OVW TV report for tonight

This is the recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 711 to air in Louisville on Saturday 4/13. As always the show can also be seen at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/712. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean "San Juan" Hill" and "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey as "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus is on assignment. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Terry Boddie.

Dean congratulates the Louisville men's and women's basketball teams on their success in postseason play and segues this into Jamin Olivencia's entrance, since he is a top-notch athlete also. Jamin demands a rematch as OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams somehow retained his title at this past weekend's Saturday Night Special. Jamin accuses Williams of purposely faking an arm injury, which resulted in the match ending without a conclusion. (Although last week on OVW TV, Crimson pinned an unconscious Alex Silva to win the tag team titles and that was somehow OK?) Williams comes out wearing a sling and says Jamin is delusional plus he's not getting a rematch since Williams has to recover, you know. This brings out OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes who informs Williams that neither he nor Jamin nor the OVW fans are fools, as he then shows a clip from that match clearly showing Williams launching himself into a ringpost then smiling as he is carried off on a stretcher. Hayes says he may only have one leg but he's not blind, thus he makes a rematch for tonight. Williams storms off.

Hayes is still in the ring as The Coalition (OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne, "Squad Alpha" Jack Black & Joe Coleman, "Squad Bravo" Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta, and the Spanish Moss Guy) comes out. Dean emphatically states that they are not heroes, although they purport themselves to be. Crimson tells Hayes that we have a failure to communicate as he reminds us that he should be the true number one contender for Williams' title but was screwed out of that last week by Hayes, who Crimson refers to as a "tyrannical terrorist". Wayne echoes the sentiments, adding that the Coalition deserves all the titles since they fight terrorists. Sam Shaw runs out (wearing some yellow-orange plaid shorts) and fights through the group then climbs into the ring with the Generals. Shaw says he wants him some of the entire Coalition but Hayes replies he really can't allow that. Gilbert says that Shaw has been by his partner Alex Silva's side all week after being spike piledriven by The Generals last week. The Generals suggest a gauntlet match and the parties agree to this for later in the show.

Match #1: Matt King & AJ Williams (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa & 3 other Entourage members) vs The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) w/Brittany Devore

So the 6 make up "The VIP Club". Dean and Gilbert mention that the next Saturday Night Special is 5/11, due to 5/4 being the Kentucky Derby. They get a good laugh recalling how Brittany gave Paredyse his comeuppance at SNS, ending with the Homers dousing him with barbecue sauce! Homers catch Rosa trying to cop a feel on Brittany and tear into the King and Williams as Rosa bails out. Homers pretty much dominate here and end it quickly with McNaler spearing Williams for the pin.

Taeler Hendrix is all happy and stuff as she opens a pink box which contains a leather jacket! Even though she doesn't like Heidi Lovelace, Taeler shows Heidi the jacket anyway saying that she and Ryan Howe (who she says got her this jacket) will look good together. Dylan Bostic appears and throws the jacket on the floor, telling Taeler that she has to accompany him to the ring since he did the same for her last week. They walk off as Heidi looks down at the pink box.

Match #2: "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic (w/a reluctant Taeler Hendrix) vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade

Dean and Gilbert ask Taeler about her jacket and she is still giddy about it, then talk about Rudy defeating Jesse Godderz at SNS. Rudy chases Bostic around the ring then brings a chair into the ring but ref Josh Ashcraft relieves him of it. Rudy gets whipped into the ropes but hangs on sideways as the charging Bostic flies over and back out to the floor. Taeler admires her manicure as Rudy springboard missile dropkicks Bostic for 2. Bostic lands on his feet from a backdrop and dropkicks Rudy. Guitar playing is heard as "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe comes out and plays for the swooning Taeler. We see Heidi standing at the curtain while this is going on. Meanwhile Rudy neckbreakers Bostic for the pin.

In the back, Doug Williams is complaining to Hayes, who then calmly tosses a water bottle at him. Hayes sees Williams catching it with his "injured" arm and wishes him luck in the match tonight. Camera pans around to see James "Moose" Thomas and Jay Bradley arguing. Bradley says he is here to win, even if he has to win ugly. Bradley turns and walks off but Moose whacks him with a chair then turns right into a "Smooth" Johnny Spade superkick!

Match #3: Sam Shaw vs The Coalition in a gauntlet match

Spanish Moss Guy (called Gilley-man) is first but Shaw reaches through the moss and stunners him for the pin. Coleman is next and receives an inverted lungblower for a quick pin. Lamotta comes out as Gilbert points out that 6 out of the 7 have been OVW champions of some sort (guess that Spanish Moss Guy is the one without). Lamotta gets offense in but Shaw uses the same move and pins Lamotta then Black comes out and squashes Shaw and his shorts in the corner then beats on him for a moment. Dean is now openly rooting for Shaw, lol. Black gets pinned with the same move as the other three leading to Jonze running out and attacking. Jonze works over Shaw more than the others have as Dean notes that Jonze has had a character change since getting allied with the Coalition (although he and Lamotta had already been turning heel anyway). Jonze gets a boot up on the charging Shaw but still ends up getting pinned with the same move. Wayne distracts Shaw, which allows Crimson to jump him from behind. Crimson locks in a sleeper as Dean compares Shaw to Louisville's women beating Baylor and Tennessee to get to the Final Four. Crimson gives Shaw a Red Sky then puts a bag over Shaw's head but only gets 2 then argues with the ref. Shaw sneaks up and small packages Crimson for the pin, making it 6 in a row. Crimson chopblocks Shaw then gives him another Red Sky. He then calls in Wayne to pin Shaw and he does. Crimson leads the pledge as Wayne holds the flag.

Match #4: OUR OVW Champion Rockstar Spud vs "The Great" Cliff Compton
Compton brings out the retired title belt despite Gilbert reminding us that it doesn't count. Spud is ready to tear into Compton, who ducks into the ropes. "Triple R Superstar" Rany Royal comes out to the ring and decks Spud with a right fist! Tony Gunn comes out to talk to Royal but then Royal slugs Compton! Royal leaves the ring as Gunn is bewildered by this sudden outburst.

Match #5: Jamin Olivencia vs OUR OVW Champion Doug Willaims
The litany of everything Williams has done to keep the belt has been brought up. Williams come out in the sling (for some reason I have flashbacks of Jarrett vs Raven, although none of the fans have thrown newspapers in the ring...yet). Jamin attacks the "injured" arm at the start (including a series of armdrags) but Williams rolls out for a break and to argue with a fan as we go to break.
Back from break, Jamin is chasing Williams around the ring when Jonze runs out and distracts the ref while Wayne shoves Jamin into the ring steps. Williams climbs back in the ring showing no problem with the shoulder while Jamin struggles but makes it back in at 9. Williams works over Jamin, giving him a backbreaker for 2 followed by hammering on the back. Williams hits a belly to belly suplex and poses for a cover but only gets 2. Jamin fights out of a rear chinlock only to receive a firemans carry slam. Williams sets Jamin up top but gets headbutted off then Jamin whiffs on a missile dropkick. Both wrestlers struggle to their feet then Jamin is able to connect on a springboard moonsault. They swap finishing moves but each one can't pin the other. Williams sets up to piledrive Jamin, who flips forward and pins him for the title! Williams initiates a sore loser attack and continues it as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: So Jamin finally (we think) wins the title but after all the shenanigans it's pretty much anti-climatic. Looks like they are setting up for Jamin vs Crimson down the road. I'm thinking that Howe and Heidi are conspiring to get into Taeler's and Bostic's heads. Looks like Royal is heading down the road of becoming a "lone wolf", you know, since we only have several others that are doing this here. I'll admit it, Compton has grown on me since I've been doing reports but I don't reckon he's getting the TV title back. I had some problems with the streaming on Thursday, which hasn't happened in a while, so I put the report aside to watch Glee (which was kind of intense-if you haven't heard), which is the reason for the delay. Gauntlet match was about what I expected. I'll go thumbs in the middle on this one.

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