Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 3/2/13
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Before we get to today's show, since I never got around to doing a recap last week, here are quick results of last week's show:

1) Patrick Large & Colt Toombs defeated PNW tag champs the Blanchard Brothers in a non-title match
2) Exile & Wade Hess defeated Buddy Highway & Dr. Kliever
3) Thunder defeated Shane Douglas by DQ when Douglas used the kendo stick
4) Dr. Kliever defeated Ethan HD
5) Big Ugly defeated PNW champ Daivari to win the title

-Show opens with Joe V interviewing the new champ, Big Ugly. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias comes out.  Big Ugly is the Heavyweight champ of wrestling and Big Fluffy is the Heavyweight champ of Comedy.  Grappler and his stable come out. He is less than amused by Big Fluffy and challenges them to a tag team match tonight. Now Roddy Piper comes out. Iglesias starts cracking jokes about the Grappler, and Dr. Kliever is in the background trying, and failing, not to smile. Now Ethan HD comes out. They are running out of room in the studio. HD says Piper is putting him to sleep, so naturally Piper literally puts HD to sleep with the sleeper hold. Ugly makes fun of Exile and Kliever and then accepts the challenge.

-Backstage, Iglesias is walking around the locker room trying to get some help for his match but none of the guys are interested.

-Joe V interviews Colt Toombs and Patrick Large. Joe V makes fun of them for being outsmarted by Mr. Ooh La La last week. Matt Borne comes out and starts making fun of them too. He says he will stay out and watch their match because he wants to help them.

-Match #1
Colt Toombs & Pat Large defeated Eric Right & Mike Santiago when Large pinned Right with a crucifix into a sunset flip. After the match, Santiago attacked Right. He complained about being stuck with sucky partners and says tonight is the beginning of the Order of Santiago.
Roddy Piper is in the back helping Gabriel Iglesias, so Josh Wilcox fills in on color commentary with Joe V. Wilcox was a football star at the University of Oregon in the 90s, and had a run for Ivan Kafoury's Portland Wrestling from 97-00. He was trained by Matt Borne and drew the last big crowd in the area (800-1,000) for his debut against Bruiser Brian Cox. He also played in the XFL. History lesson over.

-Joe V interviewed The Grappler, Kahagas, and Wade BY GOD Hess. Grappler calls Hess the weak link in his stable and orders him to watch Kahagas.

-Match #2
Kahagas defeated Buddy Highway. After the match, Kahagas beats on Highway with the kendo stick. Hess covers Highway to try and stop the attack, but Kahagas just beats on him too. Thunder comes out and Kahagas stops his attack. Grappler says if Thunder can pin Kahagas next week, he will release Hess from his contract.

-Backstage, Iglesias walks in on Bubba Blanchard stretching while Mr. Ooh La La cheers him on. He simply turns around and walks out of the weird scene.

-Joe V interviews Quiz. Mike Santiago interrupts and they set up a match for RIGHT NOW.

-Match #3
Mike Santiago defeated Quiz with a German Suplex
Jeremy Blanchard joins Joe V on commentary. I really hope Don Coss being gone is permanent, because Joe V is really good and the show has been better over the last few weeks because of it.

-Backstage, Iglesias confides in Piper that he is really scared to get into the ring. Piper tells him he is in a lot of trouble and walks off.

-Match #4
PNW champ Big Ugly & Gabriel Iglesias defeated Dr. Kliever & Exile when Iglesias pinned Kliever
Roddy Piper is back on commentary. Iglesias comes out wearing boxing head gear. He waves to the crowd and immediately gets out of the ring. Finish sees a ref bump. Ugly cleans house on all the heels,. A masked luchador comes out from under the ring and and gives Kliever a huracanrana and then chokes him out. Iglesias comes in and puts the unconscious Kliever in a sleeper hold and gets the win. 

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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