wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament day two results 3-2 Oberhausen, Germany

By Timo Knopf
here are the results from day two in the 16 Carat Gold torurnament.
3/2/13 Oberhausen, Germany
wXw 16 Carat Gold 2013 Day 2

Attendance: 473 paid

2nd round match
Shinobu b Eddie Kingston

Toby Blunt, Paul Tracey and Sebastian Sage b Keel Holding

Ricky Marvin b Jay Skillet

2nd round match
Zack Sabre Jr b Robert Dreissker

2nd round match
Karsten Beck b Super Crazy via belt shot

Elimination rules
Bad Bones b Michael Dante, Yuji Okabayashi and MASADA

2nd round match
Tommy End b Jonathan Gresham

Ricochet and Chuck Taylor b Axel Dieter jr and Da Mack

wXw title match
Axel "Axeman" Tischer (C) b Big Van Walter via rear naked choke
Tomorrow’s show will feature the semi-finals and the tournament final, plus a lot of action with all the other wrestlers booked for the weekend.

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