Feedback to all of the shows this weekend that aren't WWE


Bubba wants to chicken out so bad he comes up with psychosomatic back pains and goes for bloodwork but unfortunately for him it comes out okay. Cop Guy turns punk and taps out to Mongolian Ear Slaps from Zit Face Guy. Uriah knocks Bubba out so fast and with a punch so fast it takes 10 replays to even see it. The amount of damage it does is... frightening. It turns out the punch broke his face in THREE places. Both coaches want Uriah vs. Zit Face Guy right away in the semis for some reason. We already knew what Dana has in mind and fortunately he sticks to it. Uriah vs. Maori Guy and Zit Face Guy vs. Kelvin in the semis.


Thumbs in the middle. Poor undercard, good top card which at least ended the season on an up. Apparently Jersey refs would rather be sodomized with a rabid weasel than break a clinch but have no problem stopping fights for no reason. The one ref looks like he had as much plastic surgery as Jocelyn Von Whasserface.

Best fight: amazingly I think it was Hawn vs. Karo, HM to Frodo vs. Richman

Worst fight: Good vs. Rivera

KO: Marshall

Sub: Curran

In the prelims, Liam McGeary stuns the short, porky Anton Talamantes with bottom elbows, catches him when he turns and runs, and finishes him off, in the 1st. Not sure why they keep giving Talamantes fights. He's pathetic. Tall, pigtailed Kevin Roddy disturbingly appears to be wearing actual underwear, but beats the rather confused Brylan van Artsdalen pretty easily, finishing with 2ndR arm bar. Will Martinez overwhelms Mike Hess, finishing with a G&P KO in the 1st. Jimmy Rivera outhustles Brian Kelleher for the UD. Good boxer but can't break an egg. Phillipe Nover, barely over .500 after a hyped start, dominates at all ranges and takes the UD over previously unbeaten Darryl Horcher. Carols Brooks comes in over weight and tries to finish Tom DeBlass quick but can't and gasses in the 2nd, quitting in his corner after the round with a swollen eye from a G&P punch. Bad stop in the 2nd gives Sam Oropeza the TKO over Shedrick Goodridge after a mostly boring fight. He was raining down flippy elbows but doing no damage. Oropeza then has to be helped out, unable to put weight on his right leg. Less said about the undercard main the better. Whole fight was Lyman Good clinching nearly-40 Dante Rivera into the same place of the cage except one TD at the end of the 2nd. One judge somehow gives Rivera a round. MAJOR boring.

On the top card Rick Hawn puts a surprisingly competitive although unsurprisingly fat, cheating and douchemouthed Karo Parysian out with a right hand in the 2nd. Karo whines, of course. There was some kind of history from their Judo days. usually unflappable Hawn came in pissed off and probably took longer than he needed to because of it.

In the MW tourney final, Brett Cooper too brave for his own good. Was willing to trade with the heavy handed Doug Marshall and paid for it. 100 grand'll buy a lotta swastikas. Marshall could make you root for the other guy even if he was an Arab terrorist.

In the FW final, Frodo Khasbulaev uses sharp footwork to take a 30-27 UD over Mike Richman in what was actually a very close fight.

Pat Curran looking brilliant defends the FW title by almost immediately pulling Guillotine and putting the thunderous punching Shahbulat Shamhalaev to sleep. Wish Curran was in UFC.

Thumbs all the way up. Dana still thinks there's only enough women for one weight division? Only real negative is Mauro, who's back to his 'mamma mia' shit. Fortunately Julie and Mo provide knowledge and insight to counteract him.

Best fight: Waterson-Penne narrowly tops Kaufman-Smith

Worst fight: Honchak-Porto and it wasn't that awful

KO: Nakamoto

Sub: Namajunas

In the opening prelim, Alexandra Chambers pounces after taking a right hand, takes back, stretches Jodie Esquivel and taps her with RNC just over a minute in.

Pat Barry in Rose Namajunas' corner---oh she's his GIRLFRIEND? She must like it because she's in a hurry and somersaults armbar on Kathina Catron in 12 seconds. That's gonna be hard to beat for sub of the night. 2 fights, 2 SotNs for Namajunas. That was pretty amazing. Rumina Sato Lives.

Katja Kankaanpaa (Finnish, can barely even copy and paste it) takes a UD over Juliana Carneiro Lima in an interesting mostly technical grappling match of previously unbeatens. One judge gives Carneiro a round.

In another 0 Must Go, Muay Thai champion Miriam Nakamoto knocks Jessamyn Duke cold with a knee to the head from Thai clinch but was she grounded? Replay shows there were two knees and the second she was both knees down, but she may have already been out cold from the first knee and that's the ruling by BJM and the 1stR KO stands.

Simona Soukupova taps Cassie Rodish with her second try at a standing Guillotine in the 2nd after a close, hard fight. Terrific undercard.

Top card opens with a grudge match that should only have been as good as its video promo. Not much of a fight, Jasminka Cive clueless on grappling, Bec Hyatt able to TD her easily, play with her with G&P, and finish her with arm bar.

Julia Budd, possibly the best conditioned female fighter, who seems to have totally abandoned her kickboxing roots, overwhelms Mollie Estes, taking her down at will and finishing with 3rdR RNC.

Lauren Taylor remains unbeaten upsetting Kaitlin Young, who has no defense for her wrestling, via UD. Young has now lost 4 straight and may have shot her bolt in the incredible draw with Leslie Smith back at Invicta 1.

Unheralded Brazilian Jennifer Maia further exposes and makes it 2 losses in a row for the horribly overrated Zoila Frausto-Gurgel, pinning her against the cage for most of the fight and landing pretty much whatever she wants to whenever she wants to. Two judges somehow give Gurgel a round which in itself is almost as bad a decision as several Gurgel has previously undeservedly won.

Sarah Kaufman, already signed to UFC, and Leslie Smith, as expected, throw tirelessly for three entire rounds of brawling. Kaufman looks to edge the 1st and 3rd with more technical striking and Smith wins the 2nd big with a HK KD. Gonna be hard to beat for FotN, or maybe year. A draw would be acceptable but I think Kaufman will edge it. It's 29-28 split for... Kaufman. Great fight. Crowd does not like the decision.

Cyborga scores a KD about 1 second in and pounds on Fiona Muxlow for the next 4 minutes till BJM has to step in. Cris will now rematch Marloes who she has already beaten once, for the vacant FW title.

First main is a bit of a letdown especially after the last two fights as Barb Honchak and Vanessa Porto never break out of slow striking mode for 5 rounds. Honchak seems to sweep the rounds just with higher work rate. Porto seems limited to low kicks, which land, and overhand rights that miss. Not a good fight. 50-45 and somehow 49-46 and mystifyingly 48-47 and Honchak takes the vacant FlyW title.

Second main blows everything out of the water. GREAT fight with Michelle Waterson and Jessica Penne. Top shelf grappling from both. Waterson looking sharper and takes the first two rounds, Penne stronger. Penne seems close to finishing it in the 3rd with pounding from crucifix and then an arm bar but Waterson somehow survives and escapes and then suddenly ends it with her own arm bar in the 4th and takes away the Atomweight title. I think this topped Kaufman-Smith for FotN. Not as nuts but just as much drama and far better technique.

UFC fuel 9

Thumbs up. Entertaining if low profile card. Goldy subbing makes you realize how bad Jonny Pipik really is.

Best fight: for me tie between Pickett-Easton and Madadi-Johnson

Worst fight: Mousasi-Latifi but wasn't terrible

KO: McGregor

Sub: Madadi

Didn't know how early the fb fights started  and missed a few. What I saw, Adlan Amagov just baffles Chris Spang with absolutely unpredictable, diverse offense and this should be at least a 30-27 and is. This guy can land any kick from any position. In a matchup from the current TUF season, Thor Troeng easily grounds Adam Cella (the dude whose head Uriah kicked off), takes back, and sinks the RNC. 

In a fight which featured some weigh in drama, Michael Johnson looking way sharper early than last time out's horrible performance vs. the much bigger Miles Jury almost finishes the also much bigger Reza Madadi at the end of R1 after a HK KD from clinch which should be a 10-8. Madadi attacks with a sub barrage in the 2nd and grounds MJ the entire round, very much like the Jury fight. Could make a case for a 10-8 there too except not that much damage. Same in the 3rd and Madadi finishes with a D'Arce. The Swedish ref conveniently ignores his toes laced into the fence. Great fight though. MJ might wanna think about featherweight. Madadi very funny. All the Swedes seem to get his jokes in English.

Akira Corassani outhustles Robbie Peralta to open the top card. Some drama in the 2nd as Peralta lands his only clean shot of the fight and rocks Corassani, who survives and rocks Peralta later in the round. One judge gives Peralta a round. Corassani uncharacteristically babyface on his promo fighting at home (not sure how that works as his name is half Japanese and half Italian and talks English with a NY accent but he was born and raised in Sweden).

The other charm boy and eventual winner from that season of TUF, Diego Brandao, also uncharacteristically looking calm and acting sportsmanlike, easily dumps the nearly foot taller scarecrow Pablo Garza and works his way to arm tri for the tap. May have cut a babyface promo but I couldn't tell if he was talking English or Portuguese. Not kidding.

In an earlier fight I had missed that earned replay, Conor McGregor from Ireland threads the needle and quickly KOs the aggressive Marcus Brimage. This guy even showed a little Capoeira. Very impressive. Guy to watch.

Tremendous fight from Brad Pickett and Mike Easton, both of whom needed the good performance after something less last time out. Three competitive, back and forth, fast paced rounds. Pickett seems to edge both the striking and grappling, taking down the previously un-TDed Easton several times, and takes the 30-27 X 2, 28-29 SD.

Matt Mitrione blows away the always inept Phil DeFries (how did that guy ever get a second booking) with a body block and G&P and gets back in the W column. 19 seconds. It was like the guy hit himself in the head with Mitrione's hip.

Ryan Couture operates with some degree of skill but Ross Pearson finally catches up to him in the 2nd and blasts him out. Pearson thinks he broke his foot warming up in the locker room.

In the main, Gegard Mousasi, himself fighting on a blown out knee, accepts a late sub Latifi who's the sparring partner of and completely opposite from Gustafsson, the guy he had been training for, and admittedly does 'standing lay and pray' which consisted of busing the guy's face into strawberry jam with his jab for 14m30s. Latifi, very tough, catches a kick in the last 30, spills Mousasi, and tries his best to drop some G&P. Mousasi sweeps the cards. Not great but earned the all important brownie points with Dana.


Only saw clips but at the One FC, Brock Larsen actually turning and sprinting full speed around the cage to keep away from Melvin Manhoef. Should have been thrown out right then and there but ends up winning the decision. Horrible. Also at Glory 6, Gokhan Saki upsets Daniel Ghita via 2ndR KO to earn a title shot with Schilt. The fight is in Saki's home, Turkey. I know this is Glory now and not K1, but I retain an ongoing sense of suspicion about some of the results.

Crimson Mask

Thumbs way up
Best match Johnny Gargano vs Shingo
Worst match Scott Reed vs Derrick ???(didnt catch the last name)
From top to bottom this card was amazing capped off by a match of the year canidate in Gargano vs Shingo. Super Smash Bros vs Young Bucks and Tozawa vs Riccochet were also over 4 stars and the 6 way match was just insane. This is the best card ive ever attended live and I was losing my shit all night.
Wade Haugen

Thumbs way WAY up!!!
Best Match - Akira Tozawa vs Ricochet
Worst Match - (by default) Rich Swann vs Brian Kendrick
This was my first dealing with Dragon Gate USA, and they did not disappoint. I can honestly say this was the best 14.99 I've spent in a long time on a show. This was my fifth show I watched this weekend, and no disrespect to any other promotion out there, but this delivered 100%. I was beyond impressed with so many matches here. The Ricochet vs Tozawa match was a solid 4 1/2 stars for me, with the six man scramble and the tag title match also at 4 stars, and the main event a solid 3 1/2. They have made a fan for life here for sure, and right now, I can't pick between Lethal vs Elgin and Tozawa vs Ricochet as the match of the weekend, and there's still two more supershows to watch!
Roy Lucier

Hey just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the SHIMMER volume 53 iPPV

Overall: Thumb's Up

Best Match: Ayako Hamada vs. Athena

Worst Match: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie vs. Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee (not a terrible match)

This was the first SHIMMER show I wasn't able to attend live in a few years but was happy to see it
on iPPV with no connection problems whatsoever. Ayako Hamada is ridiculously good. Saying TNA
dropped the ball with her is a huge understatement.

Brad Peterson

I thought the CZW show was good overall. The ultraviolence of the Masada vs Kasai match was insane but quite a spectacle. Best match was the 6 man opener which featured mind blowing spots, followed by the Crist Bros vs Tommy End and Michael Dante. End and Dante are from WXW and looked real good. Cabana vs Excellent was an epic comedy match that was lots of fun. Callihan and Fox deserve special praise for doing 4 good matches each yesterday. Overall the show was a thumbs up.

Mike Carroll

Best Match: Ayako Hamada vs. Athena
Worst Match: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie vs. Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee (though that was also a good match)
After the disaster that was the EVOLVE iPPV, SHIMMER's debut iPPV was a triumph. I am a long time fan of the promotion, and I have travelled to all of their DVD tapings in Berwyn, IL since 2011, and I'm going next week. They came through in a big way today.
First off, I would like to mention the guts that LuFisto showed after missing a moonsault from the top to the outside, injuring her knee. She was able to finish out her portion of the match and even pull off a Burning Hammer. That woman is incredible. Also, Cheerleader Melissa pulled off a beautiful hurricanrana off one of the biggest steel cages I've ever seen onto Saraya Knight, her winning back the SHIMMER Title got the great moment it deserved.
The match of the night was Hamada vs. Athena. They had a great first match in Berwyn back in October, but although the fans (over 700) weren't as loud here, this was an even better match than that one. Athena is fast becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world, and Hamada did such a fantastic job in helping her get to that level. They surely must have a third match soon, as they're tied 1-1 in the series.
The three major returns were all great - Madison Eagles remained as awesome as ever after 18 months away in her match with Jessie McKay; Amazing Kong was her usual destructive self in a fine opener with Mia Yim, and Serena Deeb didn't look like she missed anything in her time away. Evie was impressive in her debut in the five way, and we got an absolute shock debut in the promotion in the form of Jessicka Havok, who fans thought was not going to compete in SHIMMER due to a perceived strained relationship with Dave Prazak, but obviously a deal's been done.
Casual fans aside, who weren't really vocal about the product and were just watching the show, this was an incredible first showing on iPPV, and I cannot wait to travel out to see the DVD tapings next weekend. Serena Deeb vs. Jessicka Havok has already been announced, and I am seriously excited about seeing that match live, as well as the rest of the weekend with Cheerleader Melissa back as the champion.
Martin Bentley

Thumbs Up 
Best Match: Wolves vs redDragon
Worst Match: TV 3-way
ROH, despite all of the streaming problems, puts on great events a few times a year. This was great top to bottom. Elgin-Lethal was a close second to the tag match. Just a great card.
I didn't have many streaming problems, but I watched early this morning, not live. There were a few glitches and it seemed I missed a few seconds of the title match. But nothing like some of their other disasters. 
I really am in awe of the spectacle Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards put on during iPPVs. That's worth the $15 alone. It was as good, if not better, than Elgin-Richards at Mania weekend last year. Hard-hitting and well paced.
The crowd did seem a little dead for Anderson-Strong, which hurt that match. But still a great showing by two pros.
People should go out of their way to see this card. Not just for a fun ending and one of the better moments of the weekend. But from the opener on down there's nothing really poor on the show. And again, the tag match was a top tier battle.
Mike Trask 
Las Vegas

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