OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

Time once again for the recap of OVW TV Episode 708 that will air on 3/16 in Louisville. As always the show can also be seen at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/708. "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus are OUR OVW Announce Team this week (no mention of Dean "San Juan" Hill). Titus also is doing the ring announcing. There is much angst over Jamin Olivencia being stripped of the OVW Championship last week after the previous champ Doug Williams went to the Board of Directors and got Jamin's victory overturned, changing it to a DQ due to Williams hitting the referee thus the title was returned to Williams.
Match #1: Dirty Jake Durden vs Jay Bradley
Gilbert wonders about Durden’s hygiene, which is irrelevant here since Bradley dominates. Bradley gives Durden a big boot then puts his foot on the top rope to adjust his boot when "Smooth" Johnny Spade runs out and pops Bradley upside the head for the DQ.
Bradley bails out and runs right into James "Moose" Thomas, who clobbers him and sends him back into the ring. Moose and Spade attempt to work together (since Bradley attacked both during their match last week) but it doesn't click as Bradley shoves Moose into Spade. Moose goes for a splash but Spade tries to superkick Moose, who grabs his leg. Bradley boomsticks both men and leaves.
Meanwhile over at Cissy's Consigment and Boutique, Paredyse is talking to Cissy when Brittany Devore arrived for her makeover (courtesy of Paredyse). Paredyse proclaims that Brittany will transform from a "slimy, dirt-eating caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly". The song "Pretty Woman" plays in the background as Brittany gets some makeup and a pedicure (though they have to use an electric sander, lol). She then tries on some outfits, the first being a pink dress and hat that's something like Jackie Kennedy might wear. Paredyse isn’t feeling it, and definitely not the next one with a denim-looking dress with a cowboy hat. She then comes out on a sparkly blue cocktail dress and both Cissy and Paredyse love it! Brittany likes it too and dances a little jig! Paredyse tells Brittany not to tell anyone so she can debut her new look in front of everyone next week!
Next Saturday Night Special is Saturday, April 6th at the Davis Arena!
Jamin Olivencia comes out and demands that OUR Reinstated OVW Champion "Sir" Doug Williams come out to the ring to grant him the rematch that he deserves. Williams says the rule book is clear that challengers don’t get automatic rematches as those are reserved only for former champions, pointing out Jamin is not a "former champion"! OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael Hayes comes out and affirms that Williams is correct but Jamin will not have to go to the back of the line, since Hayes makes the line. Hayes puts together a "final four" 2 matches tonight where the winners will meet next week for the number one contender for Williams' title. The matches are Crimson vs Rob Terry and Jamin vs Jason Wayne.
"Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal and Tony Gunn are discussing events from last week. Royal tells Gunn that he was fine during his match with Cliff Compton and Gunn didn't need to run in when Compton has Royal in an abdominal stretch and pounding on his chest. Gunn said he was just looking out for Royal. OUR OVW Tag Team Champion the Gut Checkers (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw-sporting a haircut) come up. They tell Royal and Gunn that when you have each other's back, good things can happen and they hold up their tag belts.
The Coalition minus the Spanish Moss Guy is in the ring, all in desert camo as per Crimson's instructions last week. Crimson and Wayne take turns berating the other four for a perceived lack of focus and effort, then put them in an eight-man tag match.
Match #2: Squads Alpha & Bravo (Joe Coleman, Jack Black, Shiloh Jonze, & Raul Lamotta) vs "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, Elvis Pridemore, & Lambda Lambda Lambda (Stephon J Baxter III & Albert Einstein Baxter II)
Coalition attacks the unlucky quartet, sending Dumeyer and Pridemore out to the floor. Titus says the Washington Generals (Crimson & Jason Wayne) are putting the others through boot camp. Albert gets beat on for most of the match until Stephon comes in but he fares no better. Jonze covers Stephon for 2 but Crimson yells at him to get off and calls for "Bombs Away". This entails dragging Stephon to center ring and Black splashing him from the top for the pin.  Crimson puts a bag over Stephon's head.
Timmy Danger, Eddie Diamond, and Bobbie Bardot come out. They are all dressed in green with Bardot dressed as a leprechaun. Danger addressed Diamond that he knows Diamond is trying really hard to hook up with OUR OVW Women's Champion Epiphany but notes that Diamond is being his own worst enemy by his poor choice of words. Danger says he is Diamond’s homeboy from the 561 of Boca Raton and he and Bardot have got Diamonds back in all this. Diamond asks Epiphany to come to the ring but instead spots her up in the rafters. Diamond catches himself making another "big" remark and stops instead saying he just wants to be with her and make her happy. He then again asks her to come to the ring. Diamond gets all excited as she makes her way down but Danger tells him to calm down. Gilbert praises Diamond for keeping his words simple, Meanwhile "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade and "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jesse Godderz continue their match from last week as they spill though the curtain and head to the ring. Diamond gets kicked by Godderz then ends up sandwiched between the two as a ref tries to pull them apart. Diamond is still tangled up with them as they battle back through the curtain. Epiphany comes out and is stunned to see that Diamond has disappeared!
Williams is escorted into the Coalition’s bunker with a bag over his head. They pull it off as Williams is meeting with the Washington Generals. Williams endorsed their placement in the final for but is not keen on Jamin's participation and would like to discuss some sort of arrangement. Black covers up the camera with this hand.
Match #3: Rockstar Spud vs OUR OVW Multimedia TV Champion "The Great" Cliff Compton
Spud comes out to Bonjovi's Living on a Prayer, as we are told that Spud won the TNA British Bootcamp competition and now has a developmental contract. Titus really talks up both guys during this match. Compton hesitates to lockup, making Spud chase him then attacks when Spud climbs back in the ring. Compton runs into a boot then Spud neckbreakers him for 2 1/2, Spud misses a legdrop from the top and Compton slaps him around a bit. Spud firs up until Compton punches him in the gut and grabs him around the neck. Compton shoves him into the ropes but Spud comes off and rolls up Compton for the pin and the title! Crowd taunts Compton.
Match #4" Crimson (w/Jonze & Lamotta) vs "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry
Crimson loiters out on the floor a lot as Terry inadvertently keeps making the ref break the ten count. Titus calls Gilbert "Dr. Evil". Crimson decides to get in the ring but Terry locks him in a full nelson for a bit. Crimson finally gets to his feet and drapes them on the ropes but Terry just drops him on the mat. Crimson bails out again but Terry reaches over and slings him back into the ring. Crimson clubs Terry in the back and applies the Crimson Clutch which he turns in to a headlock on the mat. Terry gets to his feet and powerslams Crimson. Lamotta and Jones distract Terry and Crimson spears him for the pin.
In the back Heidi Lovelace is all starry-eyed as she talks to the guitar-wielding "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe. "The Quinn Fabray of OVW" Taeler Hendrix walks up and informs Heidi that Howe is "her man" and Heidi should just go away. Taeler is asked about Dylan Bostic, who then walks up and states he has a problem with Howe. They are going to settle things with a mixed tag match next week.
Williams comes out to join Gilbert and Titus on commentary
Match #5: Jason Wayne (w/Coleman & Black) vs Jamin Olivencia
Williams is confident that the Generals will be wrestling each other next week. Wayne dodges Jamin's initial attempt at the Standing O. Gilbert questions Williams about bullying referees. Wayne chinlocks then pounds on Jamin's back followed by some choking pushups. JW goes for a sleeper but can’t put Jamin out, so he goes for a bearhug but Jamin gets free and sunset flips him for 2. Wayne pulls the top rope down and the charging Jamin tumbles to the floor, where he gets beaten by Coleman and Black, Ref Chris Sharpe spots this and ejects the duo from ringside, leading to allegations of bias from Williams. Jamin fires up and goes for another standing O but Wayne catches him and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Jamin comes off the top with his third Standing O try and connects on this one for the pin. Williams stands there in disbelief as the show goes off.
Thoughts: Lots of ways this mixed tag could play out next week can't wait to see it. I figured Compton would lose soon. Guessing Spud must have done dark matches at OVW as the crowd seemed familiar with him. Nice mash-up with Switchblade/Godderz and Diamond/Epiphany. Thought the final four was OK , nice touch to have 3 former champions along with Jamin. Also intriguing me is how Brittany will be looked at by the Mobile Homers when she reveals her new look. I thoroughly enjoyed this show especially the first half. That was enough for thumbs up from me.

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