Report on debut of Memphis Wild Fire Wrestling TV show

Memphis - Wild Fire Wrestling
April 6, 2013

By George Brooks

The show opened with an intro from Kevin Lawler (no sound for the first half of the promo). He introduced to first match, 3G Eric Wayne vs. "The Human Strobe Light" Stan Lee.

First Match
3G Eric Wayne (third generation wrestler) vs "The Human Strobe Light" Stan Lee

Technical difficulties with the lights delayed the start of this match. Wayne, the crowd, and commentator seemed equally irritated with it. This was a shame as it was a really good crowd. Stan Lee pinned Eric Wayne with a sunset flip in a very good TV match. Wayne showed a ton of charisma and the crowd was pitch perfect. They were given plenty of time and had a solid match. This match reminded me of some of the matches I enjoyed growing up in Memphis on Saturday mornings.

Kevin Lawler then introduced the next match, "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Cage vs, John Michael (this match didn't air until later)

Five Star Showcase (w/ Maria and Dustin "Five" Star)
Star introduces Tattoo as his guest. The interview was interrupted by Derrick King, Precious, and Brian Christopher (Lawler) to build to a short Christopher/Tattoo vs. King/Precious brawl. Christopher/Tattoo vs. King/Precious was announced as the main event next week.  The audio on the broadcast is not good and deciphering promos is near impossible.

Kevin Lawler introduced Alan Steele vs. Action Jackson (it appears that the segments with Kevin Lawler are out of order as the Cage/Michael match aired next)
Second Match
"The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Cage vs, John Michael
Bishop Cage pinned John Michael after using a chain when Alan Steele interfered. This was a decent, slower paced match that had some good power spots. Memphis crowds really tend to follow the pace of the match and this was no exception.

This was a decent first effort. Wild Fire Wrestling's biggest hurdle will be production value and broadcast quality. The channel that it airs on here in Memphis has broadcast quality equal to public access  (it actually is a public access channel no matter how they try to dress it up). The audio level changes from segment to segment and the video quality is that of video tape. No one is expecting it to look like WWE, but the look (and sound) will turn many off. It was hard to make out many names and what was being said. The commentary was good, but it would be better served by adding a second person. The in ring product and crowd made the show this week, we'll see what they have to offer for next week.

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