Invasion Attack PPV feedback

Thumbs up
best match Okada vs Tanahashi
worst match eight man tag

Really enjoyed the whole card nothing was bad and a lot was good to very good to great.The jr tag team match was very good and Devitt's heel turn was great,very dissapointing that Sakuraba got hurt the tag was really heating up at that point,Nakamura/Smith was very good i would say Smith best match up to this point and what can i say about the main that a ton of other people won't great drama throughout and unbelievable psychology with Okada selling the arm just great just a fantastic match which alone was worth paying the asking price.

John Boyle

Hi Dave,

Best match: Tanahashi vs. Okada
Worst match: Kojima vs. Conway

Another $25 well spent. Bar the NWA match, everything on the card delivered. Devitt's turn was well executed. CMLL match was short and sweet. Minoru Suzuki looked dominant. Laughter 7 vs. Nagata and Goto was great while it lasted. Hopefully there's no long term damage to Sakuraba's arm; props to him for doing a post-match with Nagata seconds after getting his elbow popped back in. Conway vs. Kojima would have been fine as a 6 minute mid-card bout, but was always going to come up short next to the other main events, especially with that finish. Shinsuke vs. DBS Jr. was very good. Nakamura is consistently fabulous and has been for a long time and Davey Boy Smith Jr is starting to come into his own as a singles wrestler.
Tanahashi vs. Okada was an incredible match. All the counters and call-backs to their previous matches added a layer of story that elevated it above a 'standard' Tanahashi defence. What was really clever was the match was structured in such a way that they did it without resorting to kicking out of each other's big finishers. Best match of the year so far.

Will Byard
, London

Thumbs up
Best Match: Okada vs Tanahashi
Worst Match: 8 man tag (though it was still a fun match)
Dave this show was probably the second best show all year after the Tokyo Dome show.  Nothing on the show was terrible and there were plenty of matches that set up future matches. The Prince Devitt heel turn was a thing of beauty I really hope he becomes the leader of a foreign heel stable. Now as far as the main event is concerned I can honestly say without hyperbole that this was probably the greatest match I ever saw.  The ring psychology, the Tanahashi heel tactics, the selling of the arm and the near falls were all perfect.  Okada sold the arm even while attempting a pin and even after he had won. There were 3 spots were I thought we would see the finish for sure that had me fooled.  I can't believe at 24 years old how great Okada is at the moment.  I don't see how any match this year can top how great this match was.  Everyone needs to go out of there way to watch this one.
David Penton
Tucson, AZ

Hi Dave,
Just finished watching the NJPW iPPV and I cannot put into words how mind blowing the main event was. In my opinion, the only match that tainted tonight was perhaps the Kojima/Conway match, and this was fine just out of place on this show.
Okada & Tanahashi was the apex of their rivalry and feud. Tanahashi's relentless assault on Okada's arm to break down his biggest weapon was brilliant, with Okada delivering the most convincing sell job I've ever seen. Okada's offense on Tana's neck to weaken him was equally as brutal. DDTs on ring aprons, an endless struggle for the tombstone spot and the final rainmaker that ended it. 
Not since Bret/Austin have I walked away from a match that blown away. This is what pro wrestling is. This is why we love it. Quite honestly the greatest match of the modern era. A huge two thumbs up.
Johnathon Greer
St. Peter's Catholic School, Halifax

Hi Dave,

I found time today to catch the New Japan PPV main event today. My 60 year old father who is skeptical about pro wrestling at best was enthralled by it and it was one of the matches of the year so far without a doubt. I hope that New Japan's business remains strong going forward and I will continue to support them.

Looking forward to viewing the rest of the card when it going on demand.

Tom Penny


Thumbs way up

Best Match: Tanahashi vs Okada
Worst Match: Conway vs Kojima

While the undercard as good the main event is all you can talk about. I have watched every major match in every major promotion you can think of. Not only was this Hiroshi Tanahashi's greatest match. This was the best match I have ever seen. It was better than Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue. I was physically shaking while watching it. I can't say enough about it. Just amazing

JP Mull

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