ROH TV report 4/6 show

4/6/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer introduce the show from the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. They preview that tonight SCUM Is banned from the building and the Forever Hooligans of Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero will face ROH Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. There will also be a women’s four corner survival match with MsChif vs Athena vs Cherry Bomb vs a mystery woman.

Mike Sydal and Adam Page come to the ring for the opening tag team match followed by their opponents ACH and Tadarius Thomas. Sydal and ACH tie up to start and ACH ended up in the corner where Sydal tags in Page and they do a double hip-toss on ACH. Page follows up with a running shooting star press. Page is wearing a cast and starts punching ACH who hits a blind tag to Thomas who works over Page with capoeira kicks. ACH tags in and chops Page and gives him an inverted atomic drop as Thomas tags in and hits a clothesline followed by a back suplex. Page comes back and catches Thomas with a powerslam and tags in Sydal who dropkicks ACH who tagged in as well. Sydal dropkicks Thomas through the ropes and then dodges ACH ‘s clothesline matrix-style and hits a leaping neckbreaker. He avoids Thomas matrix-style as well and hits a bulldog. Thomas and ACH are on the outside and Sydal goes to the tope rope and moonsaults onto ACH. Sydal rolls ACH back in and attempts a pin that is broken up by Thomas. Page and Thomas battle while Sydal ties up ACH in an Indian deathlock bridging into a chinlock. Thomas breaks it up and hits Sydal with an enzuiguri. ACH hits Sydal with a cradle DDT and pins Sydal for the win.

Veda Scott interviews MsChif and asks her how she feels about having a yet-to-be-named opponent in the four-corner survival match. MsChif starts to say it doesn’t matter when Truth Martini interrupts and says he likes MsChif’s style and asks if she will become a hoopla hottie. MsChif says she has no desire to be any part of Martini’s gang and to get out of her way because she has a match to win. Martini’s “hoopla hottie” tells him not to worry as MsChif is not hot enough anyway. Martini then tells her that she is the fourth person in the match.

After a commercial break Martini’s “hoopla hottie” Scarlett Bordeaux comes to the ring followed by Cherry Bomb, Athena and then MsChif. Veda Scott joins the commentary table. MsChif starts with Athena and they trade strikes leading to Athena hitting a flying headscissors. Cherry Bomb tags in and faces Athena and catches her in a full-nelson followed by an armdrag. Athena hits her own armdrag and rolls up Cherry Bomb who escapes and rolls up Athena. Cherry Bomb hits a dropkick and MsChif tags in and legdrops Cherry Bomb’s face into the mat. Cherry Bomb hits a chinbreaker but MsChif throws her to the mat and yells at Scarlett allowing Cherry Bomb to get a roll-up and a running knee before tagging in Athena hits MsChif with a cross-body. Athena then cartwheels into a clothesline on MsChif and tags in Scarlett whose strikes on MsChif have no effect. MsChif throws Scarlett into the corner and hits her with a running knee to the face but her pin attempt is broken by Athena. Cherry Bomb tags in but gets kicked in the stomach by MsChif who then catches her with a northern lights suplex. MsChif’s bridging pin is broken up by a handspring from Athena who goes to the top rope but is cut off by Cherry Bomb. Cherry goes for a superplex and MsChif comes in and powerbombs Cherry while she is superplexing Athena. Scarlett runs in and attempts pins on all three opponents. Scarlett stands up and finds MsChif behind her and MsChif gives her a chokeslam powerbomb. Cherry Bomb hits a missile dropkick on MsChif but turns around and catches an O-Face (top rope ace crusher) from Athena who scores the pin and wins the match. Veda Scott then interviews MsChif and says that she had been undefeated since her return to ROH. Veda asks MsChif if she will change her strategy and MsChif does not answer. Veda asks MsChif what happened and MsChif blows mist in Veda’s eyes.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly previews tonight’s ROH Tag Team Title match with champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly defending against Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero. Kelly says that Kozlov and Romero are formerly bitter rivals now teaming as the Forever Hooligans. Kelly reviews that they faced Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards at the 11th Anniversary Show and says the match was so hotly contested that ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness rewarded the Hooligans with a title match. Kelly says that if Fish and O’Reilly are successful they will face Richards and Edwards at Supercard Of Honor. Kelly notes that Kozlov and Romero defeated Jushin Liger and Tiger Mask IV to become IWGP Jr Tag Team Champions in Japan . Fish and O’Reilly are interviewed and O’Reilly says that Kozlov and Romero are one of the best tag teams in the world with international acclaim but they are Redragon. They have a striking expert, a submission specialist and masters in multiple disciplines who look damn good doing it. Fish says that even with the Hooligans’ international acclaim and Romero even having history in ROH, they have bad luck as tonight the Forever Hooligans run into the Forever Champions.

Kelly says that next week there will be a recap on Supercard of Honor and news on the women of honor.

After a commercial break Pepper Parks comes to the ring followed by his opponent Roderick Strong. They shake hands to start and then tie up and trade wristlocks for a while. Parks whips Strong to the corner and misses a clothesline allowing Strong to hit a savate kick. Strong kicks Parks in the gut then takes him to the corner for chops. Parks hits a reverse neckbreaker on Strong who fights back with kicks to the gut. Strong works over Parks with chops and gives him an enzuiguri to the face followed by a sidewalk slam. Strong takes Parks to the ring apron and Parks nails him with elbows and they trade chops and elbows. Strong charges Parks and take a knee to the face, knocking him to the floor. Parks takes Strong inside   and puts him in a fireman’s carry but Strong rolls him up and then hits a superkick. Strong hits a running knee to Parks’ face in the corner and takes him to the top rope. Parks fights off Strong with a headbutt and then hits a jumping neckbreaker from the top rope and attempts a pin. They’re on their feet and Strong hits a jumping knee to Parks’ face followed by a double-knee gut-buster and then applies his Stronghold Boston Crab. Parks taps out and Strong wins the match.

After a commercial break Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero come to the ring followed by ROH Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards join the commentary table. The two teams shake hands to start and O’Reilly and Kozlov tie up with Kozlov knocking O’Reilly down with a shoulder-block. They criss-cross several times and Kozlov starts chanting “Russia! Russia!” and O’Reilly kicks him in the face. Kozlov hits two low dropkicks to the knees and head on O’Reilly and tags in Romero. Kozlov hits a reverse atomic drop setting up O’Reilly for a clothesline from Romero who attempts a pin. O’Reilly hits a chinbreaker and tags in Fish who trades forearms with Romero until Romero breaks it up with an eye-poke. They criss-cross and Romero hits a flying hurracanrana. Fish hits Romero with kicks but Romero hooks Fish’s leg and drops him to the mat. Kozlov tags in and whips Romero into the corner where he hits several clotheslines on Fish without allowing Kozlov to do so. Kozlov and Romero then argue and push each other and square off before hugging. O’Reilly runs at them and gets a double hip-toss and Fish takes a double elbow to the face. Fish backdrops Kozlov to the apron and charges him but gets backdropped to the floor. O’Reilly hits a running boot to the face on Kozlov and then leg-whips Romero on the ropes. Fish whips Kozlov into the ring barrier where O’Reilly hits him with a missile dropkick. Fish takes Kozlov back inside the ring and gets a two-count. Fish kicks Kozlov into the corner and follows up with a knee to the gut. Fish snapmares Kozlov and slingshots onto him with a senton. Fish gives Kozlov a vertical suplex and tags in O’Reilly who hits Kozlov with a kneedrop and a kick to the back as the show goes to commercials. After the break, O’Reilly gives Kozlov a snap suplex and attempts a pin. O’Reilly tags in Fish who dropkicks Romero off of the apron. Fish and O’Reilly then whip Kozlov into the corner and hits him and elbow and a running kick. Fish then puts Kozlov in a backbreaker while O’Reilly hits a top rope kneedrop and attempts a pin. O’Reilly works over Kozlov’s eye and then drags him to the corner where Fish tags in and hits a belly-to-back suplex. O’Reilly tags in again and Kozlov fights back with forearms and hits O’Reilly with a DDT. Romero tags in and hits a series of clotheslines on both Fish and O’Reilly. Fish is on the mat and Romero does a step-off on him and clotheslines O’Reilly out of the ring. Fish then whips Romero into the ropes but Romero straddles the ropes and dodges a charging Fish. Romero then hits a tope suicida onto both Fish and O’Reilly. Romero takes Fish back inside and tags in Kozlov. Romero leg-sweeps Fish and then kneels down allowing Kozlov to do a step-off splash onto Fish. Kozlov hits a Russian Leg-sweep on Fish and signals to Romero who throws his Cossack hat to him. Kozlov the hits Fish with Cossack kicks to the head followed by a double-stomp to the head for a pin attempt.   O’Reilly attempts to interfere but is cut off by Romero who teams with Kozlov to whip Fish into the corner. Romero clotheslines Fish into the corner and then Kozlov runs Romero’s knee into the face of Fish. Romero takes up Fish in a backbreaker but O’Reilly stops Kozlov from assisting. Romero hits O’Reilly with an enzuiguiri. Fish misses a head-kick on Romero allowing Romero to put Fish on his shoulders where Romero hits a knee-strike off the top rope. O’Reilly breaks up a pin attempt. All four men are in the ring and O’Reilly headbutts Romero and hits a jumping knee and a spinning elbow on Kozlov. Romero hits a kick to O’Reilly’s head and follows up with punches on Fish but Fish takes him down with a head-kick and all four men are down. O’Reilly gets to his feet and trades punches and forearms with Romero. Fish hits him with a kick and a knee-strike and takes him down with a suplex. Kozlov breaks up a pin attempt and throws forearms at both Fish and O’Reilly but they takes him down with several kicks. Romero gets to his feet and Fish and O’Reilly hit him with Total Elimination. Fish then holds up Romero for a vertical suplex and drops him as Fish kicks him in the head. O’Reilly then pins Romero to win the match and keep the titles.

This was an excellent show this week and I enjoyed all three matches. ACH and Thomas as a tag team might be my favorite thing in wrestling right now. I really like Fish and O’Reilly as a team as well and the main event is worth checking out. MsChif also got over well in her match. Between the mostly good television lately and the strong ippv this weekend, ROH feels like a product on the upswing right now.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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