WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 4/6/2013

The Big News: On today’s episode, Kane and Ryback manage to defeat Team Rhodes Scholars in singles matches.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of this week’s show, the host announced the main event of today’s show will begin with a match between Ryback and Damien Sandow. He also took a brief look at both wrestlers; he said that while on paper it would appear Ryback will be victorious, Cody Rhodes will be at ringside to help Sandow.

Ryback defeated Damien Sandow (with Cody Rhodes). Josh Matthews and Brad Maddox did commentary for today’s show. After Ryback started to take control of the match, Sandow slipped out of the ring. When Ryback left the ring to chase after him, Sandow slipped back into the ring and did a cartwheel. While he was paying attention to the crowd, Ryback took the opportunity to grab Sandow and hit a long standing vertical suplex. Ryback continued to dominate the match through the commercial break, though Sandow eventually had an opening when he moved out of the way when Ryback charged at him in the corner, causing his shoulder to hit the ring post.

Sandow focused his attacks on Ryback’s left shoulder and arm. Ryback was eventually able to regain control after catching his opponent when he jumped off the middle turnbuckle. Cody Rhodes then tried to help his friend by distracting Ryback, giving Sandow an opening to strike, but both of his attempts failed to shift the momentum in Sandow’s favor. After that, Ryback hit the Shellshock to score the pinfall.

After the match, this week’s “Saturday Morning Spotlight” took a look at Mick Foley. Highlights of Foley’s past decisions were shown, demonstrating how he has made the show more fun and unpredictable.

Back in the Rhodes Scholars locker room, Cody complained to Foley about something being unfair. Foley responded that he doesn’t think Cody’s interference is unfair, and he made a match between Cody and Kane for the show’s main event (with Sandow banned from ringside).

Kane defeated Cody Rhodes. At the beginning of the match, Rhodes applied a headlock, but Kane was able to throw him out of the ring. When Rhodes returned to the ring, he quickly got another opportunity to apply another headlock, but Kane managed to escape and press-slammed his opponent. Cody had another opportunity to apply a headlock after knocking Kane off his feet by dropkicking his legs, but Kane lifted Cody onto the turnbuckle and pushed him out of the ring (one of his legs was stuck at first in the turnbuckle, so he didn’t take a nasty bump).

After the break, a “Do Not Try This at Home” promo featuring Brodus Clay was shown. When the match returned, Kane was in control, but Cody managed to trip Kane, causing the Big Red Monster’s face to hit one of the top turnbuckles. Cody used the opportunity to apply another headlock, which Kane managed to reverse into a head scissors. Cody escaped, took control again, and applied another headlock; Kane escaped, but Cody hit a dropkick and applied another headlock. Kane escaped yet again and took control of the match. When Kane went for a chokeslam, Cody escaped, slammed Kane’s face against the top rope, and hit a Disaster Kick (which was cut). After an unsuccessful pin attempt, Cody went to the top rope, but Kane managed to hit a big boot as the grandson of a plumber jumped at him; Kane then managed to score the pinfall.

Matthews signed off as the Cody stared at Kane from outside the ring.

Final Thoughts:

While WrestleMania was never mentioned, Matthews mentioned during the main event that Foley was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame later in the day.

In case you’re wondering, the 500,000 star ratings were a late April Fool’s joke.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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