Some weekend feedback

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Best match AR FOX vs Sami Callahan
Worst match Scott Reed vs Arik Cannon
Good but not great show.  I also didnt like the top two seeds both losing in semifinals kinda defeats the purpose of seeding.
Wade Haugen

Hi Dave
I've been a subscriber for awhile now and I love the website just wanted to say thanks for putting all that time and effort with this weeks preview in the observer, I think you previewed over 25 shows? Crazy, really got me excited for this big mania weekend though.
Anyway thought i'd give some feedback to a few things I've managed to see so far.
New Japan -  Korakuen Hall Show 05/04/2013
I've only seen the top 2 matches but it was all I needed to see to convince me to fork out for this Sundays iPPV.  Prince Devitt/Alex Shelly had a great match, I wouldn't say a MOTY candidate however really good stuff.  Devitt got his nose busted which seemed to play into his on going heel turn even more. After he pinned Shelly with the Bloody Sunday DDT he was stepping all over Shelly and getting in Kushida's face too. There was a spot where he started shaking his hips and hinted that he was gonna foot stomp Shelly right in the balls like he did with Captain New Japan, Shelly managed to roll out the way in time.  The main event was a great tag match between KES Archer & Daveboy Smith Jr and Nakumura & Iishi.  Great finish to the match with Iishi trying to fight out of the double powerbomb but eventually getting caught with it for the pin.  Iishi is always really over at Korakuen Hall and this was no exception.  After the match Daveyboy Smith Jr cut a good promo on Nakumura for their match on Sunday, which then followed with Nakanishi and Tencozy coming down to make challenges. As this was going on Yano sneaked down and ran off with the tag belts only to be stopped by Minoru Suzuki who took them off him and they brawled for a bit with Suzuki getting the better of the exchange.  Really good stuff and had me very excited to watch this Sundays loaded card.
Nice to see a grudge match for a change with Rick Hawn and Karo Parisyan talking some smack in the pre-fight video. Makes a change from the usual "I fight for my family" videos. Hawn TKO'd Parisyan with some big shots, I saw some people saying that the stoppage was too early but there was no doubt that Rick Hawn would have kept pounding away unless it was for the ref (who seemed to be wearing a lot of make up??). Doug Marshall is one of a kind. He leaves you shaking your head when he is talking but speechless after he finishes fighting. Another devastating KO, this time over Brett Cooper. Marshall stood over Cooper after he KO'd him for a good minute, not sure why but he will make for a very entertaining fight against Alexander Shlemenko. Khasbulaev outstruck Mike Richman to win the featherweight tournament. Finally in the main event Pat Curran impressively chocked out Shamhalaev with a closed guard guillotine after he shot for a take down. Looked great. Overall a good show to finish the season.
Thanks Dave
James Mann

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?