Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 3/9/13
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-Joe V and Roddy Piper on commentary. Don Coss will be back next week. BOOOOOO.

-Joe V interviews the Blanchards, Mike Santiago, and Mr .Ooh La La.  Santiago is now managed by Ooh La La.  Jeremy is pissed at Ooh La La because his antics have caused Matt Borne to align with Toombs and Large.  Bubba defends Ooh La La because he signed Santiago.

-Match #1 - Six-man tag team match
Mike Santiago & PNW tag team champs the Blanchard Brothers defeated Matt Borne, Colt Toombs, and Patrick Large when Santiago pinned Large with a fisherman buster

-Hey, there's a live event in Milwaukie (outside Portland) on Tuesday. No card or even wrestlers announced as appearing. Sure makes me want to go.

-The Grappler's Pit with guest PNW champ Big Ugly. Grappler and Ugly exchange pleasantries, leading to Grappler challenging Ugly to a title shot on behalf of Exile. Ugly makes fun of Exile's terrible promos and even shows video to prove it. He says Exile has the charisma of Steven Hawking. Not quite that bad, but close. Exile finally has enough and KO's Ugly with one punch.

-Joe V interviews comedian Gabriel Iglesias. He introduces the masked luchador who helped him last week - Azul Angel.

-Match #2
Azul Angel defeated CJ Edwards with the feared lucha move, the cradle

-Josh Wilcox interviews Wade BY GOD Hess. Before Hess can even say a word, the Grappler interrupts and complains to Wilcox about not being a guest on his radio show.

-Match #3
Nate Andrews defeated Wade BY GOD Hess
The story here is that Andrews use to be Hess' roommate and they are close friends. Hess has a big size advantage, and Grappler wants Hess to destroy Andrews, but Hess won't do it. Grappler and Exile beat up Andrews outside the ring, and the ref inexplicably doesn't call for a DQ. Grappler slaps Hess and tells him to pin Andrews. Hess pulls Andrews on top of him and lays down for the pin. Hess goes to the back, but Exile destroys Andrews with a spear.

-Joe V interviews Thunder, who is accompanied by his son and Hess' son. Thunder says he's been friends with Hess since grade school and considers him a brother.

-Match #4 - Wade Hess' contract is on the line
Thunder NC Kahagas
Hess and the kids come out and take a seat in the bleachers to watch the match. Kahagas uses the kendo stick, ring bell, chokes, and other illegal tactics, but Thunder refuses to quit and won't allow the ref to call for a DQ because he has to win by pinfall to free Hess. Hess is at ringside pleading with Thunder to quit. Big Ugly and all the babyfaces hit the ring and run Kahagas off to save Thunder. Ugly says if the promotion doesn't fix the problems with the Grappler then all the wrestlers are going on strike. Piper joins the strike.

If anyone is going to tonight's DOA show in Portland and can e-mail me results for the blog I'd appreciate it.  I'm not going to be able to make it.

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