Tuesday night Smackdown TV tapings report from Boston

By James Brown

Dark match

Justin Gabriel def Curt Hawkins with 450 splash

Main Event tapings

The Shield defeats Kofi and Tons of Funk. Surprisingly really good. Reigns hits spear on Brodus, then Rollins pins Kofi after flying kick off top for the pin. Post match triple power bomb by The Shield first on Tendai then on Brodus.

Big E Langston cut a promo backstage before proceeding to squash Zack Ryder in a minute after The Big Ending.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Jack Swagger
Zeb cut a promo on the Garden saying he didn't see no flowers. Ran down Yoshi asking if he ate his rice and fish heads today? And did he drink his sake? Zeb bowed at him as Swagger attacked. Swagger won with the Patriot Lock. Dull.

Great Khali, Hornswoggle and Natalya defeated Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes

In a major upset, The Usos defeated Team Rhodes Scholars when Sandow was pinned on a small package.

Big E does a mock intro of Ricardo for Ziggler. It was awesome. Dolph...future is now. Heard his name chanted 80k strong in a match he wasn't even in. The title and moment are his and his alone. Won title not because of WWE Univere, but in spite of it.

Swagger and Zeb out.

Zeb says Swagger responsible for Dolph being new champ. Dolph says get to the end of the line Jack. Dolph's time is now.

Swagger and Zeb leave after a stare down. Del Rio out limping. Del Rio congratulates Ziggler saying he knows what it's like to cash in MITB since that's how he won the WWF title, before quickly correctly himself saying WWE. Del Rio The Terminator says hasta la vista baby, which then brings out Chris Jericho.

"Dolph would you please shut the hell up!" Calls Dolph's fans Dolphins. Says Booker has made Jericho vs Ziggler for tonight. "Ziggy, you will never....evvverrrr be the same again!"

WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No defeated the Prime Time Players. Kane chokeslames Darren Young, then Bryan makes Titus tap to the No Lock. Shield appear on from and cut a promo on Hell No. Looks like they're coming after the Tag Titles.

Intercontinenal Champion, Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marella with the Bull Hammer.

The Bella Twins and Tamina defeated Naomi, Cameron, and WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn. One of the Bella's pinned Naomi. Naomi did hit a springboard cross body and an awesome somersault clothesline before being thrown off middle rope and being pinned.

Triple H is next!

Booker T booked Orton and Sheamus vs Big Show in a handicapped match for later. Teddy Long disgusted.

Triple H out to a huge ovation. Left arm all taped up. Says him and Lesnar went to war and the ass kicker is back. 3MB out. Says they have to beat down a legend to get noticed around here. Shield music hits and they hit the ring, only to attack 3MB. Reigns with a huge backdrop on McIntyre on the floor. That looked like it sucked. As Shield is about to attack Triple H, Kane's pyro explodes and Team Hell No hit the ring just like Raw with Taker to make save. Shield bail.

In what looks like it just happened for the crowd, Triple H throws Slater back in the ring for a choke slam from Kane then a pedigree from H. Bryan grabs mic and says him and Kane have a celebration that he wants H to join. Bryan teases no, then flips to YES! Crowd good nuts. Triple H "just to be clear, can I see you guys doing it first?" Bryan and Kane hug. Crowd chanting hug it out. Triple H "Is this weird?" Crowd NO! NO! "Would you guys do it?" Crowd YES! YES! Triple H refuses to hug Bryan because of his beard aka Goat Toe? Bryan "if they can hug, if they can hug, if I can hug, everybody can hug!" Rocky IV rip off. Triple H tells Bryan to start eating meat, what the hell happened to you? When Kane thinks you're weird, something is wrong. Triple H going over history including KATIE VICK name drop. VINCE OUT!!! Vince flipping out about time issues pointing to wrist. Triple H says if anyone needs a hug, Vince needs a hug! Bryan and crowd chanting YES! This is great. Vince teases it and back pedals to the dismay of crowd. Bryan to Triple H "if you don't hug me, a no lock could be in your future...just kidding." Triple H "Is it weird if I wish the Shield came in here and just finished me off?" Hilarious. Triple H hugs Kane while Bryan comes up from behind for the Yeti/Giant hug hump of doom. Triple H "I feel violated." I hope someone recorded this for YouTube.

Lillian just announced Shield vs Hell No & NEW WWE Champion, John Cena as dark match main event!

Backstage, Show complaining about handicapped match. Booker pissed. Says its next!

Randy Orton (with ribs taped) and Sheamus defeated Big Show by count out. Show missed a huge elbow off middle rope. Sheamus got hot tag and hit Brogue Kick which sent Show loopy to outside. Show bailed for the finish. No tease of dissension between Orton and Sheamus.

Kofi Kingston defeated United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro with the Trouble in Paradise. End saw Cesaro hit an awesome European uppercut as Kofi went off ropes for a flying clothesline. Kofi kicks out of pin attempt and recovers to the top. Cesaro catches him in cross body, attempts snake eyes, Kofi slipped out and hit the T.I.P. for the finish.

Raw Rebound featuring "Feed Me Cena!"

Fandango set lowering

Fandango did his entrance. Looks like he's going to observe Ziggler vs Jericho.

World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho. Jericho over shot Dolph on a lionsault near the end. They re did it. Fandango jumped on apron and ate the springboard drop kick from Jericho. Big E who earlier ate a dropkick thru the ropes by Jericho, nailed Y2J with a punch on the apron, Ziggler won with a school boy. Show ended with Jericho recovering but eating a Big E Bomb, Zig Zag, then a Big Ending. Fandango attacked Jericho and crowd went into Fandango theme music mode, but nothing like last night. Fandango ended up hitting the Leg drop off the top to the back of Jericho's neck before saying "Fandango" to end show Smackdown taping with his theme music and crowd again joining in on the fun.

WWE Champion John Cena and Team Hell No defeated Shield by DQ. Rollins hit Cena with a chair as he had Reigns in STF. Post match- Kane and Cena hit stereo finishes on Shield members.

Cena: "this is awesome Boston! Notoriously the toughest city in the US. Tonight there's been hugging, singing, heck sounds like Boston even likes Fandango." Cena now singing his song. Fandango out. Crowd singing theme louder than earlier.
Fandango out.
Fandango: "Boston doesn't deserve Fandango. This Bostonian here cannot pronounce my name correctly! It's like this...FAAAAN-DAAAN-GOOO!"
Cena: "Right now you're being a Fan Douche bag!"

Cena throws Fan Douche Bag into Kane for a choke slam. Bryan then picks him up and hits his own choke slam...seriously?! Crowd chants Yes! to go home. Fandango grabs mic..."It's Faaanndaaaangooooo." Music hits to send crowd home happy.

Really good show!

James Brown

Hi Dave,
By Stephen Lyon

Just back from the Smackdown tapings at the TD Garden in Boston. Taping was as follows.

Dark match: Justin Gabriel beat Curt Hawkins.

For tomorrow's WWE Main Event show:

1 The Shield beat Tons of Funk & Kofi Kingston. Shield also destroyed all 3 guys afterwards.

Matt Striker tried to get backstage comments from new champion Dolph Ziggler, but Big E said Ziggler 'was too busy doing media'. Big E admitted WM29 wasn't a good night for him personally, but Raw was much better for Team Ziggler.

2 Big E Langston beat Zack Ryder in a quick squash.

Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter did an in-ring promo mocking Swagger's opponent, Yoshi Tatsu. Colter mocked all the Japanese stereotypes, the way Tatsu talks, eats with chopsticks, why can't you eat your rice with a knife and fork, etc. Tatsu, like the small child he's scripted to be, after all that actually shook Colter's hand. Of course when he bowed, Swagger kicked him in the head.

3 Jack Swagger then beat Tatsu in another quick squash.

For a future WWE Saturday Morning Slam, Josh Matthews & Wade Barrett were on commentary.

1 The Great Khali & Hornswoggle & Natalya beat Primo & Epico & Rosa Mendes.

2 Jimmy & Jey Uso beat Team Rhodes Scholars in an upset, when after dominating the match, cocky Sandow was rolled up for the pin by an Uso.

For this Friday's Smackdown, show opened with a Dolph Ziggler, AJ & Big E promo. Ziggler re-establishedhe was still a heel, and told the audience off from trying to live through him, saying only he was responsible for his success. Swagger & Colter came out. Colter congratulated Ziggler, but wanted a title match for Swagger. Ziggler told Swagger, 'get to the back of the line, Jack, you blew it at WM29'. Colter replied him & Swagger were patient men but wouldn't be patient forever. They left, and shortly after, Ziggler was again interrupted this time by a limping Alberto Del Rio, in his only appearance of the night. Del Rio congratulated Ziggler on cashing in, but said that when he's 100% again, he's coming to get his title back. Del Rio left, and then Chris Jericho cams out. Jericho said Booker T had made Ziggler vs Jericho tonight. He also got the crowd to chant 'AJ's Crazy'.

1 Team Hell No beat the Prime Time Players. Shield did a promo on the big screen afterwards, telling Bryan & Kane that justice will be served.

2 Wade Barrett beat Santino Marella.

Booker T made Sheamus & Randy Orton vs Big Show in a 2-on-1 handicap match for later on.

3 The Bellas & Tamina beat Kaitlyn & Naomi & Cameron.

Next came a long Triple H interview segment, the best of which almost certainly won't air on tv. HHH said he proved he could beat Lesnar at WM29. Before he could say more, 3MB interrupted him. They said they were going to jump HHH to make a statement. Then the Shield's music hit and they came through the crowd. Shield then destroyed 3MB, before circling HHH. Before they could di anything, Bryan & Kane made the save and ran the Shield off. Then came tge part that won't air on tv. HHH thanked them for their help, but made fun of Bryan. What happened to you, 2 years ago you were so clean cut, now you 'look like the Unibomber, for god's sake, eat some meat'. This led to a 'Eat Some Meat' chant. Bryan wanted HHH to hug him. HHH was reluctant. Bryan & Kane hugged. HHH then got lots of fans in the audience hug. He teased forever, then Vince's music hit. Vince came out, stood on the ramp and pointed at his watch a few times. HHH said, 'Heres a guy who definitely needs a hug'. Everyone chanted for Vince to come to the ring, but he instead went to the back. HHH said, 'Careful you don't pull your hip there'. HHH then said he'd hug Kane, bringing up their chequered past, mentioning Katie Vick, but not Bryan as he was 'weird'. HHH then hugged Kane, and Bryan joined in for a 3 way hug. This was a very funny segment. Bryan is hilarious in things like these.

4 Sheamus & Orton beat Big Show via count out in a 2-on-1 handicap match, when Orton hit the RKO and Sheamus the Brogue Kick, only for Show to walk out.

5 Kofi Kingston beat Antonio Cesaro in a  non title match.

Fandango came out and stood at ringside for the main event. The fans singing his theme music continued, not as much as last night at first, but by the end of the night it was almost as widespread as Raw, mainly due to WWE strongly putting it over with their seal of approval.

6 Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho in a really good main event, when both Fandango & Langston's interference led to Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag for the win. After the match, Fandango beat up Jericho, including using a leg drop off the ropes. This is how Smackdown ends.

Dark main event saw John Cena & Bryan & Kane beat the Shield via DQ (protected from losses even in the post show dark match) when Cena had Reigns in a STF and Rollins used a chair. The faces then cleared the Shield from the ring. Cena then did a promo, talking about his singing the Fandango theme. Cena did his own rendition and the crowd joined in. Cena then asked for Fandango to come out, which he did, to a big pop. Fandango then said that nobody in Boston deserved to see him dance, especially not Cena who can't pronounce his name. Fandango said his name. Cena said Fandango was being a Fandan-douche bag, which led to Cena decking him, Kane choke slamming him, and hilariously, Bryan chokeslamming him, which everyone went crazy for. All the faces left, then Fandango in the ring, recovering, said his name one last time, and they again ended a taping playing Fandango's music as everyone left. So at least they are running with this, rather than trying up squash it because it wasn't their own idea. By this point, the crowd were singing the theme almost as much as the previous night. There were a lot more young kids at this show tonight than last night.

Tapings were enjoyable overall.

Stephen Lyon,
St Helens, England, UK

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