ROH Anniversary show feedback

ROH 11th Anniversary Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly
Worst Match: Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander (although this was fine)
The show was fun tonight. The first half dragged a little bit but the second half of the show was really good. Elgin vs Strong worked well and the two title changes were the right title changes at the right time. Taven could have had a stronger win but he really is quite good and he and Martini seem to work well as an act. Fish and O'Reilly are one of my favorite things in the company so I was really glad to see them get the belts. Steen vs Lethal was fun and the post-match angle was good but I am not sure where Steen stands. I guess that is part of the idea though and hopefully he defends vs Elgin at Supercard of Honor and/or Border Wars
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

thumbs up
best match: O'Reilly/Fish vs The Briscoes
Fantastic show top to bottom. Really enjoyable and excellent stream too, definately got my moneys worth and the DVD is a must buy.
6 man mayhem was fun, ACH is going to be a star at this level. Elgin vs. Strong had great action but lacked any real drama considEring the hatred they have for each other. Two surprises with the 2 title changes, Adam Cole had outgrown the TV title and can move up the card, also gives Taven a chance to excel as TV champ and his dynamic with truth Martini is interesting to say the least. RedDragon beating The Briscoes was a shocker, they are a very good heel tag team, the polar opposite to the ultra babyface Wolves, and they WILL have some great matches together.
Main event was what has become typical in Kevin Steen title defences, it was excellent and kept me gripped from start to finish, there were several moments where it felt either man could win. The post match angle, whilst nothing new, was very very well done. Great to see Jimmy Rave back and also Cliff Compton get a shot, it should make for very entertaining TV.
Joseph Mills

Hello Dave,
Thumbs up for the ROH 11th Anniversary ippv show.  So far this is the wrestling event of the year.  
Worst Match:  C&C vs. Corino & Jacobs.  Only reason was because of the bothched finish by of all people, the veteran Steve Corino.  Damn good match except for that end.
Best Match:  This is a really hard choice.  Koslov & Romero vs. American Wolves was awesome, the brawl between Whitmer and Haas was really mean, Red Dragon and Matt Taven winning titles tonight was a big surprise, and also by the end of the night there were SCUMs everywhere, but my match of the night was the opener, the Six way Freestyle match.  I thought all six guys looked awesome and they should give every last one of those guys a contract.  
Thomas, Illinois

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