WWE house show report 3-9 Lacrosse, WI

3/9/13 La Crosse, WI WWE Smackdown House Show Report by Andrew Ryan

Biggest Pops:

1.       Randy Orton esp. when he hit the RKO (by far)

2.       Daniel Bryan with the Yes/No/I’m the Tag Team Champions/Hug it out gimmick with Kane.

3.       Alberto Del Rio

Most Heat:

1.       Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter promo

The attendance was pretty good compared to past shows I’ve attended at the La Crosse Center.  Crowd had many families with little kids buying up tons of merchandise. Also, considerable Mexican crowd as many of the small towns around La Crosse have decent-sized Mexican populations and it seemed like Alberto headlining drew them.

They opened the show announcing the passing of Paul Bearer and played the tribute video.

National anthem played. Two guys were really embarrassed as they were sitting all off on their own underneath the flag that hangs in the arena as the spotlight shown on it. Everybody was pointing them out and laughing.

R-Truth and Great Kahli w/ Natalya d. Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes following a Khali chop.

Nice opener that had a lot of crowd heat. They did a spot where Rosa got up on the apron only to be pulled off by Nattie leading to the finish. Babyfaces danced.

30 seconds in the kid next to me asked his dad if it was KO’s only because he surely would have pinned him by now. They never came back to their seats after the intermission. Guy behind mentioned that he had seen the guys in the match eating at Perkins at 1 that afternoon and didn’t think anything of it.

Layla d. Alicia Fox

Pretty simple match. Pocket of the crowd chanted “Layla’s hotter”. They did a spot pre-match where Alicia went to a hug a huge fat guy in the front row. He refused. Layla then went out and hugged him to a nice pop.

Fandango d. Ted Dibiase

Match had no heat.

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter d. Justin Gabriel via submission with the Patriot Act ankle lock after the gut-wrench powerbomb.

Jack and Zeb cut a promo that got a lot of heat.  Match was pretty good.

Randy Orton d. Mark Henry by DQ after Henry hit in the abdomen with a chair.

This was a good match. Post-match Randy kicked Henry in the gut to avoid another chairshot andhit the RKO.


Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett d. Bo Dallas with the Bull Hammer Elbow as Dallas was coming off the top rope

Wade came out and cut a promo about “Dead Man Down” and Bo Dallas who Barrett said would be making his first-ever appearance in La Crosse and when he was through it would also be his last. Dallas came out and cut one of the worst promos I’ve ever heard, even my girlfriend who doesn’t watch wrestling thought it was horrendous. Dallas said that he had cousins that live in La Crosse and it would be bad if he threw Barrett over the barricade.

Tag Team Champions Team Hell No of Daniel Bryan and Kane d. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes with a simultaneous chokeslam and No Lock.

Team Hell No did the usual which was pretty entertaining. Pre-match Sandow and Rhodes were both good on the mic. Sandow said he would like to know what ignoramus decided to name a town after a mildly popular sport and everyone should be ashamed of living there.

Last Man Standing World Championship Match Fan’s Choice Match

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez d. Big Show when Show was unable to answer the count of ten after a hurricanrana through a table in the corner.

The fan’s choice which had been announced earlier in the show was the fans getting to decide whether Ricardo was able to stay at ringside or if he was banned from ringside. In a shocker, the fans voted for him to stay. This match was pretty disappointing for a main event. Del Rio hit Show with some chairshots. Both men got hit with the Singapore cane. Del Rio and Ricardo tried to set up a table outside the ring but one of the legs broke so they brought it into the ring and propped it in the corner. Show went to powerbomb ADR through it which was countered into a terrible looking hurricanrana that barely broke the bottom of the table.

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