First batch of WrestleMania feedback

Hi Dave,  Overall a Thumbs UP Best Match Undertaker vs Punk Worst match Miz vs Barret
No match of the year but good stuff considering the build, like the Shield won clean, and Taker and Punk I think surpassed what I thought they going to do.  HHH vs Lesnar was fine, good finish.  So me and my friends had fun watching the PPV.
Kyle Schroeder

Thumbs in the middle.

Best: Taker Vs. Punk

Worst: Rock Vs. Cena

Missed the first hour due to work, but it seems I didn't miss much, as the only match I would have cared about is the 6 man tag, so I don't feel so bad.

Del Rio vs. Swagger was a good back and forth match, but I was disappointed that there was no cash in from Dolph.

Taker vs. Punk was tremendous.  I loved the buildup, and this match delivered.  Punk is among the best storytellers going today, and Taker is a top 5 greatest of all time, and the best big man bar none.  That was one of the two I wanted to see, and I was pleased with Taker getting to 21-0.

Brock vs. Hunter was also tremendous.  I had a feeling Hunter would win, but I was unsure as the match went on.  Brock is better than people give him credit for, and he is just a freakin' monster.  I love HBK to death, but I think he was sort of unnecessary here.

Cena vs. Rock was a decent enough match, but I knew Cena was going to win.  When it ended, part of me held out hope Dolph would cash in, but alas we get Rock raising Cena's hand to end it.  I get Rock is doing the company thing, but to quote Vince after Mankind won the belt back in 1999, "That makes me wanna puke."

As always, thanks for all the great coverage and keep up the good work.

Tom Schatzman


Thumbs in the middle (being generous)

Best Match:

Undertaker & CM Punk

Worst Match:

 Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger

Worst Moment:

Cena & Rock lovefest to close out the show.  

Best individual performer

Brock Lesnar

Average show, not terribly better than B show quality.  Nothing too much to get excited about.  The big surprises are Randy Orton not turning heel and Dolph Zigler not cashing in MITB … good grief.  Can not imagine what a Rock vs Lesnar match would look like.  Conversely, I can imagine what a Cena vs Undertaker match would look like … wonder if Cena would salute the Undertaker at that  match's conclusion.  And here's hoping that Shawn Michaels stays home next year, unless he plans to compete.     

Rich Rolandi

thumbs down
best match: CM Punk v Undertaker
worst match: Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger
the opener was fun, great to see Rollins and Ambrose on the big stage and perform well and look like stars too! Bizarre 50/50 booking in the Ryback/Henry match, looked like they bottled have one guy looking completely strong at the expense of the other.

Jericho/Fandango was very good but ADR/Swagger was a non-event. Punk and Taker delivered, actually believed Punk could win towards the end there, worth staying up past 2am for. Match full of drama and the crowd was electric for it.

Brock/HHH was very slow, the crowd was dead, it was put in a bad spot following the previous match. Picked up with the Kimura spot and the drama was great, shocked at HHH winning.

Cena/Rock was an lacklustre 'mania main event, lacked the big match feel of the last encounter despite all the build. Both guys seemed off tonight and it showed in their performance. Overbooked in the end, which although predicted felt anti-climatic.

Taker/Punk save d the show from being a thumbs down.

Joe Mills, Chester, UK

Show - Thumbs down BIGTIME
Best match - Punk/UT by far
Worst match - Ryback/Henry but Rock/Cena and Triple H/Brock were no great shakes

What a waste of a show. Some of the finishes were anti-climatic and came out of nowhere. The Triple H/Brock match infuriated me because Hunter doesn't have to sell his arm but Brock does? Shouldn't Hunter have rushed out there to settle his score but instead gave himself a ring intro and then had a plodding, boring match? Rock/Cena? WTF? Talk about pulling a finish out of your ass and rest holds are not my idea of an epic main event. The Rock Bottom is no longer a finishing move but a fireman's carry in pro wrestling is???? I usually buy one PPV a year (Wrestlemania) but after this one, I'll be thinking twice about wasting my $60 on boring, uncreative matches and musical acts that are wastes of time. This should go on the list of the worst Wrestlemanias.

Thanks for all your great work,
Tom Wagner

Punk-Undertaker was a great match.  Very entertaining, crowd was into it and there even was a feel that Punk might do it.  Can't ask for anything more.

Lesnar-HHH was one of the worst "big matches" I have ever seen.  Just a terrible, plodding match between a guy who doesn't seem to care and a guy that thinks he is a legend but isn't.  Awful

Rock-Cena was a good match and a good WM main event.  They both worked hard...kept the match fast paced and interesting.  They maybe relied on their signature moves too much but I think it told a good story too.  Each guy wanted to beat the other with their big one and were determined to do it. 

But WHY...DOES...CENA....continue to get pushed at the top babyface.  I don't hate John Cena the person.  He works hard for the company,it seems.  I just hate his character and am continually confused why he is the top face.  Dave, you even said it in your coverage....he, by far, got the most boos of anyone on the card.  At any other time in wrestling history, that is your top heel.  Hogan started getting boos at the end of his WWF run in the early 90's....and they phased him out.  Austin NEVER got boos and they still tried to make him a heel.  This guy is hated by most and they won't turn him?  Its mind boggling.

Darrin Hellman

Barely thumbs up ... eventually ... maybe more for the occasion than the matches themselves.
Best Match - Undertaker v CM Punk
Worst Match - HHH v Lesnar (considering build and attention versus final product)
* 6-man (Shield wins) - right result, but scenario called for an Orton turn.  Big Show staying heel only maintains status quo for all three.  Smart crowd into Ambrose in particular.  Variation from Dave's thoughts - crowd didn't come across too bad on TV here
* Ryback v Henry - as poor as expected.  Wrong match-up, Vince's kind of match-up, but seriously out of touch
* Tag title match - too little time, but good while it lasted.  Reaction to Bryan was great after last year's disappointment.  I sense Ziggler will be used as the one MITB winner NOT to win the title opportunity he chooses to take.  The only step further down his credibility could take at this point
* Jericho v Fandango - good, although not convinced it established Fandango to the level they were hoping.  Fandango was polished enough though
* Del Rio v Swagger - decent enough, but hard to differentiate from a good TV match.  Not sure they could do much more
* Taker v Punk - really good.  Step below Taker's last few WM matches, but physical limitations continue to grow.  Punk legit hurt on Savage elbow spot to table?  Facials, timing and closing sequences far beyond what most of the roster are capable of
* HHH v Lesnar - amazing how quiet the crowd was for the first 15 mins.  HHH is possibly the most consistent performer of the last 20 years - but consistently a step below elite in terms of drawing a response, suspending disbelief, pacing, match emotion.  Result was what it was, although seven kimuras don't great a match make
* What, no 8-person?!  Shattered ...
* Rock v Cena - didn't like this match-up in the first place, after all the promotion of 'Once in a Lifetime' (including a freaking DVD set based on that premise), and sequels rarely matching the original ... at least Rock paced himself a bit more this year.  Rock did put Cena over as big as he possibly could (good match, but how many reversals before it gets stupid?), although a heelish tweak to the Cena character (pander to kids only, intentionally spurn the adults - a'la Bret Hart Canada/US angle '97) can be ignored no longer - title change pop shouldn't cloud the obvious.  To try the same thing over and over again (fights so hard, so honourable, etc), and expect a different result ... insanity.  Great interaction afterwards, but no rubber match for WM XXX please ...
Amazing the amount of hardway split-opens in one night - Jericho, Taker, Lesnar, Michaels ...
Also amazing - but shouldn't be - is the continued insistence that WWE will TELL the audience what it likes, rather than the audience knowing best.  If the next generation of management continue to operate this way, business will continue to feel stagnant, be stagnant, and never progress.  Don't ignore what the customer wants - any business that sells a product kills itself if it ignores its customers ...
Victoria, Australia

Thumbs: Middle
Best: Undertaker/Punk
Worst: HHH/Lesnar
Not a horrible show per se, but there was so much that just didn't connect with the crowd. Whoever timed this out needs to get a new job because dropping the eight man tag for the sake of extra video packages and musical performances was the worst call of the night. Buffer matches are needed for a reason - and the lack of a filler after the Taker/Punk match killed the rest of the card.
This show will have been a huge financial success, which I fear is going to send the wrong message to those in charge. Part timers on top has been proven tonight to not work with the fans. New ideas are needed urgently, and this time, they need to stick to them.
Here's hoping that WM30 isn't a re-run of 29 or 28...
Ian Hamilton

Thumbs way down.  No one was elevated, nor any surprises.  HHH and Undertaker left the ring after their victories like it was just another day at the office.  Most of all, the announcing was appalling, in that they telegraphed every finish.  The product has trickled down to a ten year old's mentality, and the new stars that could move up are still being held down.  I'm done with it.

Bob Shattuck

Overall: Thumbs down
Best match: Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk
Worst match: Anything BEFORE Undertaker-Punk
A disappointingly mediocre show with no real surprises or lasting memories other than Taker-Punk. Results were predictable. HHH-Lesnar and Cena-Rock were OK but offered little more than guys kicking out or escaping the opponents' finishing moves.  Incredibly lame finish to Cena-Rock as was post-match "respect."  Four hours out of my life, and $60 out of my pocket that I'll never see again.

Ed Gursky

Thumbs in the middle leaning down. Best match Punk/Taker worst match Ryback/Henry. Most seats in the building were obstructed by the set. Only match that really got a reaction was Punk/Taker which almost singlehandedly saved the show. Was shocked at lack of reaction in the HHH match, especialy when the pedigree got zero reaction. Match wouldve worked better in an arena IMO. Left during main when the crowd in my section started a boring chant.

Mike Carroll



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