Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report with CLASSIC BUDDY ROSE and salute to Reid Flair

Here's this week's Portland recap for what it's worth.  Last week's was a repeat. Not really sure what's going on with this group.
Portland Wrestling Uncut - 4/6/13
By John Baumer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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Don Coss opens the show

-Piper and Promoter Pete Schweitzer head into the locker room to talk to the talent.  Schweitzer offers Piper a shot of Jack Daniels but he turns it down.  The wrestlers tear into Schweitzer for not paying them and bring up he's done this in the past.  Kliever points out that Schweitzer was at the BCW show last weekend buying everyone drinks, yet he's supposed to be broke.  Schweitzer asks the wrestlers to call him first with problems, not Piper or the station. Schweitzer says he's going to refinance his house to help fund the promotion, which pisses off Exile for some reason.  He must realize how incredibly stupid a storyline is that tells the audience the promotion is a failure.

-The Grappler joins Don Coss and says he's the reason the show has ratings.  He says he worked for Don Owen and never whined and complained like today's wrestlers.  He says he's bringing in scabs from Hollywood and links to footage of Brian Cage vs. Tyler Cintron from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  After a commercial break, Colt Toombs shows up, and Grappler cuts a promo on him. Toombs says before Grappler shows more footage from Hollywood, he wants to see a match from Portland.

-Match #1 - Rebroadcast
Colt Toombs defeated the Grappler

-Flashback: Buddy Rose & Col. DeBeers promo (circa 89 I'd guess). Rose brings out 60 pounds of beef fat to show how much weight he lost on the Buddy Rose diet. He pulls off his shorts and is wearing tighty whities (except they are blue). Rose demonstrates his workout by bouncing his pecs/boobs. Next he brings a woman into the ring (which I believe was his wife) and she spots him doing about four sit-ups, which he says was ten. Next Rose brings in a fan who thinks he's in better shape. Rose does ten one-arm push-ups and when the fan tries he fails miserably. Rose instructs the fan to lose some belly weight. This was so good.

-Colt Toombs holds a 10-bell salute for Reed Flair

-Match #2 - NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (from Hollywood July 2012)
Kevin Douglas (c) defeated Jack Zaler with a splash off the top rope

-Grappler is gloating about how good the Hollywood guys are, but Coss cuts him off and wants to see footage of Portland's champion.

-Match #3 - Rebroadcast
Big Ugly defeated Daivari to win the PNW title

-Coss closes the show with Toombs and Exile. There will be some kind of show next week because the wrestlers aren't quitting! But are they still striking?

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