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UFC 157

Thumbs Up

Best Fight: Bermudez vs. Grice

Worst Fight: Schaub vs. Johnson

Best KO: Robbie Lawler

Best Sub: Kenny Robertson

Really, really awesome show -- I had a blast from the Facebook prelims up to the main.  Would have liked to see Liz pull off the upset and she almost had it with that choke.  I was on the edge of my seat.  I was in Columbus when Rousey beat Tate and she's the real deal. Best sub was Kenny Robertson's grotesque leg toque but props to my fellow bearded brother  Chiesa for another slick rear-naked choke.  Glad to see Urijah get a clean victory -- I like the Alpha Male crew save for Dillashaw.  Bermudez vs. Grice was one of the best scraps I've seen since Alvarez's last fight and some of Diego Sanchez's scrappier brawls.

Brian Hammons


Thumbs up
Best match: Grice vs. Bermudez
Worst match of all time: Machida vs. Henderson
Pretty good show overall. Happy to see Ronda get the win, and Liz was
gracious in defeat (which would probably be pretty easy, I would
think, given her position on the card and the amount of money I'm sure
she's making from this). It would be interesting to see what Rousey
could draw on a free Fox show.
The Machida vs. Henderson fight should be stricken from the UFC video
vault and never spoken of again. I almost nodded off during the fight
- literally. There's no way I'd give Machida a title shot based off
that stinker, particularly considering how he turned down a shot at
Jones already.
Mike Jenkinson
Edmonton, Alberta

One of those weekends makes you happy to watch the fights. Both Bellator and UFC kicked some major ass.


Little comeback from the previous week stinker. Bubba McDaniel came off like a jerk and it was a feel good moment to see the guy he was supposed to blow away choke him out, but again, how much is editing and how much is any kind of accurate representation of what they're like. Ya know, 'reality' teevee.


Thumbs way way way way up. Exciting fights, almost all clean finishes. Nothing bad on the whole card.

Best fight: gonna say Juarez vs. Smith and Powers vs. Allred from the undercard for competitiveness and everything else for the finishes

Worst fight: none

KO: Clean one shot KOs from Saunders, Lima, Newton and Shamhalaev. It's a 4 way tie. That's what kind of card this was.

Sub: Another tie, Powers and Zayats

Lanham makes short work of Rodriguez in the opener, setting the tone for the night. Powers wears out, batters, and then taps Allred in the 3rd with RNC in a very good back and forth matchup of Utah locals. Juarez takes a dubious SD, with one 30-27, over Smith. Local yokel ref makes himself way too much of a factor. Marx sweeps the cards vs. sluggish teammate long-ago WEC champ Beebe. Ben Saunders repeats a previous decision win coldcocking the inept Raul Amaya with a late 1stR HK to advance to the finals in the WW tourney.

Zayats advances to the finals of the LHW tourney walking through the much bigger Noe, dropping him quickly then finishing with arm bar to open the top card.

Douglas Lima blows away Bryan Baker, who subs for the injured Brent Weedman, to advance to the WW finals vs. teammate Saunders. Baker runs from the opening bell but Lima quickly breaks him down with leg kicks then knocks him cold with a right hand.

Emmanuel Newton exposes conclusively that King Mo is far from recovered from the staph and surgeries, outboxing him easily and knocking him cold with a weak turning (not even spin) backfist. Mo also seems to be have lost all the instinctive things he used to do, which could be because his knee no longers permits him to do them &/or too many conflicting techniques in his head. Here lies a once fluid man crammed and distorted by the classical mess. Newton moves into the LHW final vs. Zayats.

Shamhalaev wins the postponed final from last season's FW tourney, silencing the crowd (joint looked full) stunning local Rad Martinez with a HK then knocking him out with an overhand right in the 2nd after a couple of KDs in the 1st. This guy hits like a heavyweight. I have to wonder if the translator is really being accurate on the taped prefight promos---all the Russian guys are coming off like Boris Malenko. Ve vill bury you for Madder Rassya. Great card.

UFC 156

Thumbs way up too. Not as consistently entertaining but three legitimately great, competitive fights.

Best fight: Bermudez-Grice is the no brainer but the fb opener, Burrell vs. Villefort was just as good, and Ronda-Liz was unexpectedly competitive

Worst fight: Schaub vs. Johnson

KO: Lawler by default, only KO even though borderline premature stop

Sub: tie between Robertson's innovative leglock and Faber's ridiculously athletic jump standing RNC, HM to Ronda

The very first fight on fb was a FotY candidate. Burrell fails to drop from MW to WW, having to stop at 75.8, but he and the younger Villefort brother just ripped it up, with a very high skill level and total heart from both. Burrell trains hands with B-Hop and it shows, but his sub defense is off the chart also, and Villefort has high level Muay Thai and JJ. Burrell is too big and strong and takes the UD but at 23 and 21 you could imagine these two rematching for a title in the future (except I don't think they're really the same division). Magny just a step ahead of Manley all the way in a battle of elongated welterweights (81" reach for Magny). One judge somehow gives Manley a round. Robertson escapes a Guillotine, takes back, and taps Jardine ('Brock Jardine'?) with a leglock from back mount I never saw before to win the White Guy With Potbelly title. Says he invented the hold when he accidentally ripped a guy's hamstring with it in college.

Not very entertaining midcard opener from Stout and Fodor. Both able to keep the other from establishing any dominance at any range. I'd call it a draw. Stout takes the 29-28 SD.

Bermudez and Grice equal or top the first fight. Grice survives early G&P to dominate the first two looking WAY sharp, but Bermudez comes back in the 3rd and has Grice hanging on most of the round, but Grice survives again and MAY have saved a 10-9. I don't think he did and I have it 28-28. Bermudez takes the 29-28 SD which means no 10-8s and two judges gave Bermudez the 1st, in which he reversed an opening moments TD and landed about 40 unanswered G&P strikes, but then Grice took over, scored a CLEAN KD and did a LOT more damage. Usual brain dead judging. Rematch please.

Chiesa snags back and RNC to tap Kuivanen in the 2nd after a very shaky 1st. Dreadful HW fight as Schaub L&Ps all 3 rounds. Lavar has exactly no TD defense. Both sporting bigger saddlebags than Trigger and whatever the hell Dale Evans' horse's name was. That almost cancels out the two great fights. At least it wasn't on the top card. Does Schaub have a... title belt tramp stamp?

On the top card, Robbie Lawler returns to both UFC and WW and is able to reverse Kos on the ground and pound him out in the 1st. Mighta been an early stop although Kos' head was bouncing off the mat.

McGee wins the 1st and 3rd but he lost the 2nd to Neer. He had Neer ready to go in the 1st with body shots then abandoned them. Kinda corner work is that? Should actually be 29-27 with a 10-8 in the 1st. Nobody gives the 10-8 but they don't give Neer the 2nd either. All 30-27s. W-evR. Good fight though.

Faber is f'n BRILLIANT, finishing Menjivar with a jump standing RNC late in the 1st. He still beats anyone but the champs.

Machida takes a tense but uneventful 29-28 SD over Hendo. From some of the reactions I guess this was another one of those 'anywhere from 30-27 to 27-30' fights but I don't see it. I thought Machida completely dictated the fight, scored all the clean effective techniques, had Hendo swinging at air, and won all three rounds. I didn't even think Hendo had a real TD in the 3rd, I just saw Machida slip and him jump on top and he accomplished nothing while there.

Liz comes up with an unexpectedly competitive effort vs. Ronda, fighting her way out of the first TD and arm bar and climbing Ronda's back and having her in trouble (and also nearly removing her bra) with a standing choke/crank (oddly similar to Faber-Menjivar especially considering that Liz and Urijah look almost exactly alike except for Liz' chin doesn't look like a butt) and ALMOST makes it out of the 1st round before Ronda sinks the arm bar. Very impressive on her part and I'm not being sarcastic. We see for the first time how Ronda handles adversity and the answer is 'like a champ'. I think we can barely imagine how big a star she's gonna be before this is all done.  
Crimson Mask

Show: BIG Thumbs up when including undercard
Best Fight: My brain says the Bermudez fight but as a big Ronda fan I have to go with the Rousey vs. Carmouche fight. It was exactly what I wanted it to be.
Worst Fight: Henderson vs. Machida. Machida's gameplan reminded me of Condit's when he fought Nick Diaz. Just back away and jab/kick the entire fight. The approach he took nearly cost him the fight and created one of the most disappointing bouts in a long time.

First of all I have to say I expect this fight to do HUGE on PPV. Like a shocking 500,000+. I live in Bryan's neck of the woods and I went to a bar in Everett I usually go to with friends. I arrived 40 minutes before the show started and there was standing room only and nowhere to park. I've only seen this place like that for Brock Lesnar fights. So we checked out our second option and it was also packed, after finally finding a bar and grill showing it we got one of the last seats before the place was packed, it had to be over the fire marshal safety limit. You could tell everyone was there to see Ronda. Her fighting and getting the armbar was by far the loudest pop of the night.

Memorable moments:
• Faber getting the RNC on Menjivar. It boggles my mind that Menjivar tapped before at least throwing his feet out on the off chance Urijah lost his grip from the slam. I'm sure it's happened many times but I've never seen someone tap with someone on their back like a monkey before.

•Robertson's kneebar(?) which reminded me greatly of when Ken Shamrock nearly tore Bas Rutten's leg off in Pancrease. Leg locks are far underutilized in MMA, probably because BJJ doesn't have a strong focus on them like Shoot Wrestling does.

•Grice beating Bermudez two rounds and than hanging on for dear life in the third. Under Japanese judging Bermudez should have won. With the three round 10 point must system, and being that none of the judges gave a 10-8 round, I cannot see how Grice loses two rounds and this fight. At worst it's a draw like Todd Martin gave it.

•Rousey being in the EXACT same position that Menjivar was in, with Carmouche on her back with a choke sunk in DEEP, she toughed it out and was able to tear her off by her limbs. It was simply amazing. Anyone who saw this had to think Rousey was a superstar. The finish was just icing on the cake after that. She is in a league of her own and I hope she has an Anderson Silva level reign with this title. We can now all officially laugh at the people who thought this main-event was a bad idea. If this was a pro-wrestling show you couldn't have booked it any better, put the boring match on before the main-event and send the fan home happy. I wish Vince McMahon could create superstars like her but he's too busy getting his feeling hurt because his idols like Glen Beck won't give him the time of day.

Michael Burrill

Fight of the night- Tie between the main event because of all the hype and how it actually delivered and obviously Grice VS. Bermudez.
Sub of the night- Faber
KO- Lawler
The prelims on Fx were good besides Brandon Shuab doing his tribute to Job Fitch just at HW. I hope the UFC cuts him even though he won he bored the hell out of everyone and did nothing but get his face busted open from a guy on the bottom.
Grice VS. Bermudez- Wow holy shit this is a early canidate for fight of the year already. What a fight this was. That third round Grice was out and just fighting outa instinct. What fucking warriors they both are.
Kos vs Lawler- This fight surprised me. I know how tough Robbie is but I was expecting Kos to just be too good of an athlete for Robbie to handle. But he showed how tough of a veteran he truly is and I'm a Kos fan but He was out and I agree with the stoppage.
Mcgee vs Neer- Mcgee looked real good at Welter weight and sadly I think this might have been Neers last fight in the UFC. He is tough as hell but he took a beating here.
FABER VS. MENJIVAR- Wow I will never understand why the media and fans always talk about Faber being done and oh he gets too many title shots. The reason why he gets so many title shots is because the guy is god damn good and god damn exciting to watch. Great performance by Faber idc who he fights next because either way it will be exciting and as a fan thats what I want to see. Which brings me to the next fight.
Machida vs Hendo- Im going to say I am biased because I am a huge Hendo fan but I truly thought he had won that fight. He was the aggressor and he was trying to fight while Machida was throwing chip shots really. I do not understand how fans will call Carlos Condit a pussy for "running" in the Diaz fight yet Machida fights like that every fight and people just say "Oh he is so smart and so technical". Machidas style may be smart but its not going to sell tickets and I personally have no interest in Machida Jones 2. Horrible fight. Also I thought Rogan was biased and making it come off like there is no way Machida didnt win this fight. He knows way more about fighting than me so im just stating my personal opinion here. Nothing against him I actually find him to be a great commentator.
Rhonda vs Liz- The media coverage for this fight made this fight feel huge and like it was something special and I really got into it and I feel it really was something special. Rhonda came out strong soon as the bell rang but Liz showed how tough she really is and had Rhonda in a very bad position. Could not believe how tough Rhonda was to get out of that neck crank or face twist whatever you wanna call it. Rhonda showed patience and caught an arm and worked slowly for that arm bar and poor Liz had to tap. This fight was great because it showed Rhonda is "human" and obviously can be beat but also that you really have to beat the fuck outa her because she doesnt know how to quit. Im so impressed with this fight and those 2 woman I cant even some it up into words. Both came out looking like stars and showed womans mma in the UFC does work and I think it will sell alot of tickets. I hope Rhonda faces the winner of Miesha and Cat. Oh I would also love to see the UFc set Rhonda up with Gina Carrano. Id rather see that than her vs Cyroid who is just trying to suck some attention away from the UFC and Rhonda by showing up at the event. Her and Tito Ortiz have no class and both suck.
Side note- The UFC is gonna have to figure something out with the womans attire. There were atleast 3 times I noticed Rhonda had to stop and adjust herself. That might end up bad for one of the women and they may get caught with a hard shot in the middle of adjusting there attire. I think in the post fight presser Rhonda said she was worried about making sure nothing fell outa her top while Liz had her back.

Frank Fleming

Hey Dave,

OK here's my rundown on UFC 157.
 It took me 3 bars to find one 1 that was not sold out. 
Even then I had to sneak in, cause it was Sold Out.
I don't fall for the UFC HYPE But this time I did.
(But I'm also a fan of Pro Wrestling and this HYPE was GREAT.)
So by the time I found this place.
I only saw the last 2 Bouts (I was gonna say Fights
But 1 of them was not anything close to a fight)
3 things came to my mind as I watched this.

1-As Lyoto was running away, Andy Kaufman popped into
    it and I was waiting for the windmill fists that 
    he tried to use on Jerry Lawler.

2-Ken Shamrock VS Dan Severn 
    Do I need to say anything more.

3-This was nothing more then a WWE DIVAS match at a 
     PPV that is ment to bring the crowd down before the 
     MAIN EVENT. (and boy did it)
WOW was this a different fight then the Semi-Main Event.
This was AWESOME. All Action, The Greatest Hope Spot
Ever for the Under Dog.  The bar I was at was going CRAZY
(a total 50/50 split) when Liz got that Choke on Ronda. 
But in the end thats all it was (was) a hope spot. But it 
was huge. 

Thank you so much RONDA ROUSEY and LIZ CARMOUCHE.
You 2 were under so much more pressure then almost all 
the guys are. And you 2 did it. And you did it BIG. My hat 
is off you you both.

Wendall Rose at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Hi Dave,
UFC 157:
- Thumbs up
-Best Match: Dennis Bermudez vs Matt Grice
- Worst match: Lyoto Machida vs Dan Henderson.
Bermudez vs Grice was an early match of the year contender.
The main event was also excellent.  Ronda Rousey showing no emotion in her octagon entrance is reminiscent of Mitsuharu Misawa.  Although Rousey was in trouble for a portion of the match she may well end up holding her title for ten years.
Machida vs Henderson was boring.
            James Stanios

Hi Guys,
I gave the card a thumbs up.
Best Fight:Bermudez vs Grice
Worst Fight: Johnson vs Schaub/Henderson vs Machida tie
Best KO:
Best Sub: Ronda Rousey followed closely by Faber
Caros Fodor vs. Sam Stout - A totally different looking Sam Stout fight than we are used to seeing. Maybe half or more less striking then his normal fights. Not even sure if he threw more than a couple leg kicks even. He deserved the decision and has really shown some improvement on his wrestling and grappling than what he has shown us before.
Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice - That was one crazy 3rd round and really it looked like the ref should have stopped it a couple of times. The cage saved Grice a couple times almost reminiscent of the Joe Warren massacre vs Pat Curran fight. Grice showed a ton of heart in taking all of that punishment and even coming back with some offence. Bermudez showed some great heart as well after surviving that 1st round knockdown that could have finished him but Grice never really went in for the kill when he had him rocked.
Michael Chiesa vs. Anton Kuivanen - Chiesa really showed great composure and patience here. His finishing sequence in the 2nd was strong in sticking with the choke.
Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub - Schaub had a great gameplan to avoid Lavar's power standing but it didn't make for an exciting fight at all. Schaub kept scoring with the takedowns but really did nothing with them except for absorb a lot of punches from Lavar on the bottom. The power shots Lavar was landing in the 1st when Schaub was going for the D'Arce choke was pretty impressive. Neither guy did themselves favors in moving up in the heavyweight ranks.
Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler - This was a pretty early stoppage considering how much damage Matt Grice was allowed to suffer thru earlier. A total inconsistency of reffing. It looked like maybe two shots max landed cleanly and Koscheck didn't look rocked at all.
Court McGee vs. Josh Neer - McGee was solid in this performance and Neer took a lot of damage. Neer hurt him a couple times but McGee's stamina and pace was too much for Neer who could be getting a pink slip here.
Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar - Was really looking forward to this fight and a possible upset for Menjivar. Faber looked a lot bigger and it was a great rear naked to finish Menjivar convincingly. Another win and Faber could move himself right back into a title shot. Maybe a fight vs Eddie Wineland next?
Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida - A typical Machida fight. This was reminiscent of Rashad vs Little Nog although maybe worse. Flashback to Machida's earlier UFC fights. All evasive and no action. After this performance I don't think anyone wants to see either guy vs Jones. Too bad for Hendo as he was in line for the shot after the Shogun fight and now it is blown. Barring a loss, Guftasson should get the next shot at Jones.
Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche - This was a great main event for the ladies.Carmouche almost finished Rousey in what would have been a disaster for UFC and maybe a lesser fighter male or female would have submitted to that face crank/rear naked (and almost a front naked). Rousey showed a lot of poise in shaking her off and coming out to get the armbar with seconds left in the 1st round. Hypothetical situation....if Rousey would have popped out of her top and she was close to doing so, what would have been the reaction. Ref steps in to cover her up and break up the fight momentum? They blur the image? Interesting possibility of what could have happened. Rousey answered it best I guess "Next time I'll wear a bigger bra"
Graphic error for the GSP/Diaz fight said live from Air Canada Center in Montreal. Montreal is the Bell Centre. Toronto is the Air Canada Center.
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Have a great weekend
Grant Zwarych
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Hi Dave,
Danica Patrick and the Daytona 500 seemed to take away a lot of attention from Rhonda especially Saturday (at the gym I noticed all of the tv's on CNN and they did a feature on Danica, Rhonda was not anywhere to be seen and no one was talking about it).
Thumbs Up Show
Best Match : Rhonda vs Liz (an exciting 4 minutes, lots of intrigue) 
Worst Match:  Lyoto vs Henderson (both should have lost, what a horrible fight).
During the ladies, I felt that I was watching a really special event and I was happy for both ladies.  Liz seems like a very nice woman and likeable personality.  Unfortunately, I have no interest in seeing more women's fights.  This was a very special attraction and I am very happy for them as they were part of combat sport history, but women's fights should happen 1-2 times a year with a "countdown" type build.  As lovely and intriguing as Rhonda is, an entire division of women does not appeal to most people.  However, this match was really great and both ladies seem like great ambassadors for UFC. 
Frank Fronte


Best match: McGee vs Neer (live); Bermudez vs Grice (replay)

Worst match: Henderson vs Machida

A great show!

Happy to see Lawler get the win. Despite Rogan’s protestations, it was clear Koscheck wasn’t defending himself and the stoppage was, if anything, a bit slow.

McGee vs Neer was a war, but McGee won easily.

If Faber doesn’t win the sub of the night, then it should go to Robertson for that kneebar on Jardine (which we saw as a filler match during the main show). That kneebar was unique and sick. Still, Faber’s move was pretty spectacular, too.

Hendo vs Machida promised great things but turned into a yawn-fest. Hendo should retire. He’s got nothing. Machida is boring – the sooner he loses a match, then gets cut by UFC, the better. He brings nothing to the promotion.

Main event promised a Ronda blow-out, but I was glad to see Carmouche bring it. That standing choke was awesome – we really thought Ronda was done here. Kudos to her for escaping the hold. And that armbar in the end was beautiful to watch.

For anyone who ever doubted Ronda’s heart or her ability to overcome adversity and come back for the win, well....this match should shut them up.

Overall, I loved this show. Now, I can’t wait to see St Pierre shut up Nick Diaz once and for all.


Dann Lennard

Sydney, Australia

UFC 157 
Best Fight: Dennis Bermudez vs Matt Grice 
Worst Fight: Hendo vs Machida 
UFC 157 was a great show and it delivered from the prelims which featured the great Dennis Bermudez vs Matt Grice fight.  That fight should place high on the Fight Of The Year voting this year.  I thought for sure Grice was going to go out, but he was able to stay in it.   Reality, the cage held up Grice many of times.  He is lucky this fight was not in a ring.  Josh Koscheck looked to have got ripped off, but I guess that is bad karma for him.  Court McGee versus Josh Neer was a fun fight.  McGee looked great at 170 and Neer is a throwback MMA fighter from years past.  Neer nearly cameback and won that fight.  McGee got 30-27 across the board from the judges.  No way, it was 29-28 as Neer won round 2.  Urijah Faber getting a win was good to see.  Faber has plenty of left and he is a star.  Getting a solid submission win in Round 1 is going to solidify his spot high in the bantamweight ranks.
Hendo vs Machida was a letdown.  I respect Machida and he beats people with his evasive style, but it is very boring to watch.  After the fight was over, Machida did not for me to want to see Jones/Machida 2 for the Light Heavyweight Title.  Maybe Machida will get a shot if Sonnen defeats Jones in April, but I don't see that happening and nor does anyone but Sonnen.  Honestly, I would like to see a rematch between Hendo vs Machida and give them 5 Rounds.  Maybe a Fox show main event?  
Rhonda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche was historic and also epic.  You felt that big match feel as both women made their way to the cage.  You felt it all night watching the PPV.  I honestly got goosebumps before this fight started.  It was a great fight with Liz nearly pulling off the biggest upset of 2013.   Liz winning would have sent shockwaves through MMA and the sports the world.  Rhonda winning makes it no question that she is an MMA superstar.  I expect her to get tons of press on ESPN and more.  
UFC 157 will go down as one of the most historic events in MMA history.  When you talk MMA history, this fight will always be written about.  Gina Carano was the first WMMA star, but Rhonda took WMMA to another level.  WMMA was growing in camps all across the world, but now you are going to see more and more women training in MMA.  
My hope is the UFC has a healthy buyrate for 157.  My prediction is 400,000 to 450,000 buys.  
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

UFC 157
Thumbs way up
Best Fight - Bermudes v Grice
Worst Fight - Dan v Machida
David Kaplan
PS:  The main event was fun and entertaining.  I will gladly buy another PPV headlined by Ronda.


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