More feedback to ROH, Invicta, CZW and Evolve

thumbs up
best match. Jay Brisco v Kevin Steen
worst match. Hardy v Taven v Cole
Excellent show despite the hiccup at he end, which wasnt to much of an issue when you can skip the stream back and continue watching.
Shelton Benjamin showed more charisma than he has in his entire time in ROH. Great to see Bennett back, he and Maria were great.
The final straight of Elgin/Lethal was great and Anderson/Strong lived up to expectations.
The tag title match was fantastic, Fish and O'Reilly are great heels and brilliant to watch.
The main event was magical. Jay Briscoe deserves his title more than anyone and the mach was epic.
joe mills

Best Match: Lethal vs. Elgin + Briscoe vs. Steen
Worst Match: Probably the Three Way for the TV Title.  Or the Pre-Show match!
Was at the show live so no complaints here!

Show had a great opening 3 matches.  The next 3 it kind of slowed down, but the 2 main event matches, like the first 3 were great.

The Main Event I initially thought was going to be a disaster.  Started out REALLY rough.  Crowd was Pro Steen and they seemed to not care about the match at all nor the angle of people interfering until a large amount of the ROH Roster came down in support of Jay Briscoe.  Briscoe actually winning was a magical moment and I - as well as the entire arena at that point were leaping up and down with excitement.  A fantastic end to a really fun show!

Matt Lovallo

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Steen v. Briscoe
Worst Match: TV Title 3-way

What a wonderful show ROH put on tonight. They are head and shoulders above any other company beside maybe New Japan in ippv quality. The ability with their show to join late and still start from the beginning is the reason I didn't suffer the Main Event outage those watching live experienced. It makes it seem like other ippv shows are being shot on Gorbachev era Soviet cameras. The commentating is excellent. Really enjoyed the whole show. It felt similar to when Eddie Edwards won the title upstairs in the same building, a real nice surprise at the end.

Vince Averill

Hello Dave,
I just watched the entire Invicta 5 Ustream PPV and it was a big thumbs up from me.
Nearly 5 hours of great Womens MMA for less than 10 bucks.
As soon as the show was over I checked the number of purchases that were made in my Ustream Purchases account section and it said 4,763 people purchased it.
The Stream was excellent and no problems worth mentioning.
Best fight of the night was the final fight, main event.
No worst fight of the night when it's a shoot.
I can't wait for Invicta 6, I'm definitely going to buy it.
Shannon Knapp is the big winner of the night.  Her promotion took a big step forward tonight.
Ed Schreifer

Thumbs Up
Best Match: AR Fox vs Riccochet
Worst Match: Arik Cannon vs Scott Reed
Being at the show, the show dragged thanks to all the iPPV problems, but was still very enjoyable. I agree with Pat Laprade's report that we pretty much were burned out by the end, but I think that was more because of the long delays than anything else.
Thumbs Down
Best Match: Colt Cabana vs Greg Excellent
Worst Match: Masada vs Jun Kasai
While I am not a CZW fan by any stretch of the imagination, I entered tonight with an open mind. I was dragged to the show by my brother, so I figured I would make the best of it. I enjoyed the vast majority of the show. As a matter of fact until the main event I was having a good time. 
I know that the main event is some people's cup of tea, it's just not mine. I do not care for unnecessarily hard, unprotected chair shots to the head. I do not care for over the top garbage wrestling, and this was the epitome of that. I am just glad that it is done and out of the way so I can move on with my weekend.

Live from New Jersey,
Emerson Witner

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?