CMLL TV report

Demus 3:16 & Peq Pierroth vs Astral/Peq Shocker
In the first fall, Peq Shocker pinned Peq Pierroth with a huracanranna & Astral made Demus tap with an inverted figure four leglock to win the first fall.  The rudos took the second fall when Demus 3:16 had Astral up with an over the shoulder back breaker and he brought him down face first onto the mat for the pin.  Peq Pierroth pinned Peq Shocker which started as a one arm powerslam but turned it into a Michinoku Driver.  In the third fall Demus 3:16 used a powerbomb on Astral on the floor.  Peq Pierroth used a Last Chancery to make Peq Shocker tap out.  After that Astral was counted out on the floor.
Winners:  Demus 3:16 & Peq. Pierroth.
Final Analysis:  It was a very good minis match which the crowd liked.  Astral really looked good with everything he did.
Rey Escorpion vs Mascara Dorada in a Relampago match
Maascara Dorada dove onto Escorpion from the stage area to the floor.  Mascara hit a tope suicida to the floor onto Escorpion.  Rey Escorpion hit Dorada with a plancha onto the floor.  Dorada dove off the ramp and hit Escorpion with a headscissors takover to the floor and then followed it up with a plancha to the floor.  Rey Escorpion picked up the win with a sitout powerbomb.
Winner:  Rey Escorpion
Final Analysis:  Another really good match highlighted by Dorada's flying.  Both guys really worked well together and Escorpion has been on fire this year.  Crowd again was very much into this match.
Mr Aguila/Volador Jr/Terrible vs Rush/Marco Corleone/Shocker
In the first fall Terrible made Rush tap to a modified boston crab and Volador Jr pinned Corleone with a lung blower.   In the second fall Corleone got the women rallied up with his hip gyrations.  Corleone ended up pinning Volador Jr with his Air Corleone and Rush pinned Terrible with a double stomp to the midsection after he hit Terrible with a running plancha from the ramp.  Third fall saw Mr Aguila pin Shocker when he kicked him low.
Winners:  Mr Aguila/Volador Jr/Terrible.
Final Analysis:  Match was decent.  Not as good as the other two.  The women love Corleone but other than that the faces were booed out of the building.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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