OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

Here is the report for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 706 to air in Louisville on the afternoon of 3/2 before that evening's Saturday Night Special. As always the show can also be seen at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/706.

Spanish Moss Guy pulls back a curtain revealing the other members of the Coalition (OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne, Jack Black, Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, and Raul Lamotta) huddled in a room. Wayne is wearing a gas mask and suggests the others do so since he thinks the Gut Checkers (Sam Shaw & Alex Silva, whom they zipped up in a body bag last week) will be exacting revenge via chemical or nuclear warfare! Crimson is calmer as he attempts to find a strip club called The Tenn-Tucky Tavern on a map but can't get the coordinates. Crimson then asks if anyone can read a map.

Opening followed by OUR OVW announce team tonight are Dean "San Juan" Hill" and “Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus (who is again doubling as ring announcer but sadly not on the OVW roster page!!) as Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey is out on assignment. OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael Hayes comes out to the ring to call out the Coalition! Crimson is carrying a "kill 'em all-let God sort them out" flag. Hayes says Crimson and Wayne should be ashamed of themselves for the body bag incident last week, saying they should know better. Hayes says he has heard "Taps" before and that song is reserved for the men and women who gave their lives for this country. Hayes (who also served) points out that Crimson was in the 101st Airborne Division and Wayne was a Marine, so neither one acted like a veteran by disrespecting those who have fallen in battle. Hayes makes Crimson & Wayne put up the tag titles tonight against Shaw & Silva! The Coalition surrounds Hayes until Silva and Shaw run out to chase them out of the ring. Titus calls Hayes' ruling an abuse of power. The Coalition departs followed by Silva and Shaw. Hayes starts to step out as well but out comes OUR OVW Champion "Sir" Doug Williams, who voices his displeasure with getting placed in matches with Jamin Olivencia. Williams dismisses Jamin's two victories over him a being a fluke. Here comes Jamin with an offer for a third match right now instead of at Saturday Night Special. Williams says he a finely tuned athlete like a Swiss-made clock and is fully prepared for SNS. Titus :"He needs to be wound up". Williams suggests a tag match and already has a partner, bringing out Robbie E from TNA. Robbie says "bro" a lot and basically talks down to Jamin, saying he and Williams not only "bros" but also are "winners, Robbie wonders aloud who would tag with a "hamster" like Jamin (Hamster? Does he drive a Kia Soul?).

Match #1: Stephon J Baxter III vs OUR OVW Multimedia TV Champion "The Great" Cliff Compton

Compton not wearing his captain's hat this week and hesitates to lock up. Baxter (who was introduced as being from the Lambda Lambda Lambda fratenity) grabs Compton and slams him a few times as Titus notes Baxter hasn't had much success at OVW house shows teaming with his brother Albert Einstein II! Compton reverses a wristlock and throws Baxter down to the mat as Randy Royal steps through the curtain to watch. Compton turns his attention to Royal and Baxter schoolboys him for 2. Compton gets all aggressive and spikes him into the mat for the pin.

Compton calls Royal "heart attack boy" and "stalker", and says he doesn't need anybody to watch his back. He walks toward Royal by Tony Gunn comes out to get between them. Compton clubs Gunn in the back of the head.

Dean does a taped interview with Trailer Park Trash/Frank Miller, who is doing his final match at SNS against Flash Flanagan. Dean remembers when TPT first walked in to OVW and now it's the end of TPT's career. TPT says his body is telling him it's time to quit plus he needs to take care of his daughter, who Dena notes has recently become a teenager. Dean mentions the history between TPT and Flash, that they had great matches as tag partners as well as against each other. TPT says Flash's anger towards him has been building for some time but it got personal when Flash talked about his daughter. TPT brings up that he had stepped away from the ring a few years back but returned after he wrestled on a benefit show following the passing of his brother Billy. TPT rolls up his sleeve showing a tattoo of Billy's autograph. Dean says TPT is part of the family at OVW as he kind of chokes up a bit. Dean closes with patting TPT on the shoulder and saying "She needs her dad."

In the back "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jesse Godderz encounters "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade by greeting him with the fact that Rudy cost him his match with Eddie Diamond last week. Godderz shows himself to be way up on one level then drops his hand way down to show Diamond's level. Rudy then brings up the fact that Godderz caused him to lose to Ryan Howe and does the same "level" gestures (which is interesting since Rudy tagged with Howe a few weeks ago against Godderz and Dylan Bostic). Each accuses the other of cheating then Rudy suggests several stips (although "cornbread on a pole" was not mentioned) until they agree on a no-DQ match at SNS. Godderz flexes and says Rudy has no chance in a no-DQ match.

Somewhere else in the back Eddie Diamond is sitting with Timmy Danger and Bobbie Bardot (who is dressed like a cavewoman and carrying a plastic bone). Diamond is still smitten with Epiphany and not sure how to deal with it. Danger suggests buying her some bootleg DVDs while Bobbie says Diamond should bust a rhyme with some music. Diamond gets enthused and leaves with the others. Camera pans over to Ms. Josette Bynum holding up the wall along with "The Quinn Fabray of OVW" Taeler Hendrix. They have a chuckle over TPT's heartfelt speech. Josette says it looks like she is going to get what she wants but as leader of the ladies locker room, she always gets what she wants! She "compliments" Taeler on her "hair extensions" then Hayes walks up and bans her from ringside for TPT vs Flash! Josette storms off and Taeler flirts with Hayes a bit, asking him if he got her any gifts (which he didn't). Taeler then sees "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe (w/guitar) and thanks him for the gifts and the letter he wrote her while also flirting with him. Howe is unable to get a reply out (as to whether he even did this) because "The Ken of OVW/The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling/The King of Pink" Dylan "Freakin'" Bostic walks up to confront Howe about messing with his girl. Howe notes that Bostic seems to have a problem with him in general so he challenges Bostic for SNS.

Match #2: The Gut Checkers (Sam Shaw & Alex Silva) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Washington Generals (Crimson & Jason Wayne w/Spanish Moss Guy)

Crimson still has the flag from earlier as Wayne refers to him as the "Red Baron of Ruthless Reconnaissance". Silva and Shaw get attacked while posing and Shaw gets worked over to start as ref Jordan Barker exerts a lot of energy keeping Silva from entering illegally. Crimson whips Wayne into Shaw then gives Shaw an overhead suplex for 2. Shaw slips free but Crimson grabs his leg and prevents the tag from being made. Shaw makes Wayne miss a butt splash and we get TAGS! Silva with lariats and an atomic drop followed by a Silva Surfer for 2 before Wayne breaks up the pin. Silva ducks a double lariat and lariats both Generals then dives out onto Wayne on the floor. Shaw hits the Breaking Point on Crimson for 2.9 and Shaw can't believe it! Crimson grabs the flag but misses Shaw twice before Silva stunners him and Shaw hits a double stomp from the top for the pin and the titles!

Delta Squad Alpha (Coleman & Black) comes out and challenges the Gut Checkers to a title match at SNS, which Shaw accepts.

Match #3: "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs "James "Moose" Thomas

This will be a preview of their match at SNS. Spade and Moose go nose to nose as some other wrestlers come out to ringside to watch. Shaw, Silva, Coleman, and Black come battling through the curtain and it's everybody in the pool as we go to break.

Back from break, we see the Mobile Homers ("Man-Beast" Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver w/Brittany Devore) looking for Mascara Mafia (Paredyse & Brandon "Espy" Espinosa w/Just Chris) as they were all at ringside in the previous segment. The Homers charge through a door and spot the Mafia, who use Chris for a shield. Hayes happens to be sitting in a chair and presents the Homers with a restraining order taken out by the Mafia. Hayes then makes a six-person tag match for SNS. Back to Dean and Titus, where Dean says the Moose-Spade match was thrown out. They talk about the SNS lineup and Dean gets emotional about TPT vs Flash.

Williams and Robbie E come out for the main event. Olivencia comes out alone and hangs out on the ropes until his partner's music hits. Through the curtain comes Rob Terry!

Match #4: OUR OVW Champion "Sir" Doug Williams & Robbie E vs Jamin Olivencia & "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry

Robbie E ducks out from locking up with Terry and tags Williams, who gets dragged to the wrong corner for a bit before getting away from Jamin via an Eyepoke of Doom. Robbie E comes in and promptly gets splashed by Jamin then bails out when Terry gets tagged in. Williams get worked on for a bit before throwing an elbow and giving Jamin a dropkick as we go to break. Coming back, Jamin gets whipped into the ropes and Robbie E pulls him out and rams him into the ringpost. Jamin gets isolated and doubleteamed for a bit. Titus opines that TPT should have picked an easier opponent for his final match as Williams pulls on Jamin's face while ref Jordan Barker keeps Terry from illegal entry. Williams suplexes Jamin and chokes him then Robbie tags in and taunts him. Robbie E misses on a bronco buster and we get TAGS! Terry fires up on Williams then slams him. Terry breaks through a double clothesline and hits both opponents before tagging Jamin back in. Jamin lariats Williams, who blind tags Robbie E. Terry throws Robbie E into the ring, leaving him to get planted by Jamin for the pin as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: No Flash for the second week in a row which makes me wonder (along with Josette being banned from ringside) if there is an additional surprise coming. Dean briefly mentioned a ladies match at SNS but no appearance again by OUR OVW Women’s Champion Jessie Belle. No Mix Tape but I am anticipating hearing Diamond's message to Epiphany. I also want to see where they are going with Howe, Bostic, and Hendrix. Overall, I'd give this show a thumbs in the middle.


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