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Thumbs in the middle
Best Match - CM Punk vs Undertaker
Worst Match - Mark Henry vs Ryback
Maybe I'm just getting old, but I honestly am getting sick of seeing video packages inbetween every match, especially when those packages and the P Diddy concert could have been removed and the 8-man mixed match could have seen there instead (I'm a huge fan of Naomi). Fandango seriously impressed tonight, and the last ten minutes of Rock vs Cena was well done (although fans didn't take near falls seriously when there was so much time left in the show.) It's because of all the video packages that I give this a thumbs in the middle. Otherwise, not a bad show, 6.5 out of 10.
Roy Lucier

Hi Dave,
A few thoughts on WrestleMania 29, mainly the final three matches.
Undercard - Jericho vs Fandango was the shining light of the undercard, unsurprisingly.  It did the job well.  I can see how people watching may have seen the rollup as a bit strange or out of the blue, but the leg jarring on the moonsault told the story on the screen.  Behind Punk and Taker, Daniel Bryan was clearly the third most over guy in the stadium - it paints a hell of a picture that he plays such a small part in the company's plans.  It sucks to be Cody Rhodes and co, but hell, they only had five hours (sarcasm alert).
Taker vs Punk - This was easily the match of the night. They had a challenge here as everybody was well aware of who was going over, but they were successful in making me believe with the Urn spot and did a fine job generating the best crowd reaction of the night in an otherwise subdued stadium.  Taker was impressive and showed reasonable levels of agility without slowing Punk down and I actually thought they worked really well together.  Better in fact than their World Title feud.
Triple H vs Brock - An overbooked mess and a match that neither guy could claim was close to their best.  I guess they were going for the Hell's Gate level of suspense with the Kimuras, but seriously - it gets broken four times and gets put back on almost instantly?  How bad a submission guy, or how bad a defence must you have for that to happen?  I couldn't get into this and to add to it, the wrong guy went over.  A bad match, odd throughout that does nothing for business.
Rock vs Cena - The best of a bad situation.  Cena was never turning and the title had to change hands, so what can you do?  Match was average despite being a bit of a cluster, but they needed to get the crowd going and without the false finishes, they would probably have remained sitting on their hands.  It's the finish we all expected, but the execution couldn't have been greatly different.
Overall, the show would have been a solid 4/5 if it ended after Punk vs Taker - but the Triple H match and the length of Rock vs Cena brings it down to a 3/5.

Niall Harkiss

Thumbs down
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Punk
Worst Match: Everything else except for Rock vs. Cena

Really, really bad show I thought. Taker vs. Punk was awesome and Rock vs. Cena topped last year for sure but the rest of the show was god awful. Lesnar and Hunter should be kept far away from each other. That match was terrible and kimura overkill does not begin to describe that debacle. They cut so much time off of stuff and for what? Two videos they could have shown on TV and a friggin' P. Diddy performance? Give me a break. Invasion Attack and Supercard of Honor VII were much better. Hell, even Shimmer put out a more consistently entertaining show. If you take away just Punk/Taker this is probably the worst WrestleMania ever even with the stellar Rock vs. Cena match. This was a total waste of time and money and a really sour way to end what was a great weekend of wrestling.

Ricky Schmidt

Hi Dave,
2 thumbs down
Best match: Punk/Taker
Worst match: Everything else
One of the worst events I've ever witnessed. Seemed like a complete disaster from the beginning, and along with all the technical difficulties it's amazing this company is still running, let alone profitable. With excellent shows like the NJPW iPPV running the same weekend, it's a wonder who would actually pay for this product. Yuck.
Scott Hoshal

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: CM Punk vs Undertaker
Worst match: Ryback vs. Mark Henry
Overall, I thought the show was underwhelming... but met my expectations as I was not excited for this show.  Punk and Taker (especially Punk) delivered to exceed my expectations in that match.  Main event was cooking right along, but I thought the finish lacked drama as they way overplayed the kicking out of finishers act (especially as it was the third match in a row to do so) so when Rock didn't kick out of the last one, I was surprised because it didn't feel like it would be the finish. Aside from the crowd popping for the title change, the handshake was not what the crowd wanted to see, and it was beyond ridiculous to play the Rock's music after he lost.  I don't understand why Lesnar's allure was pretty much killed off, and it looks like the Jack Swagger experiment is over.
No one aside from the top 3 matches were given time to work, though of the other matches, I thought the tag title match was the best one. Jericho and Fandango also tried real hard to have a good match but I don't think Fandango was quite up for the challenge of getting to Jericho's level. The opener was the definition of average and the Ryback/Henry match was awful with the wrong person going over (felt like they changed the winner just to change one, since Ryback hit his move and was standing tall at the end anyway... but now Ryback has lost in 6 PPVs in a row).
Little reason was also given to be excited about anything coming out of Mania, as the only thing close to an angle in a finish was in the opener.
I was also turned off by the huge amount of Cena/Rock packages and commercials/self-promotional pieces on the show... and no America the Beautiful was disappointing, as that's always a highlight for me.
It all equals a thumbs in the middle for me, but it falls in the lower end of WrestleManias for me.
Chris H.
Tampa, FL

Thumbs up

Best match - CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
Worst match - Mark Henry vs. Ryback

A good show? Yes. A great show worth paying $60 for? No.

Jody Jewers
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Overall: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Undertaker vs. CM Punk
Worst Match: The Rock vs. John Cena

Miz vs. Barrett pre-show match: Nothing special, pretty good tv style match. Miz celebrated big which was good I guess.

Shield vs. Sheamus, Orton, Big Show: Solid match which made The Shield look even more powerful. They've shown very little weakness during their entire run so far. Keeping Orton as a face is a necessity with the shallow roster so a good move in my opinion.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback: This wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. Could have been shorter. I really don't understand Mark winning though. It's the outcome I wanted but it seems like they have no confidence in Ryback to be a top guy.

Team Hell No vs. Ziggler and Big E. Langston: Very good match, better than expected. Seems like everyone from last year's mania showed up and was VERY into Bryan. I loved the homage to the abomination of last year's 18 second match. Wish it was longer

Fandango vs. Jericho: Good not great. I'm curious to see how Fandango gets over as a regular performer on Raw.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger: This match had a great preview video and the crowd was much more into it than I expected them to be. Loved the stuff Dutch was doing on the side.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk: Yet again Undertaker's match stole the show. CM Punks entrance was GREAT, best live band entrance ever on a WWE show. I cringed really hard when the table didn't break for Punk. It looked like he could have broken his hip. This match needed 10 more minutes and the Cena match needed 10 less. I give it a solid 4 stars.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: I thought this match was really, really good, unfortunately the crowd just was too burnt out. I loved all the spots they did, even Brock giving his arm to Triple H over and over. The crowd was just completely out of it which took away from it. HHH winning was just completely laughable. Bryan should put that burning money picture on the front page. They either should have done the HBK vs HHH unsanctioned match next year or never had the retirement stipulation at all. After tonight I REALLY don't care to see Brock vs. Rock next year. Brock really isn't that tough of guy and seeing Rock isn't that special

John Cena vs. The Rock: this why I was so disappointed that Cena won the Royal Rumble. Rest holds and finishers a good match do not make. This was way too long, Rock gassed just like last year, and the crowd was really not all that into it. Every Mania the heat between them has gone down and down. I knew the finish and I was just waiting for them to get it over with already. I hope this match never happens again and I hope they never even mention each others names again. This Cena run is really comical at this point. Can you imagine Hogan coming out to face The Ultimate Warrior and 90% of the crowd booing him as hard as they could? It's gotten ridiculous now. Whatever T-Shirts he sells and Make-A-Wishes he does is not worth it at this point

Overall: Good show, felt it was worth the money. Great crowd vibe, much better than recent years, maybe even the best since Mania 25. Puff Daddy concert was short and sweet and was one of the better ones ever done on a Mania. Them announcing an 80,000+ attendance was hilarious. My friends and I were literally laughing at the screen. With that huge set there's NO way they had more people in there than even a Giants or Jets game. One of the main things I took away from this show is how this company is dying for a young new top babyface. Cena may still be the most well known but that's where his value stops.

-Matthew Burrill

**** out of 10

Really disappointed that I paid $70 for this very, very subpar WM.  Expected so much more and it did not deliver in my book. The big 3 matches were disappointing other than the punk/taker match and it was ok.  Never expected Punk to win, all these taker matches for the last 6 years or so have been very similar.  All of the false finishes give me no feel as if anyone has a chance other than HBK did in the first match.  Taker should retire at 21-0, he has nothing more to prove.  Helmsley, Lesnar fight was ok, went too long in my book, should gave more time to the midcard matches. You got to build stars and by giving them only 7-10 minute matches it does not give the crowd enough time buy in to the match.  Don't know why Ryback lost, had me scratching my head on that one.  My question is who in the blue hell is Cena going to feud with now? I mean who, Punk again, Punk is the best in the world there is no doubt about that, if i was him i would take some time off.  The end of the Rock/Cena match made me feel as though that Rock may be done.  Also, Dolph Ziggler is so far down at the bottom of the barrel right now it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he loses his briefcase is some kind match similar to the one him and Cena had at TLC.  The whole WM build was terrible and that is what you get when you book like that, a terrible WM. Who knows but this WM did not deliver in my book and I am taking some time off from WWE.

Thanks guys for all you do.

David Morton

Im going to say thumbs up because I enjoyed myself and definetly wasn't bored like sometimes during raw.  I order mania every year and maybe one other show. When it was over I don't feel like I got $70 worth, not even close, but a friend said, "not ordering is like watching every celtics game during the year, but not watching it when they get to the finals" , which makes sense. I don't think anything was bad, but the predictability killed the show for me. I know we all complain online when the stories change all the time, but we needed some big angle or something different and exciting for a $70 wrestlemania. I liked the last 2 mins of all 3 main matches, thought that the shield looked awesome, but could have looked even better, and was pissed that Del rio won and no ziggler. Oh and it came off on TV that the crowd reacted biggest to daniel bryan and the No chants. and lastly they need to stop doing concerts , the crowd always seems flat and it kills the flow of the show, espeically concerts of the wrestlers theme music, punks didnt work for me.

Thumbs in the middle.
Best Match: Punk vs. UT
Worst Match: Henry vs. Ryback
It was not a $70 Wrestlemania level show. Why they wasted time with Ryback vs. Henry & cut short the tag match & Jericho boggles me. Cena/Rock was a good match. HHH vs. Lesnar was different & could've been done in less time. I was a little disappointed that Ziggler didn't cash in tonight. Punk solidified himself as one of the best tonight. That was a bright spot.
Don Boike

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Taker-Punk
Worst match: Ryback-Henry
Just totally underwhelmed by Wrestlemania. This was not bad for your regular pay-per-view show. But, this should be the biggest show of the year.
I was not surprised by anything that happened. I did think that CM Punk and the Undertake had a great match. I also thought that the match between HHH and Lesnar was well done.
Besides that this felt like a $70 Raw episode. Lots of mediocre moments.
Just my thoughts.
Mike Trask
Las Vegas

Hi Dave,
It's Bob Smith, the former PWI/WCW/etc writer. Hope things are okay in your neck of  the world.
My thoughts on WM 29 and the HOF ceremony, the latter of which I attended live:
Huge thumbs up for WM 29.
I know a lot of fans are likely to be disappointed in the lack of swerves/controversy on this year's WM card, but frankly I thought most of the stars gave such great effort that it made up for the lack of "surprises." And frankly, I liked the way this was booked - sometimes a straight win/lose event can be the biggest surprise of all.
My feeling on the odd reaction to the Lesnar/HHH bout was that Lesnar appears so infrequently that casual  fans don't really care that much about him - plus, the match was plodding following the Taker/Punk match that preceded it.
As for the HOF, the fans at MSG were downright embarrassing, there's no other way to put it, and frankly, I was cringing in my seat. The incessant chanting of catch phrases and the lack of respect the the vast majority of these fans showed at times boggled my mind. Sure, Maria Menudos went on a big long, but the cursing I heard being shouted her way was bush league. I thought that maybe WWF fans in New York were a bit more sophisticated, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The HOF event was enjoyable, but the fans nearly ruined it for me.
Best to you and yours, as always.
Bob Smith
New York, NY

went up at 910 pm but started back at start of the ppv ..
Wrestlemania 29
Very good : Shield 6 man tag ,shield did there moves and sold like hell for Show Orton didn't get a lot of time .Show didn't turn he just stayed a heel . With Orton and Shamus advertised for post WM house/ Tv shows this week .. vs shield
Loved Fandango Jericho except the annoucers  messed up and finish looked sloppy and Jericho several small cuts on his cheek and eye .. Could be Fandango tights  have sharp costume jewelry .He was ok looked good but he keeps up leg drop he wouldn't   have a back or hip in a year
Punk Taker after over 3 yrs of HH and HBK ,nice change for Undertaker. Punk wrestled his style kept in ring not brawling ,nice spots. Just sucks for Punk  , this is 3 ppv the table doesn't break ..  Would have been better longer spot if Table broke .
Taker didn't do crazy moves he has done over the years ,but punk and him made it work well.  Old School rope spot twice and Heyman stopping Taker form a dive .. finish was fine kicked out 2nd tombstone and got out of2 other attempts choke slams /tombstone
Ziggler match was fine too bad they cut time easily could have had another 7 min glad to see Brian get the crowd going post match .Big E was good and sold well when he needed too .. Sad that this crowd would have popped huge for a Ziggler Win and cash in later.
Alberto was a Tv match to me nothing special nice finish.  wanted the Ziggler tease , Swagger just left  with no post match heat . I figured he would hit Alberto after match or spit on him..  seems like for a heel with anger and racial angle doing zero post match kinda kills his heat, or lack of his heat.

HH Lesner was not meant to fancy moves  or like Taker .as said pure brawl looked be a few stiff shots in there , HBK getting bloody nose on F-5 Camera stayed off of him even when he kicked Paul . I didn't want Brock to tap unless they did broken arm bit . DDT on steps / and pedigree as strong finish to the match .
Takes bock slamming HHH hard to break it or they fixed the table
Rock Cena slow too many false  finish moves slowed it down mast 3 min saved it to ok 2.5 star for title change . rock didn't look to into the match ..
Matt logan

Thumbs Up.
Best Match: Punk/Undertaker
Worst Match: Henry/Ryback
I have purchased every Wrestlemania since Mania 14.  This was the first one I gave serious consideration to not buying, because of the price and the poor build.  This was most weakly built Wrestlemania I can remember.  So maybe my expectations were low, but over all I was entertained. I feel I got my $69.99 worth, and feel this was a better show than the last two years, so thumbs up.
See everyone in New Orleans!
Drew Ratcliff
Baton Rouge, LA.

Thumbs way down.
Best match:  By far Taker/Punk
Worst Match: Ryback/Henry
For a Wrestlemania, I was extremely disappointed.  I am not going to get into specific matches as most were very boring, with the Taker Punk match being the exception.  The finishes were way too predictable with absolutely zero surprises.  I am not asking for swerves for the sake of swerves and I am all for telling a story with giving a logical and predictable ending. The problem is that I hated most of the stories to begin with.  Just because a story is logical, it doesn't make it a good story and worst of all, it doesn't mean it has a purpose going forward.  Again, the Taker/Punk match aside, what was the purpose of these finishes?  Are we to believe that we aren't going to see the same old Cena act during this title reign, or that HHH is going to wrestling again regularly?  Every match felt extremely rushed, for what?  So we can see a million B reel promo videos.  We already bought the show, why do I have to watch hype for it?  The place for that is on the TV shows, not the actual PPV.  Let me see the guys that I paid to see perform.  Was it really necessary to show these videos and rush the Team Hell No and Ziggler and Langston match?  Why couldn't they let these guys tear the house down?  I didn't mind at the time because it really felt that it would have been a great time for Ziggler to cash it in. Now that would have made sense, to take a guy  like Ziggler who is over with the local crowd, has a logical storyline and would have been somewhat unexpected. Whether it was Ziggler or The Rock, If they didn't want to cater to the local market and give the local fans what they want, then why bother trying to exploit the local market and make it seem like such a big deal that the center of their business has always revolved around NY?  I have never had so many questions watching a major PPV in my life. 
Ed Tanza

For a WM, I expected more, so I'm giving it a THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE (bordering on a thumbs down!).  Most of the matches were technically fine, but everything was predictable and there were no suprises...not even Ziggler cashing in his briefcase!
Best Match: Punk-Taker
2nd Best: Kane/Bryan vs Ziggler/Langston
Worst match: HHH-Lesnar.  I can't believe it went that long!  The silent crowd killed this match for everyone at my house party.
How could Bruno not get a super special intro to the live crowd!?  I was disappointed by that.
A 4 hour show and NO DIVAS?! 
I paid $60 for the WM name.  Can I please have half my money back?  

Henry Samoyedny Jr.

OVERALL:  Thumbs in the middle
BEST MATCH:  Punk/Taker
Punk/Taker was legitimately great. Heat throughout and Punk was protected so well that this loss will only make him look better.  The camera work was superb with the face-to-face/close-up on the choke slam spot done perfectly.

Rock/Cena II sucked. Doh-si-doh finisher bs with the crowd so blatantly anti-Cena that he's practically the hip hop Bob Backlund. He'll never turn because he can't sell it, but the match was not good. Dunno what I was hoping for, but the fan's sign was right - IF CENA WINS, WE COMPLAIN ONLINE. 

I found HHH/Lesnar somewhat plodding with the submission spots leading up to the steps DDT very very tedious.  Shawn was an after-thought.  He could have been Puff Daddy for as much as the crowd cared.

Fandango rolling over to Jericho after his missed spot to be told what the next sequence would be was pretty funny.

Predictable in-fighting in the six-man and the Shield are still booked strong. Now what they really need is a new target.

Henry/Ryback was whatever. Can't really see this precipitating a heel turn for Ryberg though. 

Team Hell No continuing is a CRIMINAL waste of Bryan Danielson. Also, way to continue to bury Ziggler and not even have Cesaro on the show.

So yeah...out of 10, I guess I'd give it a SIX/SIX-POINT-FIVE and that's largely due to Punk/Taker. No major rematch storylines set up for Cena, Punk, Lesnar, HHH or the Shield as a result of their matches.

Also, is this it for Swagger and maybe (hopefully) finding a new prospect for Zeb?

Colin Makamson

DGUSA Mercury Rising
Thumbs up
Best match :  Shingo vs Akira Tozawa
Worst match :  Jon Davis vs Orange Cassidy

Thumbs in the middle
Best match : Undertaker vs CM Punk
Worst match : Ryback vs Mark Henry  ( didn't saw Miz vs Barrett )

Saw WM at a theater. The place is usually 1/3 to half-full for a normal PPV  but tonight was packed, even with the admission price jacked way up to the point it's not cost-effective to come if you're more than two people.

The Undertaker match had by far the most heat of everything on the show. The biggest pop of the evening was when CM Punk kicked out of the first tombstone following the Go to Sleep, everybody bought it as a finish.  The main-event didn't have much heat except for the last couple of minutes. Dead silence for every finisher and near falls since it was the same style of match used in the two other big matches. Not a lot of people wanted to see the "passing of the torch moment" at the end.

Besides a few cute spots in the match, I thought that Rock vs Cena was better last year. It seems that every big main event matches rely on kicking out of finishers but they went overboard in this match.  I didn't mind much for the Brock Lesnar / Triple H match. I'm sure people liked it but  I wasn't thrilled either by their Summerslam match.  Time to do something else with Brock.  The 6-man tag match was the best match of the undercard but, like most of those matches, it was short.

To summarize : thumbs in the middle show, with only the Undertaker/Punk match saving it  from being a thumbs down.

Eric Bonin

First off all the preshow/postshow format - I thought it was quite cool and unique, a lot like having a halftime and post show panel at the superbowl. and also, who they picked.....JR(the historian), Dusty(the old warhorse) and a surprising(and very well spoken) Kofi Kingston....was very well done
The atmosphere-  very cool set, pyro always awesome, I thought the intro to "diddy" with the rocky theme, was killer, just amazing....diddy himself was....ok....a little less talking would of been nice.....As far as living colur, they were alright, it was kinda a weird performance.They Night was clearly pegged towards at NY crowd
-I was Shocked there was no america the beautiful, i think its only the second 'mania to not have it. I was also very surprsed that there was so much emphasis on Hurricane Sandy....not bad, just surprised.
Best Match of the night: Taker/Punk - the spot where punk hit the GTS, taker hit the ropes and turned it into a tombstone was awesome.....whole match was great.
Worst Match: Ryback/Henry - Ok so you have henry go over clean, but then have ryback give him his finisher....makes no sense.....
Best Moments:
-Hall of Fame - Just awesome, cant wait to see it on bluray
-The intro to diddy with the rocky music and the faceoffs from manias past.
-Taker has the best entrance in this history of any form of entertainment
-The crowd boo the hell out of Cena, only to pop huge when he won, very interesting
-being able to see what Cena and rock said to each other after the match....Classy...and of course the scene that closed out mania
Interesting moments:
OK, so what the hell was that on Hunters chest? my guess is because it was so cold, the smoke from the King of Kings machine froze on him, but that was weird.
-I honestly thought Dutch Mantell(Zeb Coutler) was wearing a bullet proff vest, cause i thought he was gonna get shot when he started going after the Italians and the Jews....was surprised by that.
-80.676 - thats a hell of a lot of people, and the biggest wrestling gate ever
-Jerchio worked his ass off to try and get fandango over
Non-interesting moments 
- the nearly 1 dozen promos between the matches, yet not 1 backstage vingentte, or interview.
- Ziggler leaving the show with the briefcase and Orton leaving as a babyface
Other thoughts: Not calling it the best mania, cause it was pretty perdictable, but it was pretty memorable....if nothing else, i hope it silences the cena haters. if there was a Walter Payton award for WWE it would be him and mick foley. Cena has done over 300 wishes for make a wish and raised over 1 million dollars for Susan G Komen. He's a class Act! and deserves to be treated like one! Was glad i saw it all and cant wait to watch it again.

Matthew Biasiada

Thumbs Down ( a really nice way of putting it) 

Best Match - Punk vs Undertaker
Worst Match - All the others

Wow.  I make sure to watch one ppv a year, and this is it.  I should've known better,'s Wrestlemania, it can't have JUST ONE WM quality match, and there's gotta be some cool stuff going on and some setups or teasers regardless, right?
First of all let me say that Punk vs Taker was awesome.  I didn't doubt for one second that these two would put on a truly WM quality match, and that it would steal the show, but it was even better than I imagined!
Besides that, I swear someone on top forgot that there are writers on staff.  Except for Punk/Taker, it was like a house show, except less lively.  The commentators couldn't even fake excitement, and for whatever reason, JBL was better than Cole and King put together, not that he was on his usual A-game either.  Something was off with all the talent, and obviously there were technical problems that almost blinded me from my own TV.  There were no setups, no teasers, and after Ziggler and Cesaro and a few others have the fans chomping at the bit for a big push, or at least chances to give them what they want to see, we get one new star pushed:  Fandango *rubs temples*.

It's not even as inane as it is just plain crazy, and I don't know if I'm referring to the product, the mindset of one or more key people, or the fact that I made the decision to spend money on a WWE ppv again after last year, thinking the chances of it being worse than last year were were relatively low.  Either way, I will always remember this WM as the one that was encapsulated by the word "lackluster".  

Dan Goldstein

WrestleMania XXIX: Thumbs in the Middle.
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Punk
Worst Match: Ryback vs. Henry
Was kind of surprised that the six man was the opener.  Decent match.  Thought Orton would be the one to turn, but Show just went back to what he was doing a few weeks ago.  Ryback vs. Henry was very basic and the finish seemed strange.  Why not let Ryback get the win especially if he was going to give him the Shell Shock in the end anyway?  Tag Title match was way too short.  That is two WrestleMania's for Daniel Bryan that he didn't get to do what he does best.  It was fine, but probably shorter than they would have done on Raw.  Ziggler still can't get a win.  Fandango vs. Jericho was okay.  Fandango really didn't show me anything.  It was all Jericho.  Del Rio vs. Swagger was fine.  Ziggler's not cashing in and his time with the briefcase is running out.  Undertaker vs. Punk was very good.  Finally something someone cares about.  This is WrestleMania worthy.  Lesnar vs. Triple H was good, but no one seemed to care.  I thought they would have had the eight person tag as a buffer, but obviously that match got canceled and frankly it didn't need to be on the card anyway.  Still think Lesnar should have won.  It's not like Triple H is going to be wrestling much if at all anyway.  He is basically retired like the Undertaker.  The Hall of Fame segment was nice as always.  Still think Finkel is the best ring announcer there is and no reason not to use him for the big matches.  Rock vs. Cena was good, but again nothing out of the ordinary really.  Cena winning was what everyone figured.  The show as a whole was lackluster.  There were no surprises.  Not a single run-in, swerve, surprise return, or anything at all.  Not even one backstage skit or interview.  This was certainly not the best of WrestleMania's, but mostly just an average show with the top three matches above average.
Robb Block

Hi Dave,

From a booking standpoint, I thought the show was a big thumbs up. Fans are always complaining that WWE is changing things too much, booking on a whim, and for the first time in a while this felt like a show that truly was a culmination of angles with logical conclusions that they had been building towards. I liked the fact that they stick with the obvious outcomes here.

However, from an entertainment standpoint, the show was a letdown – a thumbs in the middle type of show. No Ziggler cash in = no buys; the last two matches suffered big time from the lack of crowd reaction (I would say it’s because of the stadium, but how does that explain Punk/Taker and the great reaction they got?); and the whole rhythm of the show just felt off with the way they rushed through the matches during the first 90 minutes.

Best Match = Taker/Punk. Just an awesomely laid out match with great crowd reaction and great facials throughout from Punk. Living Colour did an awesome job instilling some energy into the event. Their performance of “Cult of Personality” was one of the best things on the show, and really gave the match and the show a big shot of energy. Everyone knew the outcomes to the three big matches, yet the only one to get a reaction was Punk/Taker; that speaks to how awesome these two were. And Heyman was really the MVP of the entire show. Just an awesome performance from him tonight.

Worst Match = Rock/Cena. I’m not a Cena hater. I hated the fact that all match they were pushing Cena as some sort of underdog. He’s not, and he never will be…so just stop it, WWE. Pimp him as the main event, the best in the business, THE champ…whatever, just get away from this underdog crap. It doesn’t work for his character and just makes people want to boo him. Now, having said that, it’s not Cena’s fault that the announcing was trying their damndest to make this thing feel bigger and more important than it really was. The whole thing was just flat. Rock and Cena looked like they had no energy out there. The whole I hit my move you hit your move thing got really, really tiresome after about 1000th Rock Bottom and AA. For a main event match, the expectations are going to be high, and they just didn’t deliver. Lesner and Trips could be penciled in here, too, for the same reasons. Those two matches just didn’t deliver at all.

But, because the angles all culminated in such a logical way, I’m really interested in seeing what they do on Raw over the next few months. 

Kevin Olson

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