TNA Lockdown live coverage from San Antonio

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Lockdown from the Alamodome in San Antonio.  We're looking for your thoughts on the show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


King pinned York with the Royal flush.  This was a match with the three guys coming up with all kinds of creative spots, but at times it looked like they were going to kill themselves because it was really sloppy especially early.  The scariest spot was early was King tried to jump off Ion's back and deliver a moonsault to the floor onto York, but he slipped, didn't rotate and crashed into the guard rail.  But King was okay and did all his spots.  At another point King did a legdrop onto the ramp and no way you can do that one without risking your tailbone.  Crowd seemed like they wanted to like it, but it didn't really feel like a match, more like an exhibition of spots, some done too slow to make them look spontaneous.

Park said this was a match of sleaze vs. legalize.  Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are at.  They told himto meet Dixie Carter in catering.  Likely a trick.  They took over the interview and vowed to become the world tag team champions of the world.  Daniels cut a very good promo as usual.   


Ryan said Park was a big mark and he should be in the stands and said Ryan has the size advantage where it counts.  Park said San Antonio rocks to get an easy pop.  Then Ryan jumped him. 

Park won when Ryan went for a sunset flip off the top rope, but park blocked going over, gave him a seated splash and go the pin.  Match was what you'd expect it to be.  Comedy.  Park did his green wrestler stuff and Ryan did his sleazy stuff built around rubbing his chest hair and Park pulling his chest hair.

Brooke and Bully Ray are backstage.  Ray said he's nervous and wants to make her and Hulk proud.  Hogan showed up on crutches.   Hulk said this good company has a chance to move to greatness.  Said Jeff was great for the run and great for the moment, but there's something about you, I can't put my finger on it. I'm betting on you to win and this is our launch point.  With you as world champion this company won't be stopped.  I've seen what you've done with my daughter after the crap I put her through, the divorce, to see her happy and knowing you're responsible, I can't think you enough.  I love you like my own son.  I want you to win the world title, I wish it could be me but I can live through you and the belt's coming home to my family.  He said Andre the Giant said, win or lose, make sure they remember as long as you live.  Win or lose, make sure they remember as long as they live.  They shook hands.  Sure sounds like something big tonight.  Ray promised he will make them remember him.   


Not much of a match.  The finish, with Taryn Terrell finally losing her cool with Gail Kim, got over great, though.  Kim used eat defeat, holding Terrell for balance, but Sky kicked out.  Kim lost her cool, started shoving Terrell and then slapped Terrell her in the face.  Kim told Terrell to DQ her because she didn't care.  Terrell acted like she was going to DQ her, then changed her mind and speared Kim and ground and pounded her.  Crowd popped big for this.  Kim yelled at Terrell after that, and Sky used the In Yo Face pedigree and got the pin. 


Robbie T won with a fireman's carry into a spinebuster.  This was a bad match.  All comedy spots but the key was the crowd didn't care about T at all and if they didn't at this point, hard to say they ever will.  After all these years, T really should be far better than he is.

Aries teased Roode wasn't there and he'd go by himself, but then said after saying he could beat everyone by himself, fortunately he won't have to and then Roode came out.


Easily the best match so far, but almost every match on the ROH show last week was better.  The usual three-way finish as Guerrero did the frog splash on Daniels.  But before Guerrero came off with the splash, Roode slapped Guerrero in the back and thus when Guerrero went for the pin, he wasn't legal.  Aries then threw Guerrero out of the ring and Roode stole the pin jumping on Aries.  Highlight was Guerrero doing the amigos onto everyone, something like seven amigos.  Crowd wasn't as hot for the match as you'd think.  It was mostly selling by Guerrero.  Not very much of Aries & Roode vs. Daniels & Kazarian, and when they did it, not that much reaction.

Taryn Terrell did an interview.  Terrell said she can't take it anmore.  Kim jumped her from behind until Al Snow and  Pat Kenney pulled them apart.  It was shot well as far as the way Kim jumped her you didn't see her coming.

They pushed Slammiversary in Boston at Boston University.  Tickets on sale 3/29.

D-Lo Brown did a pep talk while they stall building the cage.  

Kurt Angle interview.  Kurt said that tonight Brisco goes against the greatest wrestler who ever lived.  Angle said he's after Brown next for what he did to the company.  Angle said Wes isn't his father or his uncle.  That's the understatement of a lifetime.   


Brisco won the match.  Ref Brian Hebner was clotheslined by Angle by accident.  Angle used the ankle lock and Brisco submitted but no ref.  Angle then used an Olympic slam and walked out the door.  But Hebner was still down.  D-Lo Brown came out and attacked Angle, threw him into the cage and then threw him back in the ring.  He then pulled Brisco out of the door and the ref got up and saw Brisco out of the cage and ruled him the winner.  Best match so far.  Really a hell of a performance by Angle to get a match that good against Brisco.  I can't say Brisco did anything special but he did bump well for all of Angle's offense and he didn't hurt the match at all.  Believe me, Kurt had had far worse matches on big shows with guys with a lot more big match experience.


Crowd was hot for this match.  It was different from previous Lethal Lockdowns in that there was no roof to the cage with the roof coming down with weapons.  Insteaed, when Sting came out at the 17:25 mark as the final guy in, he brought two garbage cans filled with weapons.  Really there wasn't much to the match until everyone came in, but from there it was pretty hot.  Several minutes of the faces using weapons, then the Aces and 8s came back with weapons shots.  Then there was another comeback.  The big spot was a four-decker tower of doom spot with Joe on the bottom and Bischoff take a big bump on the top.  The finish saw Sting use the scorpion death drop on Knox, and then told Young to climb to the top of the cage.  Young came off the top of the cage with an elbow and pinned Knox.  Not sure about Young in a War Games match wearing white underwear looking briefs although he did no comedy and looked good.  More of brawl with no real wrestling standout but a good match overall.


Bully Ray did his heel turn.  He was given a hammer by Devon and then announced he was the President of Aces and 8s.  Earlier in the match Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco did a run-in and Ray and Hardy together fought them off and therw them out of the cage  Bischoff took a crazy bump.  Brisco took a clumsy bump.  Later in the match, Hulk and Brooke came out to cheer Ray on.  A few minutes after that, D-Lo Brown, Knox, Doc and Devon came out.  They climbed in.  Ray gave Hardy a chain and they went back to back to fight off Aces and 8s, but then Devon gave Ray a hammer and he hit Hardy with it and pinned him.  Ray said that he never loved Brooke and used her and screwed her and he used Hulk.  Fans pelted the ring with garbage, you could tell that was set up and planned to reprise the NWO spot visual.  Even though predictable, the angle wa  done well, well, aside from why he'd give Jeff a chain and why they'd have that run-in earlier, but they feel the need to make things a shock. 

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