 across the board.


First round: Faber got the first real star reaction but it’s not like he would have gotten two years ago. Nice hiptoss takedown by Menjivar and Faber immediately cradled him and is on top. Faber chants. First chants of the night. Menjivar trying to maneuver for triangle from the bottom but not close. Faber throwing a few punches. Faber landing elbows from the top. Faber with elbows. Faber landing more elbows from the top. Faber climbed on his back and working for a choke. He got it. That finish was awesome. Menjivar is a high level Jiu Jitsu guy and to pull that off is awesome. 

Faber jumped on his back like he was going for a crucifix, instead, did the body scissors and got the choke.  Everyone loved him on his interview.


First round: Henderson got a big-time reaction. Some boos for Machida for mostly pretty loud cheers. Crowd super loud even though nothing is happening. Henderson moving in and Machida evading him. USA chant. Henderson moving forward and Machida backwards. Nothing is happening. Nobody is booing either. Henderson did hit him. Henderson moved in with knees. Henderson grabbed a clinch. Machida took him down. 10-10 round though nobody will score it that way and Dan will get it as the aggressor. Henderson got one good punch but Machida got a takedown late.

Second round: Henderson with a low kick. Henderson landed a right and Machida hurt him with a body kick. Front kick by Machida, Henderson caught it and threw a punch that missed. Machida landed a few punches and Henderson hit him with one back. Machida with a knee and two punches and moved away. Machida landed an elbow. Body kick by Machida and Henderson with a knee. Henderson ran in with a punch that missed and threw a kick that missed. Body kick by Machida. Henderson ran in with a punch. Henderson landed a left. USA chant. Henderson threw more punches, some connected. Spin kick to the body by Machida. Close round I’ll go Henderson slightly so up 20-19.

Third round: Henderson told his corner that Machida was a pussy. Henderson ran in with a punch. Machida with a wicked body kick. Machida landed a punch, lost balance and Henderson ended up on top. Henderson punching the ribcage. Henderson landed elbows. Machida got up with 1:48 left. Front kick by Machida. Hard body kick by Machida. Henderson’s round 30-28. Some booing. Kind of a bad fight. It was intense watching it but not much action.

Scores: 29-28 Henderson 29-28 Machida 29-28 Machida Fans booing this decision a lot.

Crowd really booing heavy when Rogan acted like Machida should have won. Machida said he was sorry and they booed even more.


Carmouche didn’t get a big reaction, but zero catcalls or anything close to that. Rousey out. Clearly the star of this show. Not a Liddell or even Cain Velasquez reaction in this arena, not close to Carano for that matter, but the crowd has a zillion camera phones out like I’ve only seen for Herschel Walker. Intense staredown by Rousey. Trading punches and Rousey tried a throw, instead got a takedown. Carmouche jumped on her back and is working for a choke from that position. Carmouche had a body scissors. Rousey threw her off her back but she was in trouble for a moment. This place is deafening now. Rousey with few punches on the ground. Rosuey has her in a headlock agian. Rousey with punches while holding the headlock on the ground. More punches on the ground by Rousey. Rousey continues to punch. Carmouche trying for a triangle but Rousey out. Rousey going for the armbar. Carmouche is fighting it off. This place is going crazy for the armbar spot. Rousey got it and it’s over. The winning pop is among the loudest I’ve ever heard at UFC. 4:29

That commercial for GSP vs. Diaz is something else. 

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