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Thumbs Up
Best Match: Rock vs. Cena
Worst Match: Henry vs. Ryback
Hi Dave,
Speaking as someone who attended live, I really enjoyed this show. I thought that the final 3 matches all delivered even though the crowd was weak for HHH/Brock. The rest of the show was good for what it was except for the awful Henry/Ryback match. For me, Wrestlemania is the one WWE show that I can just enjoy as a stand-alone show without thinking about storyline advancement or who did/didn't get a push and as a spectacle this show didn't disappoint in the slightest.
Mark Jackson

Dave, we sat in the 134 section with most other f4w members. The view sucked, im guessing 25% of my view of the ring was blocked completely and as u moved the my right it would have been worse. That said, the set was amazing, it was just in the way.

Worst henry v ryback
Best taker v cm punk by far followed by cena v rock then lesnar hhh
The crowd was super hot for the taker match and they loved cm punk. Both guys worked super hard, punk nearly died when the gimmick announced table wasnt gimmicked again, this seems to be a rib in wwe.
Cena and rock was the expected match with cena winning after about 500 kick out of finisher spots.
Hhh and lesnar had a slow match that built to a fine ending. I hate seeing brock lose and still have no clue why hbk was there.
overall the show was fine, takeaway the undertaker and u have prolly a thumbs down show.
Neil Bavitz

Thumbs up
Best match Punk/’Taker
Worst match Henry/Ryback
The Shield vs Sheamus, Orton & Show was very good but not great, needed more time. The Shield winning clean in a decisive fashion was excellent. Cannot remember the last 3 man team in the US that would’ve fit as well in the World Six-Man Title-era. 3 1/4 stars
Henry/Ryback Absolutely nothing worth mentioning.
Big E and Dolph/Kane & Bryan was over before they were able to build a memorable story.  2 1/2 stars
Fandango/Jericho was much better than I expected. Out of any anyone on the main roster, Jericho was the best choice to carry him. Fandango seems to have a bigger upside than at least thirty other wrestlers on RAW or SD!, and I am legitimately interested to watch what he does from here. 2 3/4 stars
Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger was filled with intriguing holds, counterholds and reversals. I feel Del Rio came up short in this program, and Colter virtually had to create the impetus for the feud out of thin air.  3 stars
Lesnar/HHH was a great match. Really liked the fury and intensity Heyman, Brock and Hunter all delivered.  4 stars
Punk and Undertaker had some of the most convincing near falls Undertaker has had in recent WMs. 4 1/4 stars
Cena/Rock was a really enjoyable match. I didn’t go into it expecting Tanahashi/Okada and wasn’t disappointed. The facials by both were fantastic. The believability of the near falls was significantly higher for me than last year. If Rock wanted to salute Cena and raise his hand, I don’t begrudge him the slightest.  3 3/4
I certainly do not feel like I wasted $65. The videos building the top matches were the best they’ve been in years. It doesn't matter that the announce team did not add much to the matches, anybody who expected Gordon Solie or JR out there is out of their mind. And if your watching at home, why would you be concerned with how much heat there is?
--Brian Thomas

(From Nicholas J. Walz)
THUMBS DOWN (though it pains me to say)
BEST MATCH: HHH vs. Brock Lesnar
WORST MATCH: Ryback vs. Mark Henry
Having not read what anyone else has critiqued thus far (hoping I don't sound like a broken record), but this show suffered in my eyes from tremendous predictability and lack of a truly great match that we'll look back upon, a la Steamboat/Savage, Hart/Austin, Triangle Ladder Match, etc.
As noted, best match of the evening was HHH beating Brock Lesnar. A few speculated that it would be Helmsley winning with the Kimura lock as comeuppance to Brock's SummerSlam win and those spots with the steps and Brock coming *this* close to submitting came across strong. The Heyman/Michaels superkick spot was also great from a fan reaction standpoint. Still, I'd argue the SummerSlam match had a bigger feel and was executed better.
Other than that, I'm looking back at a pedestrian main event (Cena winning or losing aside, it's no crime to have near falls -- but don't kill each others' finishers so much) and a CM Punk/Undertaker match that was disappointing in that it was shorter than I expected and never really had the drama that the Michaels or HHH had with the Helmsley tombstone at WM XXVII or superkick/pedirgree spot last year. The table not breaking during the match's high spot didn't help matters. A few friends pointed out that Punk's physique was soft and you can't help but wonder if this was him just trying to get through this show and to that presumed sabbatical. Thumbs up for Living Colour playing Punk to the ring, that had to be a thrill for Phil.
The Shield winning the six-man was a strong opener, and a shame it wasn't a sign of things to come. Why Ryback did the job to Mark Henry will be something I hope Dave & Bryan explain in the post-game show, especially when he was going to hit his finisher anyhow. Tag Team title match & Jericho/Fandango were adequate to me, nothing you couldn't see on an episode of RAW or smaller PPV. Though I don't find Alberto Del Rio to be a particularly compelling babyface, his match with Jack Swagger was quite entertaining and the cross-armbreaker is one of the better finishing moves in the WWE today, so the end I liked.
It wasn't a particularly pleasant night for the IWC (No Ziggler cashing in, Punk loses for 3rd straight PPV and the return of SuperCena in his greatest career triumph), and it's murky where they go from here. Not a good time to be a heel, either, but WrestleMania rarely is. Diddy was entirely forgettable, if that matters.
Give the company credit -- the stage and the pageantry were there, it felt tremendously big even without a ton of celebrities. WWE has a very positive, wholesome feel to it right now. You just wish the wrestling could have be better.
(I've never written one of these so I don't know if it makes the cut but thanks for reading all the same.)
-- Nicholas Walz

Dave, I was there live. Biggest problem was that it was too cold.
Jeff Siracuse

Confirming the one-liner you had about obstructed seats. We were in the $200 range behind one of the corners and could see half the ring because of the huge replica towers in each corner. The further forward you got, the greater the obstruction.

There were loud chants of "We can't see you".

WWE really need to rethink their set design. Selling seats for hundreds of dollars before confirming view obstruction is intellectually dishonest.

Stadium staff were getting a lot of hassle but there was nowhere to relocate people to.

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Punk/Taker
Worst: nothing

It was exactly what I expected: a 9 for spectacle, a 6 for in the ring.

People need to understand that WM is no longer a "wrestling" PPV.  It's an entertainment show for the casual fan where the matches are very easy to understand and almost secondary.  It even has a halftime performer.  If you're looking for workrate, buy an iPPV.

Jim Valley

im V

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