Hunt vs. Dos Santos now official

Mark Hunt will face Junior Dos Santos on 5/25 in Las Vegas, ending a strange series of events.

The match was reported by Ariel Helwani at

When Alistair Overeem went down with a partially torn quadriceps, Dana White had the choice between getting a new opponent for Dos Santos on the 5/25 show, with Hunt being pretty much the only viable available choice, or moving Dos Santos vs. Overeem to another date.

White announced the latter.  Then, on twitter, White, on Thursday, claimed when people were critical of him for the decision, that Hunt turned down the fight.

Hunt later posted that he had never turned down the fight, nor ever turned down any fight in his life.  By the time Hunt posted that, he and White were already in talks for the new fight.  White confirmed talks for the match late Thursday, saying it wasn't done yet.

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