Feedback to last night's TUF finals

All about the TUF this week and everything kicked a whole buncha ass.

Great season ender to set up the live Finale card. Dylan lasts into the 2nd with Uriah and takes him down but Uriah explodes and KOs him from the BOTTOM. Kelvin totally squashes Zit Face, finishing quickly with RNC. Kelvin vs. Uriah for the Finale.
Thumbs all the way up. Not a dull moment.
Best fight: women steal the show, AGAIN
Worst fight: none
KO: Clint Hester (Dreadlocks Guy)
Sub: Can't pick one. Pineda, Cole M, Bubba, Urijah F, all top shelf stuff
Daniel Pineda kicks it off easily grounding Justin Lawrence and finishing with Kimura. JL looks like a walking roid zit.
Maxi Blanco edges Sam Sicilia in a 3 round war. Back and forth 2nd one of the best rounds of the year, I had it 10-10, 30-28.
Cole Miller tags Bart Palaetc. long range early, gets through his heavy hands, takes his back and finishes with P2P RNC. One of the better fb undercards. Kay fabe alert: Chael and Machida hanging out backstage, laughing and fistbumping.
Clint Hester looks tentative at times vs. Bristol Marunde (previous season guy subbing for the injured Zak) but does damage every time he lands, almost KOs him with an upkick in the 2nd, and finishes him in the 3rd with a single standing overhand hooking elbow to kick off the midcard. For some reason it's called a 'T'KO. Clint generates tremendous power from any position.

Maori Guy Dylan Andrews ('Dylan the Villain'? Terrible nic. Least heelish guy in MMA) fights off Cop Guy Jimmy Quinlan's TDs, catches him coming in and drops him and doesn't let him off the hook, finishing with undefended strikes.

Collin Hart only gives up 1" in reach to Tall English Guy Luke Barnatt and almost holds his own standing but Luke surprisingly also outwrestles him and takes the 29-28 x 2, 30-27 UD after 3 quick, active rounds. Neither of these guys can break an egg though. Fans don't like the decision. Not sure why.

Josh Samman must not like being Zit Face Guy because now I wanna call him Bitch Tits Guy. Really, this is ridiculous. He FLAPS. Puts himself right into Lame Rapper Kevin Casey's tri, but Casey can't finish him (partly due to two totally illegal head spikes) and ends up humping him all round, then as usual folds up like a wet newspaper in the 2nd and Josh finishes him with knees from clinch. Fun to watch anyway. Great prelims.

Bubba kicks off the main card looking like a totally different fighter than during the show, finishing Glasses Guy Gilbert Smith with a really sharp reversal into a tri/arm bar in the 3rd after a very good, competitive mostly-grappling match.

Travis Browne with his back to the cage quickly knocks Gabriel Gonzaga cold with 6 defensive elbows while defending the TD. 4 out of the 6 looked like back of the head but hey, who cares, right?

Cat Zingano upsets (IMO) Miesha Tate to move into the title shot vs. Ronda and next TUF season coaching against her. Totally great fight, Miesha opens strong like she's gonna show this upstart and dominates the first two rounds at all ranges, but Cat weathers the storm, gets a late reversal in the 2nd and begins doing damage with G&P, then in the 3rd just wipes Miesha out, taking her down and battering her on the ground then goes all Anderson Silva and finishes with knees and elbows from clinch.

Kelvin upsets Uriah to win the TUF season. Kelvin doesn't look like much but he does everything well and has no reverse gear, and keeps Uriah on the defensive all night. Uriah shows some better wrestling than before including a belly to back but Kelvin hits TDs at the right times and nullifies his striking. Seems apparent that without Chael coaching, Uriah is not the same fighter. That douchebag gym in NY he goes to is a waste. Uriah is sort of a Mike Tyson, or maybe more accurately Floyd Patterson, and Chael is his Cus D'Amato. He needs the mental programming. Perfect performance by Kelvin but Uriah allowed him to by not executing the basics. He never should have even gotten close enough. Great fight, very close, but right decision.

Main was very good as Scott Jorgensen fought well as always, but Urijah Faber is just a slightly different league and finishes in the 4th with RNC and remains the top contender.  

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