More Lockdown feedback

Hello Dave,
Thumbs in the middle for TNA Lockdown.  
Worst Match:  Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park.  Although I absolutely lost it when Joseph first looked at Joey Ryan in the corner rubbing himself.  Park looked so horrified by what he was looking at.  
Best Match:  Three way match for the Tag Team Titles.  
I would have to say for a pretty big TNA fan, I would recommend this show.  If you have been watching every episode and ppv of TNA, I think you would like this show and look forward to what they will do next, especially with the ending.  
Dave you were right on the L.A.W. podcast last night,  I'm sure there were a couple plants in the crowd to start that bottle throwing, but I tell you what, if I was at that event live last night, I would have thrown things as well.  TNA really sold me on Bully's turn, and I actually dislike a heel in the wrestling business.  
Now that TNA is on the road full time, two things come to mind, one is I hope they bring Impact to St. Louis, and two is they have three months until there next ppv, lets hope they make the most out of that time. 
Rather enjoy your newsletter and take care,
Thomas, Illinois

Thumbs in middle
Best match- Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
Worst match - T vs E
Loved the show ending angle.  Bully Ray has something no other wrestler or heel has.
James Brown

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