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Thumbs up
Best match - Shingo vs Akira Tozawa
Worst Match - Jon Davis vs Orange Cassidy
I know there's going to be comparisons about day 1 and day 2. Obviously day 1 was much better, but this was still a thumbs up. Think the crowd was the same crowd as last night, because it was nowhere as hot a crowd as the night before. Highlights were, of course, the six-man match (3 3/4 stars) and the main event (solid 4 stars). Dragon Gate USA honestly made a fan out of me this weekend

Roy Lucier

Thumbs up.

Best Match: Tanahashi vs. Okada
Worst Match: Conway vs. Kojima

$25 is a small price to pay.  You WILL enjoy this show.  3 matches on the show (8-man, Lucha Tag & NWA Tag) are just kind of there, but the rest of the card has some really fun matches, and a few really great ones!  That includes a main event so satisfying I think I myself would give it 5 stars.  Buy this show!
-Matt Lovallo

Thumbs up! (obviously)

Hi Dave,

Just finished watching the New Japan "Invasion Attack" iPPV, a little feedback to the latter part of the show -

It probably won't get rave reviews but I very much enjoyed Yujiro & Tanaka vs  Makabe & Honma. Just a very entertaining match with four guys who know exactly what they're doing, I loved it.

Nagata & Goto vs Sakuraba & Shibata was just as excellent as I knew it would be until the unfortunate injury. I'm actually surprised Sakuraba didn't injure himself from the suplex a minute earlier when he landed badly on his neck. Hope he recovers soon, in the meantime singles matches between Shibata against Goto and/or Nagata would be great.

Conway vs Kojima seems to be getting a hard time but I thought it was fine. Nothing special but not terrible. Presumably this leads to a tag match with Kojima & Tenzan vs Conway and the other guy.
It's amazing to see how much Smith Jnr has evolved since leaving WWE. Just shows what happens when a company has faith in a wrestler's ability and allows them to express it. Very good match with Nakamura, who has done a brilliant job of making the IC look more important with each defence.

I don't know if it's a heat of the moment thing but right now I feel that Tanahashi vs Okada is the greatest match I've ever seen. Not much to say that hasn't been said except to encourage any wrestling fan to watch it!

All in all another superb show that was yet again more than worth the money and I'll continue to buy all NJPW iPPVs going forward.


Duncan MacGregor

London, England

Thumbs WAY up
Best Match: Tanahashi vs. Okada
Worst Match: Bob Sapp tag.

Thought this was a hell of a show, maybe the best of the weekend. So far the only one that comes close is the ROH iPPV on Friday but that show had nothing that was as good as Tanahashi vs. Okada. What a freaking great match that was, much better than the 1/4/13 and 2/12/12 matches...maybe even better than their classic from June. The Laughter7 tag match was going great until Sakuraba got hurt. He's gonna be out for a while, so it'll be interesting to see what they do with Shibata. The Jr. Tag match was really good and Devitt's heel turn was fantastic. Like I said, killer show and everyone should get the replay.

Ricky Schmidt

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