UFC 158 live coverage from Montreal GSP vs. Nick Diaz

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First round: Huge size difference with Roop at 6-2 and 135 pounds. Body kick by Roop. Duran hurt him two punches. Low kick by Roop. Hard low kick by Duran. Duran got the takedown ducking a punch. Duran stayed on top but did little damage. Roop using elbows from the bottom. More elbows from the bottom by Roop. Roop greatly outlanded him from the bottom, enough to where I’d give him the round but don’t think the judges will. 10-9 Roop.

Second round: Duran working for a takedown as Roop went for a knee. Roop blocking well. Roop got behind him. . Roop got the takedown. Roop throwing some punches while behind Duran and working for a choke. Duran got up. Roop trying to get him back down. Roop has him against the fence. Nice kick by Roop. Duran tried to take him down off it but didn’t get it. Duran got the takedown. Now Roop on his back. Roop throwing a lot of elbows. Roop got back to his feet with 32 seconds left. Roop’s round, I’ve got it 20-18 Roop but figure judges have it 19-19.

Third round: Duran took him down right away. Roop up right away., Knee by Roop and some punches from close range. Roop took him down. Roop still behind him standing. Roop tried a takedown but Duran right back up. This round is very close. Roop with knees. Duran working for a takedown as time is running out. Roop’s round very close, I’ve got 30-27 but Duran winning 29-28 I see as possible, but more likely 29-28 for Roop.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Roop


First round: Dillashaw with a right and a low kick. Tamura landed a good right back. Takedown by Dillashaw, ducking a punch. Knee by Dillashaw as Tamura back up. Dillashaw working for another takedown. Another takedown by Dilahsaw. Tamura back up. Crowd booing . Dillashaw punching the body while holding Tamura against the fence. Ref Yves Lavigne broke them from the clinch. High kick by Dillashaw but didn’t land solid. Body kick by Dillashaw. Good right by Dillashaw as the round ended. 10-9 Dillashaw.

Second round: Dillashaw nailed him with a left knee and finished him with punches on the ground in seconds. It was a knee after faking a kick to the body, with the knee landing to the temple and four punches on the ground when Lavigne jumped in to stop it. Tamura bleeding badly from the nose. Tamura is on the endangered species list after this loss.


First round: What’s the deal with UFC fighters coming out to dead 80s and 90s pro wrestlers entrance music? Rick Story went 0-17 as a freshman in college at Southern Oregon, but as a senior placed second in the nation. You got to respect that. Both trading punches and Story hurt him. Story took him down but let him back up. Mulhern went for a takedown, that wasn’t a good idea. Both landing solid punhes. Hard low kick by Story. Mulhern starting to land. Hard knee by Mulhern, but Story came back and landed big punches standing, knocked him down and finished him on the ground. The key punch was a left to the right eye.


First round: Cruickshank came out to Hogan’s music. Hey, at least he chose a wrestler who is still alive. Crowd booing quickly. Crowd booing a lot. Both are not fighting the way they usually do. Cruickshank landed a high kick. Makdessi with jabs. Cruickshank claimed a low blow. Replay showed it landed but not hard. Spin kick by Cruickshank and Cruickshank moved in for a takedown and didn’t get it. Low kick by Makdessi. Close round, Cruickshank 10-9 but this could go either way. 10-9

Second round: Cruickshank landed a head kick. Cruickshank moved in and landed a punch Crowd still booing. Makdessi landed a left. Both landed spin kicks. Makdessi with a few punches. Front kick by Makdessi. Makdessi landed some jabs. Cruickshank landed to the nose. Starting to heat up now. Cruickshank with nice kicks. Makdessi with three punches back. Rigth by Makdessi. Right by Makdessi and Criuickshank missed a kick and Makdessi with more punches. Makdessi’s round 19-19.

Third round: Right by Cruickshank. Low kick by Makdessi. Left by Makdessi. Hard right by Cruicshank and Makdessi back and left to the body by Makdessi and another jab. Makdessi put him down with a jab and let him up. Right by Makdessi. Nice spin kick by Cruickshank but failed in a takedown attempt. Makdessi with more punches and another. Cruickshank landed but Makdessi with more. Makdessi with a punch. Spin kick by Makdessi. Cruickshank landed a few punches. Cruickshank’s finger went into Makdessi’s eye. Kick by Makdessi. Left by Makdessi. Uppercut by Makdessi. He’s landing more late. Makdessi’s round solidly, I’ve got 29-28 Makdessi.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Makdessi


First round: Nice takedown by Miller. Miller with great move into an armbar and Mein out. Great escape by Mein. Crowd went wild for that spot. Right by Miller. Mein with an elbow. Miller with a kick to the body. Miller with a right. Mein decked him with a left. He left Miller up. Hard right by Mein. Body kick by Miller. Mein has him hurt and put him down. Miller is in a lot of trouble. This is the first time Miller has been stopped. Mein is only 23 and has star potential.


First round: Elkkins moved him to the fence and threw knees. Elkins with some body punches. Elkins with a left. Elkis with a right. Elkins decked him and ref Yves Lavigne stopped the fight. That was a bad call. Way early. Elkins landed a big right, and another. Carvalho was getting up. That stoppage was bad. He got right up and seemed to have recovered.


First round: Cote super over. Cote landing well early. Cote still landing. Voelker landed a good counter. Cote tried a hip toss didn’t get it. Voelker then took Cote down. Cote working for an armbar. Cote didn’t have it. Cote continues to work for an armbar but Voelker not in trouble. Close round. The armbars weren’t close, not enough to give him the round. 10-9 Voelker.

Second round: Cote hurt him with punches. Nice low kick by Voelker. Cote with a left. Cote landing punches. Voelker tied him up in the coenrr. Cote landed tons of punches. Nice uppercut by Cote. Volker back. Very good fight. Voelker with two hard knees. Cote landed a ton of punches. Two hard knees by Voelker. Cote is all bloody from the knees. Voelker threw him down but Cote up right away. Both traindg punches and Cote almost had the takedown as time ran out. Really good round. Cote’s round even 19-19.

Third round: Voelker landed big punches and now uppercuts. Cote is hurt. This is fight of the night so far. Cote trying for a takedown. Flying knee by Cote. Voelker with a knee in a clinch. Cote landed an elbow. Voelker landing hard punches. Voelker with a knee. Voelker took Cote down. Voelker landing punches on the ground. Punches and elbows by Voelker on the ground. Nice cradle by Voelker. Voelker threw him down again. Cote went for an armbar but didn’t have it. Voelker riding him and throwing punches. Cote back to his feet. Another takedown by Voelker. Voelker beating him up on the ground. Voelker continues to pound on him. Voelker, would be a 10-8.5 if you had half points, almost a 10-8, but not quite enough. Still, Voelker should win 29-28 but you could argue round one for Cote.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Cote. What a lucky decision. I can’t say bad because you could go with Cote in round one, but Voelker won the fight and it’s a flaw of the scoring system.


First round: And Ricci comes out to Phil Collins. He’s got a Samurai sword. Head kick by Ricci. Fletcher with a body kick. Ricci landed a left to the body. Fletcher with a kick to the body. Ricci with a straight left. Left by Ricci and one back by Fletcher. Spin kick by Ricci. Push kick by Ricci. Fletcher kicked him to the groin and Ricci got a time out. High kicki by Ricci. Close round Ricci 10-9.

Second round: Ricci landed a head kick and took him down and moved him into the cage. Ricci dropped an elbow and a punch. Ricci with punches. Fletcehr’s right eye is busted up. Fletcher landing. Crowd booing. Ricci with a left. Low kicks by Fletcher. Nice spinning attack by Fletcher. Ricci with a right. 20-18 Ricci.

Third round: Fletcher’s corner told him he’s down two rounds and needs to take him down and submit him. Crowd booing. Fletcher can’t get him down. Ricci landed a few punches breaking away from the clinch. Crowd booing some more. Fletcher with a spinning backfist. Ricci with a right. Left by Ricci. Body kick and punches by Ricci. Ricci took him down. Ricci with body and head shots on the ground. Ricci has his back and working for a choke. Ricci spun for an armbar, didn’t hav it and Fletcher escaped on top as time ran out. Ricci’s round, should win 30-27. Last few minutes weren’t bad but kind of a dull fight.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 Ricci


First round: Ring looking faster. Left by Ring. Ring with a low kick. Camozzi landed a nice left. Camozzi with a body kick. Camozzi in with punches. Push kick by Ring. Boring chants. Camozzi moved in. Camozzi moved in with punches. Low kick by Ring. Nice right by Ring and another. Close round. Nobody really took it. Crowd booing. Ring 10-9.

Second round: Trading low kicks. Good right by Camozzi. Ring to the body. Ring landing someone. Ring with a left. Ring quicker. Big left by Camozzi and Camozzi trying a guillotine but didn’t have it. Camozzi now bleeding from the mouth. Knee by Camozzi. Ring bleeding from the nose. Close round but still Ring up 20-18.

Third round: Camozzi holding him. Camozzi landing more in third round. Ring going for a takedown and Camozzi tried for a guillotine. Nice left by Camozzi. Camozzi taking him apart. Ring is exhausted and getting pick apart. Camozzi has him hurt late. Knee by Camozzi. Dull fight. Camozzi won this round, so 29-28 Ring. It’s possible a judge or two could give it to Camozzi.

Scores: 29-28 Camozzi, 29-28 Ring 29-28 Camozzi, Not a bad call but Camozzi very lucky in this one.


First round: Marquardt threw a low kick and slipped . More low kicks by Marquardt. Maruqardt with a kick and punch and had Ellenberger running . Ellenberger back with a hard punch. Hard right and left by Ellenberger. Marquardt cut from the right eye. Ellenberger landed the right hard and finished him on the ground. Marquardt really mad about the stoppage. Big right and then four punches on the ground. Left connected well, but the right crushed him and he went down. The fourth punch on the ground finished him. That was a clean stoppage. 3:00


First round: Bruce Buffer called this the main event, he never makes that mistake. Hendricks moved in and threw. Condit with a knee andHerndicks threw him down and walked away. Condit with a high kick. Condit with a hard punch and Hendricks landed hard punches and took Condit down. Condit up . Condit working for something from the bottom. Condit landed from the bottom and got up. Kick by Condit. Hendricks slammed him down. Condit got away. Condti with a kick to the body. Flying knee by Condit. Hendricks landing hard punches. Condit got him back with 37 seconds left. Condit in piggy back position and nice front kick. Condit put him down and landed big punches and Hendricks took him down. Stnading ovation. Awesome round 10-9 Hendricks.

Second round: Body kick by Condit. Hendricks with hard punches and Condit with a knee. Condit missed a high kick. Condit chant. Another takedown by Hendricks. Condit back up. Hard right by Condit. Condit with a front kick and Hendricks with big punches. Hendricks went for the takedown. Condit was able to block it but Hendricks got him down again. Condit up Condit with punches, landed the knee and another takeodwn by Hendricks. Condit bakc up with with 1:10 left. Condit landed a big right. Left by Hendricks, a right and antoher takedown. Hendricks keeping him down. Condit bakc up. Hendricks’ round 20-18.

Third round: Hendricks left hand may be broken. Hendricks took him down. Hendricks just wants to wrestle him this round. Condit with elbows from the bottom and Hendricks with elbows from the top. Condit trying to use the cage to sweep but can’t get it. Condit landing punches from the bottom. Condit working for a Kimura. . Condit bakck to his feet and landing punches. Hendricks back with hard left uppercuts. Condit missed a kick and Hendricks took him down. Hendricks behind him standing. Another takedown by Hendricks. Condit back up. Condit hurt him with a right, but Hendricks got behind him. Condit up and has 90 seconds to finish him. Head kick and Condit keeps throwing and Hendricks took him down again. Condit back up. Condit hurt him with punches late and a knee. Hendricks took him down again. Condit back up. Both throwing punches. Standing ovation. Super fight. Condit’s round so I’ve got it 29-28 Hendricks.

Scores: all three have it 29-28 Hendricks. A lot of fans are booing but you can’t boo either of these guys.


First round: GSP got a ridiculous pop, oen of the biggest ever. GSP took him down. GSP with body punches and elbow from the top. GSP has his back. GSP out wrestling him. He has his back punching and riding Diaz. GSP throwing punches while riding GSP in side control. GSP landed a punch. GSP with elbows and punches. GSP has his back riding him again. GSP took him down agian. GSP continues to pound him. Lots of uppercuts by GSP. Diaz to his feet. Another takedown by GSP slammed him down hard. Almost a 10-8 round. Diaz tried to throw a sucker punch after the round is over. 10-9 GSP.

Second round: Fuck you Diaz chant really loud. GSP throwing kicks early. Diaz starting to land punches. GSP took him down again. GSP landed a good punch on the ground. Hard knee to the body by GSP. GSP throwing a lot of pucnches. GSP thowing a lot of punches now. He continues to ride him . GSP dropped an elbow. Another elbow by GSP. GSP continues to pound him and ride him. Diaz up with :58 left. GSP landed a left. GSP with a low kick. Trading punches. Spin kick by Diaz. Fuck you Diaz chat. 20-18 GSP.

Third round: GSP with a jumping high kick. Diaz calling him names. GSP landing jabs while Diaz calls his names. GSP landed another left. Diaz blocked the takedown. GSP got the next takedown. Diaz back to his feet. Diaz escaped. Front kick by GSP. GSP continues to land. Diaz blocked the takedown though. GSP continues to land jabs. Good body shot by Diaz. Hard low kick by GSP. Diaz back with low kicks. GSP landing jabs. GSP continues to land jabs. Both missing crescent kicks. Left and right by GSP. GSP shot for takedown but Diaz blocked it again. Big punch by GSP. Diaz starting to land punches. GSP is starting to tire. Diaz landing a lot of shots but GSP took him down again. Diaz did enough to keep it interesting. GSP is tired but he’s beaten Diaz up for most of three rounds. 30-27 GSP. Diaz tried to punch him after the bell again. That should have been a point docked because it’s the second time he’s done that.

Fourth round: GSP continues to land jabs. Low kicks by GSP. Daiz laying back early waiting for GSP to tire. Diaz blocked another takedown attempt. GSP continues to land jabs. Big left by GSP. Diaz pulled out of a single leg. Head kick by GSP and superman punch. Diaz working the body withh punches. Diaz with knees tothe body. Diaz continues to knee the body. Diaz now working the body with punches. Diaz walking away with his hands down and GSP landed to the jaw. Both trading punches and GSP took him down. Diaz trying to get up a gogoplata but GSP completely shutting him down. Another takedown by GSP. Diaz trying for a Kimiura. 40-36 GSP.

Fifth round: Diaz with a low kick and a body kick. GSP chant. Both throwing. GSP landed a good jab. GSP went for a takedown but Diaz blocked it. Diaz with knees to the body and GSP with a knee to the body. Trading knees to the body in a clinch. GSP landed another left. High kick blocked and Diaz slipped. GSP went to the ground and controlled him. GSP landed a knee to the body. Diaz up to his feet with 1:48 let. Diaz with body kicks. Diaz in a clinch punching the body. Knee to the body. Fuck you Diaz chant. GSP took him down with 41 seconds left. GSP pounding on him in the closing seconds. Nick raised GSP’s hand and patted him on the back. GSP raised Diaz’s hand Crowd did not want Georges to do that. 50-45 GSP.

Scores: All three have it 50-45 for GSP.

After the fight GSP thanked Diaz for the way he promoted the fight and said how Diaz is one of his favorite fighters to watch.  Diaz of course said he was retiring, but said he was happy GSP gave him the credit he thought he deserved.

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