Raw ratings early update

Raw's day after WrestleMania show, usually among the highest rated shows of the year, did not to anywhere near the expected numbers last night.

The three-hours averaged about 4.6 million viewers, up from 4.31 million last week but roughly identical to what the show on 3/25 did.

Early numbers on the NCAA basketball tournament final was 20.71 milloin viewers.  Last year's final numbers were 20.87 million, so it's about the same.

Last year's Raw after WrestleMania did 5.02 million viewers.  In 2011, the number was 5.62 million.

The three hours were

4.49 million 8 p.m.

4.78 million 9 p.m.

4.56 million 10 p.m.

The rating should be in the 3.2 to 3.4 range.

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