More on the death of Reid Flair

Details are still sketchy regarding the death of Reid Flair, 24, the son of Ric Flair.

Reid was an accomplished high school wrestler and Ric had talked for years about him becoming a pro wrestler.  He actually had debuted in late 2008, but personal issues including well publicized substance abuse had kept him from working regularly even as the son of a legend in the business.

A lot of Ric Flair's departure from ROH was because Flair went there in the first place largely because he hoped it would be a place Reid could start making a name a wrestler there.  As Reid Flair, ROH, with its high demands, may not have been the right place to start, but ROH decided against using Flair since he had been arrested just before he was to start.

Ric had worked a deal for Reid to start in All Japan, where he was scheduled to mostly just train and live in the dojo.  He did well enough that they felt he could work nightly in matches with veterans to learn.  He was back home after the All Japan tour ended and was going to be traveling with his father for public appearances including at a wrestling show Saturday in Hagerstown, MD.

Reid was found dead in a hotel room in Charlotte.  No details have been released at this point in time.

I just want to with the best to Ric & Beth under the circumstances.  There is absolutely nothing in this world that could be worse than losing a child.

As expected, Ric canceled the date in Hagerstown with Big Time Wrestling on Friday.

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