WWE NXT TV report for 4/4 and 4/11

April 4 AND 11, 2013
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “361 days until WrestleMania 30” Witner

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Here's what you need to know about NXT:

-They have a champion, it's Big E. Langston, who defeated Seth Rollins for the title on January 10. The show was taped after The Shield debuted at Survivor Series, but before Big debuted on Raw. Big originally refused to go to Raw when Vickie Guerrero offered him a spot, but did go to Raw once AJ lost power. Go figure.

-Big's top challenger is former Ascension member and rat Conor O'Brien 

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville. They won the belts in a tournament, which concluded February 14 when they defeated The Wyatt Family. On March 7 The Family destroyed Oliver Grey, injuring him. Grey is scheduled out until the end of the year

-Dusty Rhodes is the Authority Figure, but his job title seems to change from week to week.

-The insanely popular Paige, Emma, Audrey Marie and the love of my life, Sasha Banks were the only four NXT Diva's until February 7 when ring announcer Summer Rae (not Summer Rain) attacked Paige.

-Rae, now referred to as the First Lady of NXT, shelved Paige with a debilitating shoulder injury.

-Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Rowan (Husky Harris, Brodie Lee and Erick Rowan) have formed a weird family, called simply The Wyatt Family. They are currently feuding with both Bo Dallas and NXT Tag Champs Grey and Neville.

-An on-again, off-again storyline centers around Kassius Ohno trying to get William Regal back into the ring.

And that's everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

To make up for a lack of a 4/4 review, I give you two reviews for the price of one! Let's see how many stories from the weekend I can reference in this review.

From 4/4...when I was at the PWS show in Methuchen.

Tony Dawson, Brad Maddox and Kassius Ohno are the announcers for this show. This is one bleeping odd announce team. Mr. Regal must have been busy getting ready to meet me at WrestleCon.

1.) Bo Dallas and NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville defeated The Family in 8:11. Dawson made mention that Oliver Grey is out for 6 months with an injury. I met Bray Wyatt at Axxess. My friend Guy called him Husky Harris, which made the lady supervising the session snap at him. The Family immediately took down Bo, getting the heat on Bray's brother. The heat on Bo lasted about 45 seconds as Neville tagged in. Wyatt walked over, which distracted Neville, giving his heel duo an advantage. During the commercial Brodus Clay told us that what he does is very dangerous and doesn't want to be called unsafe. Well that dancing is wacky. Kassius Ohno was mostly quiet during this match as Maddox did most of the talking for the announce trio. The Family spends an obscenely long amount of time just beating on Adrian, without the champion get in any bit of offense. In fact he made the hot tag to Bo because he fell down with Harper went for a move. All sorts of hell broke loose, including Neville hitting a twisting dive on both Rowan and Bray before Bo pinned Luke with a belly to belly suplex.

-Backstage Conor O'Brien cut a promo about how he will win the NXT Title tonight.


-After commercial break Mr. Regal and Ohno are gone, so it is only Tony and The Mad Ox.

2.) Paige and Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae and Audrey Marie in 3:47. Despite being hated rivals, Summer and Paige were forced to take pics together with fans at Axxess. No, I did not meet the love of my life, Sasha. Perhaps that was for the best. The highlight of this match was Brad Maddox threatening to replace Michael Cole on Raw with Tony Dawson. If you hate Cole and think he sucks, you need to watch this show. Summer is pretty well trained for someone who was the ring announcer three months ago. Summer managed to run away just as Paige tagged in. Paige quickly pinned Audrey with the Paige Turner before running after Rae.

-Geneva, Switzerland are being threatened with a match with Big E. Langston and Kane.


3.) NXT Champion Big E. Langston defeated Conor O'Brian in 7:07. On my way out of the arena for Axxess I chanted FIVE at Big. He smiled and acknowledged it while everyone else stared at me wondering what the fuck I was doing. Will The Ratitude Era finally begin? Big is on his way to WrestleMania to team with Dolph Ziggler against Team Hell No. I predict the champs retain, but on Raw on Monday Dolph cashes in on Del Rio after a handicap match with ADR vs Swagger and Colter. Brad threatened to take Conor to Raw if he wins the title. In the interest of fairness, everyone who has won the NXT Title has been brought up to the roster soon after. Brad yelled to Conor to keep punching Big while Big was Hulking Up. Langston put Conor through the paces...but ran right into a big boot for a very close two count! We were less than a second away from a new champion. Big ran over Conor and then retained the title after The Big Ending.

-After the match Big gave Conor another Big Ending and counted the 5 count. Who will stop the champion? Find out more next week!

Oh wait...time flies when you are having fun.

Onto 4/11!

-Tom Phillips and The Mad Ox, Brad Maddox are the announce team as we kick things off with a 6-Man Tag.

1.) The Shield defeated Percy Watson, Axl Keegan and Scott Dawson in 2:15. Will Watson, Keegan and Dawson pin the first loss on Shield? Something that Daniel Bryan, Kane, The Ryback, John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show were all unable to do? No, I don't think so either. Six months ago Rollins was NXT Champion, Roman was just another guy and Ambrose was nowhere to be seen. Now they are top names on Raw. The babyfaces got just enough offense so Shield could hit their moves. Rollins won with the flipping neck breaker Ultimo Dragon used to do on Keegan.

After the match, Shield gave a 3-on-1 beating to Dawson and laid him out with a Triple Powerbomb, much to the delight of the audience.

Shield took the mic and basically said they run Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Corey Graves has a death wish, showed up on the big screen and said NXT is his personal wasteland and not The Shield's. He challenges any one of them to a match next week. Rollins accepts the match and gives his friends the night off, saying Graves has no idea what he is in store for next week. Well they have wrestled before, so I bet he does.

-To the back where Tony Dawson interviews the First Lady of NXT: Summer Rae. Summer says she did not run away last week, she suddenly remembered she left her curling iron on and didn't want to burn the building down.

-To another part of the back where Renee Young also interviewed Emma. Renee insinuated that Emma is new, even though she has been on the show for a year now. Emma talks about how she is not a klutz...before falling down on her face.

2.) The Bella Twins defeated Cameron and Naomi in 3:39. In a big funny Tom Phillips mentions this is a rematch from WrestleMania and said tensions are still there since their match on the Grandest Stage Of Em All. I knew it went on after Cena vs Rock. Brie Bella used to be the love of my life, then she left me and Sasha Banks walked back in. Naomi did hit her Butt butt for a near fall. Brie and Nikki get the heat on Cameron. The fans were more into this match than they were into anything on the 4/4 show. Nikki gets the clean win actually.

-Kassius Ohno is wearing his Real Man's Man Steven Regal shirt while building up tonight's main event.

-In two weeks Dusty Rhodes has made a show with 4 title matches including Kaitlyn vs AJ, Antonio Cesaro vs Adrian Neville, Big E. Langston vs Brad Maddox and Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas on the first ever NXT Clash of the Champions.

-The deceptively tall William Regal cuts a promo on Ohno for the main event. Mr. Regal asks his children to forgive him for what he is about to do to him.

-Next week's Seth Rollins-Corey Graves match is now a LUMBERJACK MATCH!

3.) William Regal defeated Kassius Ohno in 13:17. This is Mr. Regal's first NXT match since his brief feud with JTG and Darren Young a while ago. The fans tried the dueling chants at the start of the match, but the Ohno chants seemed to be from one person wanting Ohno to “do it for the United States”. Ohno has spent months trying to get William into the ring and is regretting it early as my personal hero beat him down. Ohno gains the advantage before the break with a baseball slide before nailing him with kick after kick to the side of the head before slapping on the Masterlock! William fights out of it and goes about the task of breaking the fingers and hands of Ohno. Kassius with yet another high kick. The referee may have to stop this soon. Kassius snaps his fingers back into place. William's head is against the ring post and Ohno kicks him again, against the post. William is trying to fight from his back, but the KO Kid goes for kick after kick to the head of the former King of the Ring. Ohno went for the Kassius Klutch, but can't lock it in due to his fingers being broken. William with an Exploder Suplex an goes for the Regal Stretch, but Kassius fights out of it and hits a back suplex for a two count. William begged Ohno for more, so Kassius dropped him with a big boot, but William kicked out! Mr. Regal fought back with a running knee to the head and picked up the win! Hells yeah!

So that is it for this week's special double review. Next week: Rollins vs Graves in a Lumberjack match and in two weeks it is the Clash of the Champions!

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