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Set Production *****

Crowd Reactions*

Announcing *

Wrestling **1/2

OVERALL **1/2 

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t consider myself a jaded wrestling fan at all.

Despite the stumbling build I have always believed that they would pull it off on the night, after all its Wrestlemania right? Wrong.

I’m interested to find out what the live crowd was like because on TV it came across dead for 90% of the show. The three man announce booth seemed stuck for words and failed to make me really care about any of the matches. Cole in particular was absent for most of it. The whole event just lacked any emotional core. At times it felt like I was playing the WWE13 video game where the announcers breeze in and out with their usual sayings, quite often not corresponding with what was actually happening in the ring, or what was coming from the crowd.

Best Match : Taker/Punk*** A decent match, a lot of teases for Takers old high risk moves which he obviously can’t do anymore which is understandable. The match was pretty good and told a good story. I cant blame either of them for not making me believe the streak would ever end because WWE already did that about 3 weeks ago with this storyline that had to end in a Punk loss. The crowd were dead up to this point (at least on television) and they didn’t really seem that into this except for a couple of spots.

Boramania 29.

Worst Match : Henry/Ryback *1/2  A slow stumbling match as was expected, however it went really long. The crowd did not come across on TV as if they cared about Ryback, there were more cheers for Henry. The only reason this has any stars from me is for the Shellshocked spot at the end. Lets remember that this is supposed to get Ryback over but they killed him dead when he lost clean for the 6th time in a row on PPV.

WWE Title Match : Rock/Punk **1/2 This might have been a three star match but by this point I was bored and frustrated with the sound and feel of the whole show - which was pedestrian, much like this match. It was very similar to last year with things rejigged towards the end. Again the performance of the announcers, or lack thereof is accentuated by the fact that the crowd is coming across so quiet and there were long pauses where the announcers didnt speak and all that can be heard is Cena calling out spots. Supposedly 80000 in a stadium and I can hear Cena calling spots? Predictable is fine as long as its entertaining and this wasn't. I'm certainly not Cena's biggest fan but he can have 5 star matches. I am a big Rock fan, however I dont think any of the 5 matches he has had since returning  are anywhere over 3 star level.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar : **1/2 On paper the play by play of this match should be a guaranteed 4 star match as written down it told a good story. But again, on television the atmosphere was eerily dead. The crowd did not seem to react to anything aside of the obligatory fleeting gasps here and there. These guys beat the crap out of each other and its a shame that despite working so hard this match wont be on the top 20 for either.

Boramania 29. I paid 18 English pounds on Sky Box Office ($30), had i paid $70 I'd be more pissed!

Sean Martins, Manchester, UK

Thumbs down
Best match: Taker/Punk
Worst match: Rock/Cena

Sorry Dave but it was a terrible main event. They barely told a story. I give it one star because ONE of the several, ridiculously lackluster finisher near falls had me excited. Other than that it was objectively badly strung together. And the post match made me sick. And I'm not just talking about the lack of a heel turn or anything like that.

I liked the Brock match but it didn't blow me away. Same finish as the Cena match from last year, too.

Punk/Undertaker was a lot of fun, and the Shield match was a bite-sized bit of fun.

The rest - forgettable (apart from that 18-seconds spot).


Thumbs up
Best match: CM Punk vs. Undertaker 
Worst match: Ryback vs. Mark Henry
Overall, I thought this was a good show. It may have dragged by the end but it delivered as the biggest show of the year as it captured that atmosphere of a major event. I compare it to WrestleMania 25 where Undertaker and his opponent stole the show and the crowd cooled off afterwards. In 2009 from Houston, it was Shawn Micaels who stole the show with Undertaker but this year, in 2013, it was CM Punk. The crowd was hot for their match more than any other on the show and for good reason. It was a great match on the grandest stage in pro wrestling. The rest of the card was good for the most part and great in some ways.
The undercard really built up the up-and-comers which is great to watch. Triple H and Brock Lesner had a good match but it lacked the intensity I thought it would have that could have made it seem more like a fight. It looked more like a gimmick wrestling match than a fight and there is nothing wrong with that but I expected something different. The match where Cena regained the WWE title over The Rock would have been a good TV main event on Raw but dragged as the WrestleMania main event. Likewise, the majority of the crowd would never have gotten behind Cena enough to give the match the time of day. They seem determined to be lukewarm to the match. Maybe it was the match could not follow Punk and Undertaker, or maybe it was the anti-Cena crowd reactions doomed it from the start so it might be hard to tell the redemption story when the crowd is not behind the babyface seeking redemption.
Nevertheless, it was still a thumbs up card in which Punk and Undertaker stole the show.  
Chris Aiken 

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Taker-Punk
Worst Match: Team Hell No - Ziggler/Big E (time constraints)
I don't care what anyone says, this show fell flat on its face and was a complete flop. Where do you start? All the results of the top matches played out as expected and there was a complete lack of swerves to go with them. It boggles the mind that they give this show four hours and still struggle to get through the card, to the point matches are cut. The only reason I gave the tag match worst match was because it got a lousy six minutes. Then we are subjected to the endless promos, lame musical segments, unnecessary previews of matches etc Can't the WWE ever get it right? To me WrestleMania has outlived its usefulness. None of the matches really had any heat except for Taker-Punk, but as ok as that was you knew Taker was going over. How could he not? As for Triple H beating Lesnar, that's the usual bullshit you'd expect from the WWE. How much less effective can they make Lesnar? Triple H just needs to piss once and for all. The crowd isn't interested in him anymore, just look at how little reaction the match had. It might as well have been at the Peoria Civic Center. It's tiresome and disgusting. Rock-Cena was purely average, everyone knew Cena was going over. The crowd didn't really get up for it either and why should they? I'm startled at the lack of anything even remotely eventful happening here. The undercard was what everyone expected, rushed and barely remembered just an hour or two later. Everything just seemed off on this show. The matches aren't special, it's all been seen and done so many times and the art of really classic wrestling seems to be a thing of the past. Yeah you can call me a miserable git, but anyone who really thinks this was better than WM 9 needs to take a close look. Just because you have an event in a huge stadium means nothing. The WWE was on autopilot this year and it showed. They didn't even try. I'm so glad I didn't pay for this crap, it's the only good thing that came out of tonight. And of course Lesnar can tap out Shane Carwin but not Triple H. I'm glad the crowd pissed on Rock and Cena at the end. It;s all they and this steaming slice of shite deserved.

J.K. Drifftler

Thought the show was alright, but I'm glad I didn't buy it. 
John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker all went over in the final three matches. This also happened in 2009. That was four years ago. (They also all went over in 2010, but HHH was in the middle of the card with Sheamus.)
Steve Khan

Thumbs down
Best match: Undertaker-Punk
Worst match: Ryback-Henry

Watched the show on PPV (on TV, not online, so I was actually able to see it). I know the energy and noise of the crowd is naturally depleted in a stadium with no roof, but I remember last year's Mania having a very audible crowd, and this year on TV the audience seemed totally indifferent... and so was I. Taker-Punk was excellent, the tag match was a lot of fun for the limited time it was given, and I continue to dig any Shield match, because Ambrose and Rollins have an it factor and the team works great as a unit.

But apart from those 2.5 matches, at least for me, this was a nothing show. No turns, no storyline advancement, no Ziggler cash-ins, no surprises. Sure Mark Henry pinned Ryback rather than vice versa, but whatever. This is the one PPV I buy every year, and I'm sure it was very exciting being there live, but in my living room before and after Punk and Undertaker, this was a nothing show.

(It just occurred to me I paid $60 for this show and only $15 for the excellent ROH iPPV. I wish I could make Vince send $45 to Delirious, because if anything it should have been the other way around.)
Dan Katz

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Undertaker v Punk
Worst match: Mark Henry v Ryback
My problem with the main event booking is the same question I always ask when Cena is champion - WHO IS HE GOING TO DEFEND AGAINST? He beat Punk, he feuded with Orton for a year, he beat Sheamus, he beat Barrett, etc., etc.  Their best viable option was to have Ryback win tonight, turn heel, and immediately challenge. And they messed that up, too.
Did not see the need to beat Ryback, even if they want to add stips and do a rematch next month. They have already taken the wind completely out of the character and losing to someone clearly from the past does him no favors going forward. Ryback needed to beat Henry, go onto a feud and beat Big Show, and then be positioned as someone to go against a heel Orton or even Lesnar. Now they've turned him into a midcard strongman who can't beat a middle-aged powerlifter.
I kept waiting for the annual "backstage wacky sketch with dozens of cameos" that never happened this year. Good!
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Podcast @ *!/MrJeff2000

Hi Dave and Bryan,
No way!  Did I just pay $70 for a "B" show?  Was it just me or were they moving in slow motion tonight?  I watched the show with some family and not one of use thought it was a overwhelming show.  I'm not saying the guys did want to put on a good show but it just didn't seem like things were clicking on all cylinders like it would for a normal Wrestlemania.  They played it way to safe on this show.  Hopefully they turn it up a notch going into Extreme Rules!
Best Match: Rock/ Cena
Worst Match: Swagger/ Del Rio

Steve Bruan

Thumbs Down
Best match: Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Worst match: Ryback vs. Mark Henry
For the biggest event of the year Wrestlemania 29 was extremely underwhelming. Aside from Taker/Punk nothing felt like a big match and or a  Wrestlemania moment. It felt like I was watching a 4 hour episode of Raw.
Wade Barrett vs. The Miz:
Nothing match. Miz wins the title with the Figure 4. 1 1/2 stars
Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show vs. The Shield:
This had an opportunity to be good but it didn't have enough time. No Orton heel turn but Shield winning was good but it's time for them to do something else now. 2 1/2 stars
Ryback vs. Mark Henry:
Bad match. Restholds in the first 5 minutes. Makes no sense to beat Ryback, he's officially a geek. What's the purpose of beating Ryback if he's going to hit Henry with the Shellshock after the match? -2 stars
Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston:
Another match that should have been good if they had more time. It feels like Bryan and Kane need to drop the tag titles and this would have been the perfect time. 2 3/4 stars
Chris Jericho vs. Fandango:
This felt like a Smackdown main event. It was fine. 2 1/2 stars
Alberto del Rio vs. Jack Swagger:
Swagger got a jobber entrance. They both tried, nobody cared they all wanted Ziggler to cash in. I can't see them going back to this match at Extreme Rules. ADR is missing something as a babyface and needs a better heel to work with. The born in Mexico, Made in America catchphrase is lame and this storyline needs to be dropped. 2 stars
In between these matches are Cena vs. Rock hype videos. This made no sense. Why would they air hype videos on a show we already paid for? These should have aired on Raw and Smackdown. They easily had 30 minutes worth of video that they couldn't give to the 6 man or the tag title match.
Undertaker vs. CM Punk:
This is the only great thing of the show. Living Colour was great. Punk was great. Undertaker was great. Heyman was great. A fantastic match. 4 1/4 stars
Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H:
After Punk/Taker nobody cared. Very little heat. Got going near the end and was fine. Very underwhelming. 2 3/4 stars
Rock vs. Cena:
Everybody hated Cena. Again little heat. Nobody could follow Punk and Taker and they didn't have a buffer match to bring the crowd down. Fans hated Cena and didn't respond when he won the title. This felt like they were going through the motions. 2 stars.

Josh Hayes

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