Decison on Gustafsson expected today

An article on the situation with Alexander Gustafsson by Ariel Helwani is at

The gist of the story is that George Sallfeldt, the president of the Swedish MMA Federation said they hoped a final decision would be made very shortly today.  He noted that three different doctors had checked Gustafsson's cut and all three said it would be unlikely he would be medically cleared to fight.

Gustafsson, from Sweden, is the headliner and top draw on the show on Saturday in Stockholm that sold out 13,000 tickets paid (more than 15,000 overall), for a fight with Gegard Mousasi on the first day the tickets were put on sale.

Gustafsson is meeting with doctors today that would have the power to call off the fight.  Usually the final medical exam would be done on Friday, but it was being done today due to the magnitude of the situation.  The decision is expected imminently.

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