TNA Lockdown feedback

Thumbs in the middle
Best Match - Lethal Lockdown match
Worst Match - Robbie E vs Rob Terry
It's hard to give this a thumbs up, considering the workrate at times wasn't there and the chemistry in the ring was off. Why the "initial" run in by Aces and Eights during the main event was done, I have no idea (I assume to fool the fans.) The scene at the end with the beer bottles being thrown at Bully Ray was a true sight to see. Thank God that cage was there, cause the guys in the ring would have been hit a lot more and harder with the bottles. The Tower of Doom spot in the Lethal Lockdown is one of the reasons I give it match of the night. Thankful that Garrett didn't land wrong or that could have been bad. Why Joey Ryan jobbed to Joseph Park I'll never knew. I really hope this doesn't lead to Bully Ray vs Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory for the TNA title.
Roy Lucier

Slight thumbs up.
Best match: Lethal Lockdown
Worst Match: Rob Terry can't carry everyone, you know...

I thought the show was good and better than most Lockdowns to date. I know that's not saying a lot given that Lockdown is usually one of the worst PPVs of the year, but I really enjoyed this show. Everything from the Tag Title match on was really good to excellent in the case of Lethal Lockdown.

I just want to say that I loved the crowd reaction after the Bully turn. Sure, it was predictable, but here's the thing: they got an awesome reaction. You don't see crowds react with that much heat anymore, it was really refreshing to see.

Ricky Schmidt

Thumbs in the middle.

Best match: Lethal Lockdown

Worst match: Robbie E. vs. Rob Terry

Missed the first hour.  Came in before the Robbies match.  There was no real juice during it.  Crowd was dead.  Predictable ending.

Tag title match was good.  All 6 guys have talent, and can tell a story in a match.  Curious to see where this goes, because I wouldn't mind another one of these.

Angle vs. Brisco was solid.  Kurt is an animal, and Wes has the pedigree to be a viable champion with some more experience.

Lethal Lockdown was tremendous as usual.  Aces and 8's showed me something in this match.  They did a nice job of heeling during it, and that made the crowd want to see them get their asses kicked.  When Sting brought the weapons in, it took it to another level.  It was a fun match, and EY jumping off the top of the cage was great.

The world title match itself was blah, but the ending, while expected, was well executed.  Bully needs to be a heel for him to work, and to get there screwing over Hulk the way he did was a good way to get there.  Even though he is the president of the group, I still foresee something more.  Maybe an Eric Bischoff or Jeff Jarrett being the "higher power."  We shall see, and I am most definitely tuning in Thursday to see what Bully has to say.

Thanks for the great work and all the awesome coverage you guys give.
Tom Schatzman

Overall Thumbs Up!!
Best Match: Lethal Lockdown
Worst Match: Battle of Robs
Pretty good show overall but another TNA ppv where the second half outshined the first half hand down.  The X title match, while sloppy, picked up at the end and felt like an old style X match.  The women and Robbies had the unfortunate benefit of having no heat but the Terrell/Kim angle was well done given that it's been building for a while. Joe park is my favorite character so i had no problem with his match but with no build i'm shocked anybody cared.  Tag title match was best part of the first half and i like the old school type finish of the blind tag screwjob.  Angle/Briscoe benefited by being in a cage but was not big fan of the Russo style finish with the ref bump and the false finish.  Lethal Lockdown should've had Magnus do the elbow but it still worked.  The Main event was expected to be good and was for the time they actually wrestled but i did like the crowd selling it like it was a HUGE deal and Bully's promo was good.  Hopefully, the Aces angle ends soon but probably won't until BFG.

Alexander Assetta

Hey Dave,
Best match: lethal lockdown
Worst match: Robbie e vs Robbie t
Watched at friends house and am emailing from there before the 45 min car ride home.
Show was a mixed bag or rather a tale if two halves.  A very poor first half and a very good second half.  Thought the ending of the main event was the right way to book and the fans reaction brought me back to the days of WCW I miss so much.
Depends on how they explain everything on impact to really judge how good this twist will look tonight.
I would go slightly up but really with the first half you have to go in the middle with an ending that may convince me to not watch college hoops on Thursday.  Which with my love for tournament basketball is really a feat.
Keep up the great work,
-Ryan McDeed

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