Feedback to ROH, Invicta and Evolve

Thumbs all the way up. Dana still thinks there's only enough women for one weight division? Only real negative is Mauro, who's back to his 'mamma mia' shit. Fortunately Julie and Mo provide knowledge and insight to counteract him.

Best fight: Waterson-Penne narrowly tops Kaufman-Smith

Worst fight: Honchak-Porto and it wasn't that awful

KO: Nakamoto

Sub: Namajunas

In the opening prelim, Alexandra Chambers pounces after taking a right hand, takes back, stretches Jodie Esquivel and taps her with RNC just over a minute in.

Pat Barry in Rose Namajunas' corner---oh she's his GIRLFRIEND? She must like it because she's in a hurry and somersaults armbar on Kathina Catron in 12 seconds. That's gonna be hard to beat for sub of the night. 2 fights, 2 SotNs for Namajunas. That was pretty amazing. Rumina Sato Lives.

Katja Kankaanpaa (Finnish, can barely even copy and paste it) takes a UD over Juliana Carneiro Lima in an interesting mostly technical grappling match of previously unbeatens. One judge gives Carneiro a round.

In another 0 Must Go, Muay Thai champion Miriam Nakamoto knocks Jessamyn Duke cold with a knee to the head from Thai clinch but was she grounded? Replay shows there were two knees and the second she was both knees down, but she may have already been out cold from the first knee and that's the ruling by BJM and the 1stR KO stands.

Simona Soukupova taps Cassie Rodish with her second try at a standing Guillotine in the 2nd after a close, hard fight. Terrific undercard.

Top card opens with a grudge match that should only have been as good as its video promo. Not much of a fight, Jasminka Cive clueless on grappling, Bec Hyatt able to TD her easily, play with her with G&P, and finish her with arm bar.

Julia Budd, possibly the best conditioned female fighter, who seems to have totally abandoned her kickboxing roots, overwhelms Mollie Estes, taking her down at will and finishing with 3rdR RNC.

Lauren Taylor remains unbeaten upsetting Kaitlin Young, who has no defense for her wrestling, via UD. Young has now lost 4 straight and may have shot her bolt in the incredible draw with Leslie Smith back at Invicta 1.

Unheralded Brazilian Jennifer Maia further exposes and makes it 2 losses in a row for the horribly overrated Zoila Frausto-Gurgel, pinning her against the cage for most of the fight and landing pretty much whatever she wants to whenever she wants to. Two judges somehow give Gurgel a round which in itself is almost as bad a decision as several Gurgel has previously undeservedly won.

Sarah Kaufman, already signed to UFC, and Leslie Smith, as expected, throw tirelessly for three entire rounds of brawling. Kaufman looks to edge the 1st and 3rd with more technical striking and Smith wins the 2nd big with a HK KD. Gonna be hard to beat for FotN, or maybe year. A draw would be acceptable but I think Kaufman will edge it. It's 29-28 split for... Kaufman. Great fight. Crowd does not like the decision.

Cyborga scores a KD about 1 second in and pounds on Fiona Muxlow for the next 4 minutes till BJM has to step in. Cris will now rematch Marloes who she has already beaten once, for the vacant FW title.

First main is a bit of a letdown especially after the last two fights as Barb Honchak and Vanessa Porto never break out of slow striking mode for 5 rounds. Honchak seems to sweep the rounds just with higher work rate. Porto seems limited to low kicks, which land, and overhand rights that miss. Not a good fight. 50-45 and somehow 49-46 and mystifyingly 48-47 and Honchak takes the vacant FlyW title.

Second main blows everything out of the water. GREAT fight with Michelle Waterson and Jessica Penne. Top shelf grappling from both. Waterson looking sharper and takes the first two rounds, Penne stronger. Penne seems close to finishing it in the 3rd with pounding from crucifix and then an arm bar but Waterson somehow survives and escapes and then suddenly ends it with her own arm bar in the 4th and takes away the Atomweight title. I think this topped Kaufman-Smith for FotN. Not as nuts but just as much drama and far better technique.
Crimson Mask

Hi Dave,

Just thought I'd send you a few notes on the ROH show tonight at Hammerstein Ballroom. What an awesome show! Crowd were nuclear hot all night. There was a real special atmosphere, so many fans from different countries like the UK, France, Germany, Canada to name just a few I saw/spoke to, in addition to the hardcore New York regulars. Everyone had a great time. I had so much fun.

You've already got a report up so a few notes. The big ROH vs SCUM 10 man tag was so heated that it actually started a fight in the crowd between 2 fans. Security had to split the guys up.

Crowd HATED Matt Hardy, catcalling him during his match, 'F you Hardy' etc.

I thought match of the night was tied between Elgin vs Lethal and American Wolves vs reDragon. Just 2 great wrestling matches, both easily ****+. I can't believe the feed apparently went out during the main event. Too bad, because the finish was a really special moment. Steen and Briscoe were evenly matched until SCUM members each kept trying to interfere, only to be thwarted by ROH babyfaces. Hardy ran in to interfere, but Steen tossed him out of the ring, not wanting help. Briscoe pinned Steen to win the title shortly after that, to a massive reaction. I think many were taken by surprise by the title change, with 'Holy S***' chants. After the match, brother Mark joined Jay in the ring, along with their father and their real life partners (I think) and young children for a celebration, as the fans tossed streamers into the ring. Steen came back in and teased attacking Jay, but instead shook his hand in an apparent babyface turn. Crowd were chanting 'Thank you Steen'. Jay then had the ring crew play Lynyrd Skynyrd music as he celebrated, with his dad putting the belt around Jay's waist. It really felt like a special moment to be there live for.

After such a great show, I'd be surprised if the tv taping doesn't draw a good crowd tomorrow.

Stephen Lyon,
St Helens, England UK.

The Evolve stream started 45 minutes late and missed most of opening free style match which was said to be best on card.  Stream keep going out all through the show for a few seconds at a time, but completely out for 95% of the Young Bucks match.  Still don't know who one.  AR Fox did put on a hell of a show though.  The ROH stream was good until the final few minutes of the Main Even which pretty much ruined the title change.
Richard Balsomico

Hey Dave,

ROH Supercard of Honor VII:Thumbs Up
Best Match: American Wolves vs reDragon
Worst Match: SCUM vs ROH All out war

I really really enjoyed this ROH show. Probably the best iPPV since BITW. It didnt have the 5 star match like one of last year shows but had a better card top to bottom. It started off with a really fun Opener in ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs QT Marshall and RD Evans. Some really good spots that got the crowd going. Benjamin vs Bennett was also really fun. There was an awesome spot were shelton had confused maria and was messing with her and bennett tried to superkick shelton he ducked and hit maria. Really cool. Then we had Elgin vs Lethal which was just great. 4 star match IMO. These two worked there asses off had some good false finishes and high spots. The SCUM vs ROH match was very average. The 3 way was solid but could have been a lot better. Wolves vs reDragon was incredible definitely a match of the year contender for me. Great spots flase finishes and even crowd working. The crowd was captivated by every move these guys just did great. This is IMO the best tag match since maybe the No Mercy 02 match which I was at. The main event had great story telling with jays arm and some awesome spots. The stream cut out sadly so i missed part of the finish but thats alright I still saw most of the match and it was great. I actually kind of predicted jay winning so i was really happy. I got really tired of steen from when he first one the belt. I am really looking forward to this title reign. Another amazing show from ROH.
Thanks Dave,
Destin Davis
From Arkansas

Evolve 19 Feedback
Thumbs In The Middle (due to streaming issues)
Best Match: AR Fox vs Sami Callihan
Worst Match: wwnlive vs the internet
I did enjoy what I was able to watch of the show but the streaming issues were really disappointing. In ring, I thought the booking was solid and Fox is the right choice as champ. I really enjoyed Fox vs Ricochet and would have thought it would be the best match but Fox vs Callihan was even better. I only ordered the live stream but understand that wwn is offering make-goods so I look forward to hopefully watching what I missed.
ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Feedback
Thumbs Way Up
Best Match: Kevin Steen vs Jay Briscoe
Worst Match: Matt Taven vs Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy
This is one of my favorite shows I have seen in a long time. The technical issues for the main event stream were frustrating but I was able to go back to it quickly. I didn't expect Jay to win but the hype and booking all night felt like it was leading toward that and I am thrilled with the result. Jay is a great candidate to have a string of ROH style main events and it was a great moment.
The tag title match was great as well and Bobby Fish has really found himself in this role. ACH and Thomas were great in the first match and hopefully the is a series of title matches with them vs Fish and O'Reilly.
 Mike Bennett looked good and Shelton Benjamin was the best I have seen hm in a long time. Anderson vs Strong was very good as was Elgin vs Lethal and I think Elgin vs Anderson tomorrow could be a great match.
This was a show well worth re-watching, and I would have said that even before the world title change. The airing of highlights of Jay's previous title matches during intermission was perfect. This is a great use of the Briscoes as their tag title runs are played out and now we can enjoy Jay's title reign and see if Mark wins it in the future to make them the Terry and Dory of ROH.

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

Big Thumbs UP!!
Best Match: toss up but i'd say the tag title match (though Lethal/Elgin had some more crowd heat)
Worst Match: Nothing really but if i have to choose i'd say the opener
Truly a shocker that Briscoe won but the way the match was built and setup it made sense that he would win.  But going foward im not too sure about him as a champ long term because there are too many babyface contenders unless someone turns it could result in underwhelming matches. Tag title match was great and the heelish finish ensures we will see this match again soon so no problem.  Corino is great as always. Elgin has had something of a midas touch over the past year of making all his matches great even his tv ones and Lethal still looked strong in losing.  The Strong/Anderson match i think suffered from a lack of knowledge by the crowd as to who Anderson was but technically a very well worked match.  
Good news at least was that this makes 3 or 4 really good shows by ROH over the past few months.  The feed only went out for 10 seconds during the main event but otherwise the presentation came off really well.

Alexander Assetta

Thumbs Down

Best Match - Tag Team Title Match
Worst Match - Main Event
First off, a big "I apologize" to the guys from top to bottom of the card who worked their asses off tonight, it was a great show. My complaint here, was after a year, I decided that ROH must have their stuff together, and I went and spent the money on the iPPV, and guess what? A freaking technical issue during the main event during a hot part of the match. That's it ROH, you just lost me as a customer. That's three times now I've bought these shows, just to get screwed

Roy Lucier

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