Technical problems plague WrestleMania

Technical problems plagued WrestleMania on the Internet.  As of this writing, the adveritsed post-game show has a message saying the video is unavailable.

We were flooded with e-mails during the show from people who both tried to get it on and also on their local cable provider with no luck.

One person in the company contacted us and said there were problems in Connecticut with PPV that they were aware of.  We also got e-mails from Comcast subscribers in Massachusetts, Charter cable which had a recorded message saying that there were problems with Charter nationalwide and some remote control orders aren't working and others are, with an apology to those who couldn't order. 

We also had a lot of response from people in the stadium who had obstructed view from very expensive seats.  I was told by one person that this affected thousands in the building. 

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