WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 2/23/2013

The Big News: On today’s show, Jack Swagger defeats Jey Uso and Kaitlyn defeats Natalya.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of the show (which is once again rated TV-G), the host announced Kaitlyn vs. Natalya will be the show’s main event, but the opening contest will be Jack Swagger vs. Jey Uso.

The then took a look at both men. The host about how Swagger took time away from WWE to train and refocus on winning. Since this was taped before Zeb Colter started managing him, he wasn’t mentioned at all. He also talked about Jey Uso, describing his “high-flying, high octane offense,” fiery nature, and unpredictability.

Jack Swagger defeated Jey Uso. Josh Matthews and the Miz did commentary on today’s show. Due to the timing of the taping, Swagger used “Get on Your Knees” instead of his current patriotic theme. Swagger used his amateur wrestling expertise to gain the advantage at the beginning of the match. However, Jey eventually found an opening and took control. At one point, Jey slid under the ropes when Swagger did an Irish whip. Swagger left the ring to get him, but after Jey managed slip back in, Jimmy distracted the “Real American,” allowing Jey to hit a suicide dive as the show went to a break. After the break, a “Do Not Try This at Home” ad featuring AJ Lee was shown. She described herself as being “a little out there.” Is that the first time she’s kayfabe admitted she’s crazy.

When the match returned, Jey was in control in the ring, but Swagger recovered with a boot to the gut when Jey charged at him in the corner. Jey tried to make a comeback after he escaped a submission applied by Swagger, but he was quickly stopped. A little while later, Jey had another opening he elbowed Swagger when he charged at him in the corner. He made his comeback, which included a botched DDT and the move where he slams his butt in his opponent’s face when they’re sitting in the corner. He went to the top rope, but Swagger was able to hit a backdrop before Jey could do anything. Swagger was in control with the rest of the match; he eventually applied the Patriot Lock (which was called the “Patriot Act” when this was taped) to get the submission victory.

I didn’t see it, but after the break an all-new version of Saturday Morning Slam was hyped for next week. I wonder if it has something to do with the tournament for the General Manager position that was announced in a press release today.

Highlights from the match were shown. The host claimed Swagger’s future is looking good. It could, or it go could go up in smoke.

This week’s Saturday Morning Spotlight was shown. This week featured Kaitlyn, who was promoted as being the “Hybrid Diva” and for working her way up to the Divas title.

Kaitlyn defeated Natalya. Kaitlyn’s theme was dubbed over for some reason. I didn’t realize her song is inappropriate. Natalya took control at the beginning of the match, though the match was at a stalemate as the show went to a break. When the match returned, the two went back and forth. Natalya eventually tried to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Kaitlyn reached the ropes before it could be applied. A little bit later, she was able to apply an abdominal stretch; during it, she sarcastically yelled, “Let’s go Kaitlyn!” Kailyn managed to escape and was able to take control for a little while. Natalya soon had an opening and tried to apply the Sharpshooter again, but Kaitlyn was able to reverse it into a rollup. Soon afterwards, Kaitlyn hit the Spear to get the pin. Afterwards, the two Divas shook hands as Matthews signed off. No match was announced for next week.

Final Thoughts:

I felt the Swagger-Jey had the wrong type of match. Jey got too much offense over a guy is going to be in the World Title match at WrestleMania, especially since he’s not moving anywhere beyond the lower midcard. Then again, it’s Saturday Morning Slam, so it really doesn’t matter.

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