WWE Superstars TV report

By Matt Barker

WWE Superstars Report

Match 1 Great Khali vs JTG

Khali is accompanied as always by Natalya and Hornswoggle. JTG looking confident as he passes a Leeds United flag on the aisle way. The big man dominates early with big overhand chops. Jason The Gangsta eventually grounds the Punjabi Playboy wth a dropkick to the knee and applies a chin lock. Khail manages to escape and get to his feet, as he hits JTG with clotheslines and a big chop to the head for the win. The unique faction then all dance in the ring as poor JTG lays on the mat.

HHH/Lesnar video package aires followed by a mention of Diddy performing at Wrestlemania.

We then join John Cena for his overly long promo from RAW. Amazingly the 'boring' chant is not edited out.

HHH joins HBK in the ring. I thought this segment was good, just wish they would have made the announcement of HBK being at Mania a bit more dramatic, instead of the very low key manner in which it did, hence the poor crowd response.

More RAW action as the beat down of Del Rio aires from Colter and Swagger. This is one of the bouts I am really not bothered about at Wrestlemania.

We then get the Rocks speech. I wish the face to face from Old School RAW would have been the final verbal battle before Wrestlemania, as it seems the past few weeks have been a drop off from that segment.

The final segment from RAW is shown more or less in its entirety, barring Undertakers entrance. I was in the camp of people who found this all a bit uneasy to watch. Looking forward to the match though. It would be mega shocking if Punk were to win. We shall see what happens.

Final Thoughts

A poor show this week. A 5 minute Khali match and the remainder just repeat viewing. Not good.

Wrestlemania predictions

Miz vs Barrett - Hope Barrett retains, although with how the mid level champions are booked it could be better for him if he loses. I'l go with Miz.

8 Person tag - Doesn't matter who wins here, so I say Tons of Funk to win, leading to a big dance off.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango - Fandango surely has to win in his debut match. Won't be a clean win however.

Team Hell No vs Dolph/Langston - I predict Vickie Guerrero will come out before hand and make it into a fatal four way, adding Techno Team 2000 and Kenzo Suzuki and Renee Dupree. Kidding of course. I can see a title switch here, I think that Team Hell No have ran their course.

Ryback vs Mark Henry - For some reason this is a match I am really looking forward to. The build has been spot on and I am a big fan of Henry. I can see Ryback winning though with a big shellshock!

Orton/Show/Sheamus vs The Shield - Should be a win for the Shield here. The bad guys have a very good PPV match streak going, hope it continues.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - Hoping for this feud to end and for Dolph Ziggler to cash in. Del Rio win.

HHH vs Brock Lesnar - I am going to go out on a limb and go with Lesnar. Would be a nice way for HHH to go out at the biggest event in the shadows of New York City.

Rock vs John Cena - Would be awesome if Rock won, the Cena snapped and went heel. Won't happen though, so I am going with a Cena victory.

Undertaker vs CM Punk - Punk will shock the world, perhaps with assistance from Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Diesel and King Kong Bundy. In all seriousness, Undertaker to win, after the usual dramatic back and forth ending, followed hopefully by a proper tribute to William 'Paul Bearer' Moody.

Till next week take care everyone and enjoy Wrestlemania.

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