From The Fans: The good and the bad of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

From an anonymous long time subscriber

"Just got home from the hall of fame and wanted to share the following thoughts.  I am live long NJ resident and have been to almost every NY/NJ ppv including WM 10 and 20.  I believe fans who buy tickets to a show have a right to cheer and react however they choose but there were a lot of moments tonight that I can really only describe as sad.

I know, especially in the NY/NJ area, the crowd wants to be a part of or at least make a big impact on the show and I'm fine with that on a wrestling show but to me tonight was about honoring and respecting the hof honorees and letting them have their moment not about booing John Cena or harassing Maria and Trump.

The reactions to the current wrestlers was to be expected but the chants and heckling during the speeches of the inductors and honorees was disgraceful.

Prior to the start of the show the crowd was asked and warned not to haggle, harass or yell while speeches were being given.  They even went as far as to say people would be thrown out for disrespectful conduct so they obviously expected a tough crowd but I can't imagine they thought it would be a bad as it was.  They also misread the crowd based on the order.  Foley going first was a big mistake because nobody could follow.  He knows how to work a wrestling crowd, it's his hometown with the Stuka story and his well known fan to overcoming all the odds story.  Plus he was the most current and relatable honoree, his speech was heartfelt, tear jerking and hilarious.  It was honestly one of the greatest moments I've seen at a wwe event but to be fair like I said earlier this wasn't a wrestling show so that might not be a fair comparison but regardless it was an emotional heartfelt honest reflection of a remarkable career and what was going to be all about but it all fell apart that.

Stephanie sounded like a robot hitting every corporate agenda and her speech came off insincere.  She also talked about the great moment of Trish's career  back in the attitude days when Trish was supposed to be screwing Vince while Lynia was in a coma.  They all laughed about it in a those were some crazy days type way but it jut made no sense live.  So WWE is a PG friendly, corporate friendly anti bullying charity wonderful corporation but were glorifying the era that was built on sex, sleaze and attitude.  Just came off incredibly transparent.
Trish was ok but seemed nervous when her first few planned jokes didn't get the big Foley laughs.  She mentioned her husband and wanted to thank him for all the years of support while she was on the road but the crowd booed her husband continuously so she had to stop.

The crowd finally calmed down only after she concluded with saying she retired due to her mother being diagnosed with cancer ( her mom was there and is now cancer free) and that she was pregnant.
Stevie Ray gave a brutally honest and emotional speech about both of his parents dying before Stevie was even out of high school and the time he spent talking to Booker when he was in jail.  He gave great detail about Booker's life and everything he overcame. He kinda had to rush through their wrestling career but said Sherri Martel deserves the credit for putting Harlem Heat over the top.  Booker's speech was good, he wanted it to be more emotional and talk more about the amazing odds he overcame but he was constantly interrupted by chants for the spinerooni which he seemed to reluctantly do after his speech.  It was still the second best part of the show and he was able to tell his wife how much he loved her which was a touching moment.
Since his will probably be everywhere and this review is getting long all I say about Maria was WWE should of shown more about how close the two really are and her speech should have been 5-7 mins top.  I get why the crowd turned on her but it was the low point of the evening. She really does have a relationship with Backland and at least up until tonight was a huge fan of wwe but when you have Foley telling stories about jumping off his dorm room bed to impress girls and Maria saying Bob's smiling at her gave her the power to when a beauty pageant who's a crowd of 95% men gonna  relate too.. Part of me wants to think Backland was furious the way the crowd treated Maria and just decided to go nuts but Bob is Bob so who knows what his agenda was.  It was his moment and he decided to be crazy Bob so that's on him to live with but the tragedy is he went way long with Vince coming out twice trying to get him to stop and with the show running late this really shortened Bruno's time which was the biggest travesty of the entire night.

Vince and Trump tried and took it in stride but the crowd was relentless on Trump, it went too long should have gone on earlier but of course Vince is not going on first or second.
What to say about Bruno.  I wasn't even a live when he was an active wrestler but other than Foley he was why I bought a ticket.  Nothing but respect for the man and what a disgrace that he barely got 25 minutes.  He got two standing ovations which were beyond we'll deserved but the crowd interrupted him several times which while mostly out of admiration was nice but killed his time. Even still he told an amazing story about living in the hills of Italy during the nazi invsion as a child for 14 months with only his mother and siblings and how his mother would sneak into town to steal whatever food she could at night, risking her own life every time.

He said he was told by the Red Cross when the war ended that he would be dead in a day from illness suffered during more than a year of living in hiding in the mountains but his mother nursed him back to health and how lucky he was he even ever made it to America.  He talked about going from 85lbs to 250lbs while growing up and mentioned several times how Madison square garden made him because of the press he got in the major New York magazines that at the time sent news all over the world making him an instant international headliner.  He thanked HHH and said a few more words but he really does revered at least another 15 minutes if not more but it was what it was.

Overall some of the best and worst wrestling moments I've seen live but the disrespectful crowd and Bruno's not getting his full moment left me pretty dejected when it was all said and done.

Maybe I'm being over sensitive but to me tomorrow at Mania is the the time to chant and yell whatever you want, tonight should have been about the people who not only entertained us but also made incredible sacrifices being away from there families and friends for most of their careers not to mention the physical toll they took on there bodies and injuries and pain they suffered during and after their careers.  Again I'm not saying that the people who bought tickets tonight didn't have the right to cheer, boo, yell etc but it wasn't the time, it wasn't the place and it wasn't right."

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